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I’m pleased I’ve made some major progress with your help. I didn’t realize it til I reviewed some old emails and old purchases, and I can see the huge improvements. Also, I feel like I know what works for me and what reflects who I am, so the shopping experience is at a totally different and high end level — one where I feel I am in control and enjoying the process now. Before working with you, I was floundering and suffering from the same uncertainties and defocused thoughts every time I went shopping. Not the case now — though plenty of room for continuing improvement.

It takes a lot of focused work and a great teacher to get good at anything. Before, when I went shopping I was looking for things, but I didn’t have an objective, so it was always unsatisfying other than the immediate gratification of the moment of purchase. Most items were a disappointment after a few days. When I review my purchases with you, I enjoy them more every time I wear them — the total opposite of my former modus operandi. Thank you!
Carol Takvorian