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Getting Dressed Shouldn't Stress You Out

Getting Dressed Shouldn't Stress You Out

Helping women over 40 transform their lives and build their confidence through their wardrobe and personal style

When you look in the mirror what do you see? Are you truly delighted by your reflection or do you try to avoid looking in mirrors? Do you wish you had a knack for putting together wonderful outfits rather than resorting to the same old thing every day because you don’t know what else to wear? If one of the most stressful parts of your day is when you get dressed then it’s time to change that. Getting dressed should not stress you out or feel like a burden –it should be easy and, hey, even joyful!

My specialties are helping you get answers to why something does or doesn’t look good on you so you can stop repeating past mistakes, make shopping more efficient by giving you the three tools you need to navigate a store easily and, most importantly, helping you explore who you are on the inside and show you how to reflect that in the clothing choices you make–that’s how you feel fabulous and self-confidence in your wardrobe.

Take some time and explore my website and, if you like what you see, feel free to set up a time for us to explore the possibilities. Whether you live in the Boston area or Guam (yes, I have a client in Guam), I can help. And, I have many, many ways to support you in creating a wardrobe you love. As one of my clients, Claire Kiedrowski, says, “It has been 2 weeks since I met and shopped with you, and every day has been a good ‘clothes’ day. My mornings are easy as I search for what to wear and I have less clothing now but more options. Thank you so much! My husband has enjoyed my new look and has noticed that I have more confidence.” You, too, deserve to feel great about how you look and it brings me great joy to help you, like Claire, do that.

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This 30-minute instructional makeup video is like having me sitting there with you as you do your makeup.
Join me as I help you create your own personal style transformation…in just 6 weeks!
No two palettes are exactly the same. Discover the colors that make you sparkle and glow. It’s a work of art just for you.

Working with Ginger is nothing short of amazing. I wanted to change my wardrobe so I would feel fabulous and comfortable, express my own authentic style, and ‘dress to impress’ in support of my professional ambitions. The results I’ve achieved with Ginger wildly surpassed my expectations and I am quite confident I could not have done it without her. First, we pared my wardrobe down to clothes that were truly flattering, comfortable, and in-line with my personality and intentions. Ginger was incredibly astute at recognizing my unique style and what would work for me. I felt very empowered by her feedback and vision. We developed a shopping list and shopped together to fill out my wardrobe with clothing that makes me feel empowered, attractive, comfortable, and “me”. Ginger is amazing to shop with. Her knowledge, experience, and relationships made navigating the stores a breeze; she was constructive, supportive, and encouraging; and she offered clear guidance and opinions to make sure we made the best selections. She was also just a pleasure to spend time with and treated everyone we encountered with the utmost professonal courtesy and respect. I feel like a whole new person. Or, rather, I feel like I am finally dressing as I have always wanted to, and feel fabulous in my own skin and in the world.