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Who are Ginger's Clients?

Who are Ginger's Clients?


I once had a woman ask me if all my clients were famous and/or wealthy (her assumption was that they were). I could tell that she was genuinely surprised when I told her that if I only worked with the rich and famous I would have been out of business a long time ago!

So, who are my clients?

  • Most of my clients are women over 40 (and many are in their 50’s+) who have come to a realization that they deserve to look good and feel good about how they look, and they want to be empowered to do just that!
  • Some are professional women looking to advance in their careers and want their wardrobes and personal style to keep up but don’t know how to do it on their own.
  • Some are stay at home moms or “mompreneurs” who realize that living in their workout clothes or old jeans and a t-shirt doesn’t make them feel good about themselves.
  • I have also been in business long enough that some of my clients are now retired and realize they now have totally different clothing needs – and, they still want to look good.
  • For over 30 years I have been working with transgender clients who are learning to explore and express their feminine side. It is a joy to watch them blossom (as it is with all of my clients!).
  • I have also become well known for my work with vegan women who want to be fashionable and still be compassionate in the wardrobe choices they make. I am living proof that this can be done, and I am delighted to help others make cruelty-free choices!

Above all, my clients:

  • Are highly motivated. They are tired of putting up with a wardrobe and personal style that does not feed their soul or meet their lifestyle needs – and are willing to make the changes necessary (big and small) one baby step at a time.
  • Are open to personal reflection and excited at the prospect of transforming their wardrobe to align with who they are and build their confidence.
  • Recognize the benefits of getting an objective viewpoint and assistance since, in many cases, their wardrobe frustrations have been an on-going concern that have not resolved over time on their own.

Does any of that sound familiar? I now that sometimes this conundrum has been an ongoing issue throughout most of your life and sometimes it comes about gradually as your body changes over the years. It doesn’t matter. What matters is that you are ready to address them head on (don’t worry, it won’t be scary!).


Wow! The Totally You workshop yesterday was an amazing experience, actually so amazing I’m having trouble finding the words to express it in a way that would do it justice! Thank you for your energy, insight, and kindness. Not only did I take away a lot of valuable input for myself, but to my surprise I actually feel that being part of a group enhanced the experience to a great extent. 

I am delighted with my new sense of direction for shopping and dressing, my collage and words, and, once I get all these outfits put away (ha, ha), examining my wardrobe in a new light. 

The ways is which it changed my thinking are enormous, and going out with friends last night was so much easier and fun than before and I felt that I got a very different reaction from others, in a positive way. Thank you!

Lisa Adams