Getting Dressed Shouldn't Stress You Out.
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When you look in the mirror, what comes to mind? Are you happy and pleased or confused and discouraged? Does your heart sink? Do you feel overwhelmed and unsure as to how to change it? Do you long to feel good every morning when you get dressed but don’t know how?

In the past 27 years I have helped so many women who had wardrobes that they described as “good enough” or “not horrible” move beyond those limitations into a personal style they love. With gentle guidance and support we look at who you are on the inside and show you how to reflect that on the outside. The results are transformative and something every woman deserves to experience.

Ginger Burr, President

Jackie: Before
Jackie: After
Diane: Before
Diane: After
Amanda: Before
Amanda: After
Donna: Before
Donna: After
Jan: Before
Jan: After
Sara: Before
Sara: After
Marianne: Before
Marianne: After
Annie: Before
Annie: After
Meryl: Before
Meryl: After

3 Questions to Ask Yourself Every Time You Get Dressed

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I matched my colors that you did for me to pantone shades and gave them to my website designer (pink, green and silver) so I’m not surprised the colors work. :) And I also kept your words for me in mind with the branding. See how you’ve influenced me personally AND in business? Debra Woog McGinty

My Vegan Fashion Commitment

Have you ever wondered where your clothes and accessories come from other than the store you purchased them at? To be honest, this isn't something most of us have thought about because we haven't really needed to know...until now. The truth behind the beauty industry is often anything but beautiful. Find out more...