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How to go from Yoga to the Real World

Today there is literally not a moment available just to think. Most appointments demand our constant attention with “need-to-be-here’s” and “got-to-be-there’s.” That being said, how do you make sure you find time for me-things like yoga and still feel prepared for the rest of your day?

Here are just a few ways to get this done for you:

Bring a Wrap Dress and Throw It Over Your Yoga Pants.
This idea I stole from a client but absolutely LOVE it! As you pack up your yoga mat, why not throw in that cute, comfortable wrap dress? After yoga, pat yourself on the back, wipe away any sweat and throw that baby on! This is not only a quick change, but one that will make others think you had all the time in the world to get dressed.

Here’s one idea from


A Change of Shoes can Change the Whole Outfit.
My yoga class happens at 5:30 in the afternoon and I don’t usually plan anything afterwards. One day, however, a client was in town and I had to run from yoga to dinner. I got ready in 2 minutes. My secret? A great pair of shoes. I wore leggings and grabbed a tunic top for after class (make sure it won’t wrinkle and just toss it in your bag). I added a necklace (you could add a scarf instead) and a pair of heels and I was ready to go!

Did it take a little bit of pre-thought? Yes, mere seconds. What was the payoff? Priceless—peace of mind and I felt great. I didn’t have to skip my class, cancel plans with my client or feel out of sorts when I stepped into the restaurant. The sense of calm I felt after class carried into the rest of my evening.

Not sure if you have anything in your wardrobe that would work? Simple, micro-fiber or jersey tunics are so easy to come by these days. Here are a few designers worth looking for:

  • Joseph Ribkoff
  • Clara Sun Woo
  • Sympli

You can find lines at these stores in the Boston area: Infinity Boutique in Swampscott, The Studio in Brookline (here you can order from a large selection of colors for the Sympli line) and W.O.W. in Newton.


Yes, I added 3 quick things, but even just changing your shoes can help you transition from class to a social mindset and after a great yoga class you know you stand taller. Add a great pair of heels or tall low heeled riding boots, for example, and it changes everything!

Pick a Jacket That Would Make It an Outfit Without Issue
One of my assistants did yoga while holding down a position for a consulting firm and they needed her right after her class. With great foresight she kept a jacket or two in her car for just these occasions. She threw on jacket which allowed her top and yoga slacks to look more professional with just a small but strong addition. The bottom line is that old-fashioned Girl Scout mini-motto: Be Prepared.

Here are some ideas for jackets that will transform a yoga outfit without looking like you haphazardly tossed something on in a hurry. No one needs to know your secret!

Nic+Zoe is a great line for bridging the gap between yoga and the office. This jacket is made of a soft, cotton and spandex that has a casual (and comfy!) vibe but is tailored enough to look polished and long enough to cover your behind in your yoga pants.


or want something with a little more drama? Try this ‘Twirl’ coat. It’s elegant, light enough to be worn indoors on a cold day and will make a statement!


You know your life better than anyone. Have there been occasions when you were caught off guard and needed to look professional with no time to go home and change completely? Do you want to look pulled together and feel good about how you look whether you are just running errands or meeting a client for a meeting, but haven’t been sure how to do it?

With just a little preparation and a versatile wardrobe, you can go from one thing to the next with little interruption and a great sense of well-being—just what your yoga teacher prescribes!

Of course, if you say, that’s great, I’d love to have that sense of well-being about my wardrobe, but I don’t know how, then don’t hesitate to fill out the ‘I Need Help’ form on my website. That’s why I’m here. I can help you make everything you wear from yoga to the boardroom feel great!

Note: All garments pictured here are vegan-friendly (made from fabrics that did not harm any animals).

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Jackie: Before
Jackie: After
Diane: Before
Diane: After
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Amanda: After
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Donna: After
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I went out today down in Wrentham for a day of – you guessed it – shopping! It has been quite a week for me you know — you have possibly created a monster! Anyway I get home around 5:30 and lo and behold – my palette is in the mail. Needless to say, I am incredibly excited – and you’ll be happy to hear that everything I purchased this week appear in my palette. Consider yourself a great teacher!!! 

It’s a bit funny as I went out without the palette (because it hadn’t arrived yet) and the whole time I kept thinking and thinking about…is it my color? Does it create an outfit – or multiple outfits? 

I am shopping entirely differently now, and it is awesome. Now to get to work this week and BE blissfully authentic & carefree; radiant, gracious, and soulful. Mucho thanks! Grace Stevens