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How to Get into Fall Without Fail

The chill in the air is starting to re-enter into our daily lives and the ads for back to school are now so consistent they can be ignored like the other ads.  It is fall.  But while you pack away the bathing suits and shorts, how do you move into fall with style?

Understand The Summer To Fall Evolution

While this is a time to bring in the layers, it still is a time for style. Find a basic top and accessorize it with a scarf or jacket instead of shades and a hat. And, by all means, don’t put it all away. Beauty and Fashion Editor for Cosmopolitan, Dawn Davis, recently said that your favorite summer items from your light colored bags and even that sundress you love can become wearable for the new season by ways such as fashionably layering it like the top. And, for those of you who live in New England, you know that there can be a 40-degree change in temperature throughout the day. Before you dash for your polar fleece hoodie and throw that over everything, let’s explore alternatives that will delight you as well as keep you warm!

A top like this one from Anthropologie:

looks great with shorts in the summer, then pair it with jeans and a cardigan in the fall and even add a scarf in a similar color:

or even a scarf in these colors for a little added pizzazz:

This way you are set for fall (and the layers are handy when the temperatures vacillate).

Time to be Professional Again, but That Doesn’t Mean Drab

One thing that the fall brings is more events for which you need to look professional.  For many companies, gone are the relaxed business casual days of summer and more professional attire is expected. That being said, it doesn’t mean you have to give up the comfort level or get all stiff and heavy. You can still wear your favorite crisp, white cotton top with the charcoal grey suit or that purple tank with a pair of dark slacks…fall means rich, not dreary, colors and comfort comes in many forms!

For example, this top from Nic+Zoe:

that you wore alone with a pair of white jeans to work in the summer can now be paired with a jacket and skirt or trousers in your favorite neutral for a more formal professional look.

Or, keep a slightly open weave sweater handy for those days when the temperatures fluctuate. It still has a touch of linen in it, but it has long sleeves so it will keep you warm without feeling overpowering. Wear it with light or dark colored pants depending on how far into the season we are and what works best with your natural coloring:

Keep in mind that while the color trends will naturally follow the seasons, you don’t have to. Fashion expert Clinton Kelly recently said in Woman’s Day that every outfit should have a focal point…why not let that focal point be a bit of fun color from the just passed summer? If ocean blue looks good on you you can wear it all year round! The same is true for all softer or bright colors. You don’t have to pack them away just because the temperatures dip. It’s how you combine them and what fabrics you choose that makes all the difference.

Put Away the Things You Know Cannot Work in the Fall…All Away!

Picture it: Kids are late for school and you are still in your robe…what do you do? Reach for the first clothing item you see? No. To make sure you don’t default to that top you wear to the beach, put it as far out of sight as possible. Be strict about what stays in your closet and pick the items that you don’t put away carefully. For instance, while the sundress can stay for a while by adding layers, do not think the sandals can also join you. Instead swap them for a pair of ballet flats or a low wedge. Linen, especially white linen, can be packed away, but this linen-cotton blend sweater in beautiful deep periwinkle can stay for a bit:

Bottom line, especially in places like New England where the weather is wacky this time of year (we had the hottest week of the summer in September!), you can adapt your wardrobe to the cooler weather, but keeping some items from the summer. Remember, mornings can be chilly while mid-day can be downright hot. Wherever you live, if the temperatures change with the seasons, you will want to transition your wardrobe as the weather does the same. When you feel comfortable with what you are wearing it’s easier to enjoy the natural beauty that autumn brings with it!

Note: All garments pictured here are vegan-friendly (made from fabrics that did not harm any animals).

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Getting my color palette and my 4 inner beauty words has made clothes shopping an entirely different experience. It’s no longer an open-ended, overwhelming, frustrating, hit or miss experience each time I go to the store. I’m understanding that the colors, the 4 words and my specific needs are the parameters for each shopping experience, and these allow me to be focused. Carol Takvorian