Before and After Fashion Makeovers

There is something so compelling about seeing how different someone can look – especially when it seems to happen by magic (or the flick of a wardrobe stylist’s magic wand!).

Each of these women you see here had questions about their wardrobe. A makeover seemed like the perfect answer, and as you see from the transformations here…they were!

I am also a stickler for being sure each woman is smiling in her ‘before’ picture, that the lighting is consistent and that there are no touch-ups done after the fact (this is not true for all before and after fashion makeovers out there). What you see is what you get. The beaming smiles you see in the ‘after’ pictures are just one indication of how a natural radiance shines through when someone feels fabulous about how she looks. She just can’t hide it!

Would you like to see what a fashion makeover experience is like?

Jackie’s Makeover

Before and After: Jackie - Total Image Consultants

When Jackie dresses in blah colors she feels blah, and her richly expressive beauty gets lost. But when her colors stay true and her playful side is allowed to emerge, she glows!

“Ginger helped me relax my definition of what it means to dress professionally and opened up a whole new world of options.”

— Jackie Davis

Diane’s Makeover

Before and After: Diane - Total Image Consultants

There’s a delicateness about Diane’s beauty that isn’t expressed when she wears a shapeless, colorless suit, especially when the fit is all wrong. Instead, her fashion makeover consisted of moving her into softer fabrics and colors that enhance her natural beauty instead of overpowering it. The difference is magical!

“I had a dose of happy today when I put on my teal sweater, belted cream tank, and saw the blue in my eyes just pop! (My coworker and students commented as well.) I really felt competent and capable of anything that was thrown my way today (and, believe me, it was).”

— Diane McKay

Amanda’s Makeover

Before and After: Amanda - Total Image Consultants

Amanda felt like she had no pizzazz. For someone with such natural radiance and who has a fun side that likes to feel a “little bit dangerous,” her look before her image makeover fell flat. She feels most at home with a look that combines garments and accessories in an unusual way even while her natural coloring calls for softer colors.

“Ginger has shown me, not only how to dress in the best ways for me, but also how to be truer to myself. She has an extraordinary ability to see deeply into her clients and–gently–show each of us how to let our own, unique qualities shine forth.”

— Amanda Sobel

Donna’s Makeover

Before and After: Donna - Total Image Consultants

Can you see the energy that Donna exudes? We added some face-framing layers to Donna’s hair, and, as for her wardrobe, the makeover included clothing that better reflected her enchanting smile and vibrant nature.

“Ginger was looking for the “inner person” so that the clothes would be a reflection of me, rather than my being a reflection of the clothes.”

— Donna Eden Cohen

Jan’s Makeover

Before and After: Jan - Total Image Consultants

Jan was wearing a top that was all the wrong colors for her, and as a result, she disappeared. What suffered? Her overall image. The makeover included opening up the neckline and adding beautiful blues and teals that brought the focus to her face and eyes. In addition, a sleek hairstyle and soft makeup completed her fashion makeover with style!

“While each of our personal transformations was amazing, watching each other’s changes was incredible – the new “look” really became a new internal glow.”

— Jan Boyd

Sara’s Makeover

Before and After: Sara - Total Image Consultants

Sara has a lovely beauty that was not supported by the clothes she was wearing that had little personality and the colors that were too muted for her. Here’s where a wardrobe stylist understands how to tweak something for major impact! Her fashion makeover consisted of adding some pop to the color jacket and shine to her hair – what a fabulous difference!

“The shopping, with Ginger’s keen eye and color sense, was as wonderful as ever, and the photo shoot was a slice of heaven. I’ve never done anything even vaguely similar and had more fun than I’ve had in years.”

— Sara

Marianne’s Makeover

Before and After: Marianne - Total Image Consultants

Marianne was drowning in too much fabric and a color that dimmed her inner sparkle. No wardrobe stylist wants to see that happen! So, I suggested a more fitted suit, a hint of color and shine, and we straightened her hair to create another option for a professional look. It polished her image and the makeover, in general, brightened her spirit

“The reactions from my friend and family (not to mention those in the supermarket) were wonderful! It was a phenomenal experience, and I love the whole look!”

— Marianne Cohen

Annie’s Makeover

Before and After: Annie - Total Image Consultants

As you can see from the twinkle in her eyes, Annie is a wardrobe stylist’s dream who delights in things like makeup, fashion, makeovers and girly stuff. But don’t let that fool you, she has a dashingly unconventional side that adores the combination of a faux leather jacket with grommet details and lots of fun crystal necklaces.

“This experience helped bring the beauty that we all carry inside to the outside, and the end result was that we felt and looked fabulous and fashionable!!”

— Annie McGonagle

Meryl’s Makeover

Before and After: Meryl - Total Image Consultants

Meryl has this beautiful radiance that was feeling overwhelmed by the stark black and white. As an image and wardrobe stylist I knew that we had to lighten things up by bringing more animation and softness to her style. That’s where the dress came in. The colors are gorgeous and the print is just the right busy-ness to support Meryl without overpowering her image. The makeover finished with soft makeup and a sleek new haircut.

“I had such a wonderful time creating my new look – especially the “makeover” day, and since then, I have gotten SOOOO many compliments!”

— Meryl Finkel

You, too, can look and feel this fabulous! Contact Ginger Burr, Boston’s Wardrobe stylist for your very own Fashion Makeover. Whether it’s private, through a workshop or in a fun girly day like these image makeover experiences, you can have this same feeling of transformation!

Can Ginger (with 28 years as a wardrobe stylist) help you with your wardrobe makeover?

Most people think that anyone who is an image consultant has known how to put herself together since she was born. Well, that’s one thing that makes Ginger different: she had to go through her very own fashion makeover and personal style transformation so she can now offer this same experience to other women. So, she knows exactly what it feels like and what a difference it makes to a woman’s personal style. Her own wardrobe makeover made her realize that all women deserve this and since she had a gift for teaching with gentle guidance and insight that’s what she has been doing ever since!

Before and After Makeover Credits

I am fortunate enough to have fabulous resources:

Photos: Theresa Johnson – and They captured each woman’s inner glow!

Hair: Josie Baker – for a wonderful job on their hair.

Jewelry: Karen Halaby – Jewelry by Karel — Most of the jewelry you see in the after photos is from Karen’s gorgeous collection.

Makeup Artist: That would be me, Ginger Burr. The majority of the makeup I used is by Sevi, Beauty Without Cruelty, Emani and Ecco Bella cosmetics.

Clothing: The clothes for these fashion makeovers came from Infinity Boutique in Swampscott, MA, The Studio in Brookline, MA, Lord & Taylor, Nordstrom, Chico’s, Cache, MA, Denise Hajjar Boutique and Mint Boutique Consignment in Beverly, MA.

“I knew I would get something out of working with you - I didn't expect to gain as much as I am though. I never realized how much it would help my internal state of mind. That has been the biggest surprise. I am more comfortable approaching people....because I *know* I look good, and appropriate, and elegant and classy. I still don't feel 100% confident, but the change I have seen in just these few months is pretty significant. And I love the way the my inner beauty words work....I didn't really understand that in the beginning, but now that I really get it I see how important they are. When I am wearing things we picked out I carry myself better and radiate more confidence. I want to pull that energy through everything and every occasion. Thank you! ”

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