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The key to creating a sense of joy & ease as you get dressed each morning

Work Privately with Ginger


This is one of three different programs (to suit different needs) that allow you to work privately with Ginger to answer all your pressing wardrobe and style questions. The ‘Embrace Your Authentic Style’ private style program is for you if you love to shop, used to love to shop but have lost your way, or would love to learn how to love to shop. Get more details below or fill out the ‘I Need Help’ questionnaire to talk with Ginger first or Click here for more details and to purchase

Color Analysis

Color AnalysisThis is the most comprehensive, individualized color analysis consultation available that goes way beyond “What season are you?” Click here for more details and to purchase.

Fashion Fit Formula

Blue suitThe Fashion Fit Formula takes all the guesswork out of what length your skirts, sleeves, jackets, capris and even your neckline should be. And, once it’s done, the results are good for life. Click here for more details and to purchase.

Fashion Stylist Services / Personal Shopper

Fashion stylists work with you to create a wardrobe that helps you feel great about how you look. Click here to read FAQs about Hiring a Personal Shopper.

What Women Say About Working With Me

“My wardrobe is spectacular now – it’s such a different experience to put myself together in the morning now (it’s actually enjoyable!). I have been venturing out at lunch and picking up a few pieces here and there to supplement, and for the first time I’m enjoying shopping because I don’t feel overwhelmed. The whole experience has been so much more than just buying a new wardrobe – my confidence has definitely been positively influenced, and I have received a lot of great comments from co-workers (especially on the colors) from people I never would have expected. Wow this feels good! – Jen Sato

“I want to tell you, too, how very impressed I am with who you are as a person – for your acceptance of others including but clearly not limited to your clients, for your laidback approach to sales, and for your easygoing nature in terms of meeting me where I am and what I need to make it all work for me. You’re a gem!” – Julie

“The ‘colors/words/affirmations/buy outfits’ stuff that you talk about and teach really does work. When your clothes reflect your values and inner self I think you radiate a more authentic and consistent impression (maybe I want to use the word image or message, not sure) to the world, and people find this very charismatic. I used to enjoy dressing up, but made many blooper purchases, and then stopped loving my clothes. Now, because of my work with you, I love what I have. Thank you.” – Carol Takvorian

“I knew I would get something out of working with you – I didn’t expect to gain as much as I am though. I never realized how much it would help my internal state of mind. That has been the biggest surprise. I am more comfortable approaching people because I *know* I look good, and appropriate, and elegant and classy. The change I have seen in just these few months is pretty significant. And I love the way the my inner beauty words work…I didn’t really understand that in the beginning, but now that I really get it I see how important they are. When I am wearing things we picked out I carry myself better and radiate more confidence. I want to pull that energy through everything and every occasion. Thank you!” – Stacey Williams

“From the first moments of our first conversation I knew that I would work with you. At the time, I was completely disconnected from any sense of personal style. After years of practically living in yoga and workout clothes, I didn’t know what my style was anymore and didn’t know where to begin. You heard me, you understood my state of confusion and you honored my values. I knew that I was in excellent hands. What I didn’t expect was that your process would go so deep in helping me discover how I want to show up in the world; who I want to tell the world I am. Gaining that clarity, combined with the practicals of colors and proportion, shifted my confidence, my energy and my attitude about my personal image. I think what is perhaps the most fun for me is that now, when I’m packing for a business trip, I only have difficulty deciding what to bring because I love my clothes so much I want to bring them all! Thank you, Ginger, for reawakening my expressive self!” — AnnMarie Roth, NTS,

“Thank you for what a great contribution you have been to my self esteem just by improving my wardrobe!” – Laura Hackel

Jackie: Before
Jackie: After
Diane: Before
Diane: After
Amanda: Before
Amanda: After
Donna: Before
Donna: After
Jan: Before
Jan: After
Sara: Before
Sara: After
Marianne: Before
Marianne: After
Annie: Before
Annie: After
Meryl: Before
Meryl: After

Here are the Top 5 Things I loved about being a part of Ginger’s group shopping trip:
1. Spending time with Ginger – she rocks, and is so supportive
2. Picked up some great fashion tips & ideas regarding color and style
3. Felt pretty in the dressing room (can’t remember the last time that happened)
4. Left the store, with a complete new wardrobe for my new job – Stress Free!
5. I now look forward to getting dressed in the morning, and smile as I head out the door to the office :-)

Kelley Biederman