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5 Reasons to Use Vegan Makeup Brushes

As you may be aware, I write a monthly article for One Green Planet — a blog that brings together a range of distinct voices, unified by a commitment to spreading good ideas that benefit people, animals and the planet.

Many of my readers have indicated that they are interested in my vegan lifestyle and the options available to anyone interested in exploring cruelty-free fashion choices.

My latest article, “5 Reasons to Use Vegan Makeup Brushes,” has been published and can be of interest to Vegans and non-Vegans, alike. After all, every woman needs good quality makeup brushes.

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    I am ready to drop some cash on high quality vegan brushes to replace all the animal hair ones I am currently using. I’ve had some of my animal hair ones for quite a few years now and I had purchased/was given them before I came to the decision to go cruelty-free with my cosmetic collection.

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Jackie: Before
Jackie: After
Diane: Before
Diane: After
Amanda: Before
Amanda: After
Donna: Before
Donna: After
Jan: Before
Jan: After
Sara: Before
Sara: After
Marianne: Before
Marianne: After
Annie: Before
Annie: After
Meryl: Before
Meryl: After

Thank you for your encouragement, and for your professional wisdom yesterday. It feels great to have a couple of pieces in mind to complete some outfits, and to get your “take” on what I have. I can get to about 80% of where I want to be, wardrobe-wise, but it takes you to get me to 100%. I think it’s well worth your fee every so often! I like to look forward to getting dressed, and feeling confident all day in how I appear. I also am pleased that right now you know my wardrobe, body, and life, so your suggestions are very specific and realistic. N.K.