Image Makeover Services


Before & Afters

See examples of what a fashion makeover experience is like.


Personal Style Program

Work privately with me to get answers to all your pressing wardrobe and style questions. Learn how to love to shop.


Color Analysis

This is the most comprehensive, individualized color analysis consultation available that goes way beyond “What season are you?”


Fashion Fit Formula

Take all the guesswork out of what length your skirts, sleeves, jackets, capris and even your neckline should be. The results are good for life.


Personal Shopper

As a fashion stylist, I work with you to create a wardrobe that helps you feel great about how you look.

Guided Group Shopping with Ginger

Guided Group Shopping with Ginger

Exclusive Shopping Invitation.

“Wow, you are really good on the colors. I bought this scarf before I had my colors in hand - I checked against my color palate and you are completely right there is too much purple for me. Your comments are always on target and so tactful! Very impressive. I will look for something along the lines of your suggestion and promise never to go shopping without my colors in hand.”

Learn how to stop wasting money on things you never wear.
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