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    I love Ginger. The first word that comes to mind when I think of her is integrity. She is also smart, funny, generous and really good at what she does — which is to make women feel great about themselves. Who would not want that? 

I learned that burgundy is a great color for me, that I look better when my clothes are not HUGE, that shimmery and ruffly things actually look good on me (who would have thought)? Ginger taught me how to wear more natural looking make-up, what length/style skirts look good on me and how to tie scarves. 

Whether you are doing a workshop, a weekend or a shopping trip with her you will feel accepted and learn something about yourself. Ginger is wise and gentle. She never shoves her vision down your throat but very gently and lovingly leads you to seeing things. Ginger has a great eye. 

Even if you know what you like and don’t want someone telling you what to wear, if you are even a mite curious about what Ginger does I urge you to jump in and try out one of her services; you won’t be sorry. She will not dictate anything to you. It all comes from inside and that is the great thing. 

Ginger approaches every client with respect for the individual that he or she is. If you have any clothes in your closet that you don’t wear, if you ever wanted to expand your wardrobe, if you want to learn how to wear scarves, make-up, or jewelry…if you ever felt you had “nothing to wear” or envied someone else’s style, do yourself a favor and let Ginger into your life. You will be really glad you did. Leora T.