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February 14, 2014

Hello, Beautiful!
7 Styling Tools to Enhance Your Natural Beauty

Happy Valentine's Day!

This is the day of love, and while you're busy showing feelings of love, affection and friendship to others, don't forget the most important person in your life -- YOU! Learning to love and accept yourself just as you are allows your light to shine brightly in the world, radiating love and acceptance to everyone around you. You are beautiful! Don't miss my feature article today where I share 7 of my best tips for enhancing that natural beauty.

I recently had the opportunity to do a presentation and group shopping for the women of reacHIRE who are re-entering the workforce. They were a very bright, welcoming and genuine group of women and we had a blast! I know they will all find jobs they love and the companies that hire them will be richer for it. Here are a few pics from our time together ...

Shopping with the women of ReacHIRE

Enjoy a LOVEly day!

With beauty, style and grace,

P.S. Speaking of love, please join me for my upcoming webinar "Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve: How to Create a Kinder Closet." You'll find all the details below.


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Discover the Secret Key to Your Personal Style!

Your Style, Your Way Workshop
Saturday, May 3

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Your Style, Your Way

Join me at my home studio in Lynn, MA for Your Style, Your Way! This one day transformational workshop will forever change the way you dress, shop for clothes, and show up in the world!

If you want to ...

  • Discover the four "Inner Beauty Words" that will forever change the way you dress, shop, and move through the world -- the secret key to your unique personal style that will have you jumping out of bed to get dressed (I hardly ever talk about this except with private clients and workshop participants but it really does go to the heart of feeling and looking radiant and pulled together).

  • Feel confident about how you're moving through the world, even if your body has a few more pounds than it used to.

"It was fun going through my closet after the workshop and tossing things out (with my words in mind) and being confident about my choices. Very freeing! Thank you :)" ~ Vicki Sterling

If you're no longer willing to settle for a wardrobe you don't love, if you're done holding yourself back (in even one area of your life), if you want your sense of style back or want to feel a sense of style for the first time ever, come spend the day with me and 5 other women who want this too! I've got lots of goodies planned for what's going to be a deeply transformational day.

"Until now, I've never shopped for a 'wardrobe.' Instead, I've always picked up one piece at a time and hoped it all came together (which it never did). Now, with what I learned at the 'Your Style, Your Way' workshop, it is so much easier to decide what to keep and what to leave behind, and having my 4 inner beauty words helps me make sure my choices really reflect who I am."
~ Susanne Kuehl

Client Style Successes

"When I decided to trust you and the process (and get out of my own way), things started truly flowing."

"It took me a long time to finally settle down and actually sit down and start the 'Who Taught You How to Dress' workbook. At first, my lack of self-esteem around my clothes, my body and my lack of savvy was getting in the way. When I decided to trust you and the process (and get out of my own way), things started truly flowing. My four inner beauty words were uncovered/revealed and I LOVE them. They inform not only the outfits that I put together, the jewelry that I make confident statements with but also how I feel -- inside and out. I have since lost 25 pounds (quite easily) because "muffin top waist line" was not consistent with my four words. Thank you so much -- I look great and feel great!"

~ Sue Dempsey

Feature Article

Hello Beautiful!
7 Styling Tools to Enhance Your Natural Beauty

You are beautiful no matter what your size or shape. Yes, I know, society wants to dictate a particular standard of beauty and that's what you see day in and day out in the media. It is also what you use to compare your body to see if it measures up. Perhaps you've already noticed that this only makes you feel frustrated and deflated. Very few women, if any, actually achieve and maintain this standard. Instead, why not embrace your natural beauty and use a few styling tools for creating balance and harmony.

Beauty is not about looking like every other woman out there – how boring is that! It's about celebrating who you are and creating a look you love. The key is to choose clothes and accessories strategically to give your body an uninterrupted line and draw the eye where you want it to go. It's easier than you think!

Open necklines draw focus to your face. Your face is where you want the eye to go since it's disconcerting to talk with someone while they are staring (for whatever reason) at another part of your body. Use this to your advantage. A v-neck or scoop neckline will do that by creating a long neckline and a beautiful frame around your face.  This neckline pictured here is just about the right amount of scoop (approximately one head length down) to balance her body.  Scoop Neck Sweater

Choose your shoe color wisely. Want a long lean body line? Your shoes are key. When you are wearing pants, match the color of your shoes as closely as possible. If you wear navy, black or dark brown shoes will do the trick. If you are wearing a light colored pair of jeans, wear a skin tone colored shoe. Here's a good example of that.

This is particularly true if you are wearing a skinny pant because pants that end at the ankle or above, shorten your leg. By matching the color all the way to your toes, you are extending your leg line

Skinny Jeans

Wear open vamp shoes with a dress. The recent trend that has gone on way too long is to wear a dress or skirt with ankle boots. It's a hideous trend and rarely works. The only exception is if you are super tall, have very long legs and wear your skirts very short. Otherwise, especially if you wear a boot that contrasts with the color of your legs, it will make your legs look shorter and thicker.

Here is the same Nordstrom model in two black dresses that are the same length, but she's wearing different shoes.  You can see the difference very clearly. The photo on top doesn't work, but the photo below with an open vamp shoe does.


Black Dress
Taper your straight skirt. A straight skirt can look great, but it can also visually add pounds. It hangs straight from the hipline and so the hem creates a wider horizontal line around your knees. You do not usually have this issue with a pencil skirt which is often stretchy and fits tighter to the body all the way down. If you like straight skirts, but sometimes feel like they make you look heavier than you are, take it to a tailor and have it tapered slightly at the sides. This follows your body line and creates a leaner look. Pencil Skirt

Pair flowy with fitted. There are lots of flowy tops out there right now. This is not surprising since there is still a trend towards skinny pants. Wearing a skinny top with a skinny bottom can feel a little revealing, but pairing it with a flowy top adds balance. Here's a great example.

Scoop Neck Sweater
Have a professional bra fitting. If it has been more than a year since you've had a bra fitting, it's time to do it again. An ill-fitting bra will totally undermine the look of a great outfit. Go somewhere where that's their specialty not to the local department store (with the exception of Nordstrom which usually has good bra fitting specialists). There is an art to finding the perfect bra. I can highly recommend Intimacy. They have stores around the country. If you are in the Boston area, make an appointment with Maria Stern at Intimacy at Copley Place. She's terrific and helps me and many of my clients. Bra Fitting

Consider shapewear. I do not usually love wearing shapewear and mostly I don't wear it! But, I wore a dress recently that was fitted and since the temperatures outside were in the teens, in addition to the smoothing benefits, I wanted the extra layer of warmth it provided. At my last bra-fitting at Intimacy I had picked up a control brief that came all the way up under my bra! I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised at how comfortable it was! This is the one.

These days fabrics tend to be lighter and more revealing. Good and comfortable (yes, I can attest that it's possible) shapewear can be very handy.


Use these tips to help you make great choices and feel great about how you look!

All photos feature clothing that is vegan/cruelty-free.

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Heart on Your SleeveFREE WEBINAR!

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Monday, February 17

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Making kinder choices isn't something you do once, but over and over again. And if you're like most people, you start with food -- after all, you eat many times a day. However, living a more conscious life in line with your values doesn't stop at your plate. Other lifestyle choices you make, such as what you wear, play just as critical a role. When it comes to fashion in particular, the options for cruelty-free living are bigger than ever -- and growing fast.

Join Ginger Burr, image consultant and committed vegan, as she walks you through the whys and hows of creating a kinder closet. Learn why fur isn't the only harmful fabric, and how to shop for the clothes you want without causing harm to any other living thing. You don't have to sacrifice your look to live a heart-centered life. And Ginger will show you how so that you can feel beautiful, inside and out.

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Main Street Vegan

Did you miss my interview with Victoria Moran of Main Street Vegan?

Not to worry -- you can listen to the replay any time you like! You'll find it on here or as a podcast on iTunes here.

We talked about fashion and beauty in the context of kindness:

  • Animal-derived fabrics and how animals suffer to produce them. 
  • Alternatives to animal-derived fabrics. 
  • What is vegan fashion anyway? – so many people think it means wearing a burlap sack and plastic shoes. 
  • Where to shop to find vegan fashion. 
  • Examples of designers who create vegan fashions (even if not intentionally). 
  • How to veganize your cosmetic bag and skin care routine. 
  • Our favorite lines of vegan/cruelty-free makeup and skin care. 
  • Once you make a decision to go cruelty-free, what do you do with the animal fabrics/cosmetics/skin care you have now? 

The show's host is Victoria Moran, author of eleven books including Younger by the Day, Fit from Within, and Main Street Vegan and author of the foreword for my book, That's So You! She started her career in fashion advertising. Learn more about Main Street Vegan here:

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Thank you! I will get over to the Forum soon -- I would like to have someone here take a picture of me today so you can see what I mean. Loving you and what you do for us."

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A notable speaker and leader in the field of fashion and style, Ginger's adroit understanding of beauty trends and fashion has been celebrated by Fox TV News, The Boston Globe, and In addition, Ginger recently launched her body image, self-esteem, and style virtual coaching program "Who Taught You How to Dress?" This innovative program allows women to overcome internal obstacles and learn the practical (as well as soft) skills they need to create a wardrobe they love -- all in the comfort of their own home!

Ginger has distinguished herself in several untapped niches, including her image work with the transgender community and was recently recognized by VegNews Magazine as one of the "25 Most Fascinating Vegetarians" in the world for her innovative and groundbreaking work as a vegan image consultant.


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