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WBZ NewsRadio 1030: 80’s Fashion Trend Makes Comeback Driven By TikTok And A.I.
Enjoy the 1 minute interview as well as read the full text.

Spotlight by the fabulous photographer, Jessie Wyman
I am so honored to be spotlighted by the fabulous photographer, Jessie Wyman, in her blog post on vendors she loves and recommends.Check it out here:
She also includes makeup artists, hairstylists and brand and web designers as well.

Next on Scene Media Podcast: Fall Fashion Trends 2022
Click the arrow below to hear a quick fashion tip or, want to hear the entire interview, go here:

Allure Magazine
September 2021 Issue, Ask the Beauty Expert (see below), Full magazine available here: 

‘3 Steps to Manifest Your Own Personal Style’ — Aspire Magazine, Dec. 2020
I’m thrilled to be a part of Aspire Magazine’s “Redefining Success” issue. Along with my article, you’ll find topics to inspire, support and empower you on your path of self-discovery. — August 2020
How To Avoid Giving Up On Your Dreams: 5 Entrepreneurs Give Advice That Will Absolutely Change Your Life

NEXTonSCENE Magazine — Spring/Summer 2020
Click on the photo below to download the pdf.

‘How to Dress for Court’ — May 2020
Fraier & Maillet, P.C., Northborough, MA — January 1, 2020
Consultant offers 10 fashion secrets to jump start the New Year — January 24, 2018
12 Tall Boots that will Fit Over Wide Calves, by Krissy Brady — January 22, 2018
7 Cold-Weather Style Mistakes that Make You Look Heavier Than You Are — by Krissy Brady

Photo: Michael Buckner/WireImage/Getty Images

‘Reader’s Digest — March 2017
‘11 One-Second Tricks to Look Instantly Thinner in Photos’ by Marissa Laliberte.

Fashion Tips for Women Over 50. — December 2016

Vegan Lifestyle Magazine — August 2016
A Leading Image Consultant’s Tips for Vegan Dressing for Success.’ Click on the photo below to download the pdf.

Interview with Jill Milan — August 2016

Opportunities in the Image Business
Article — I was interviewed by the ‘Color & Style’ image magazine in The Netherlands – June 2016

How to Hide Your Tummy
TV Show, Mass Appeal — June 23, 2015

How to Wear Spring Fashion Trends
TV Show, Mass Appeal — April 27, 2015

Sharon’s Makeover
TV show — Mass Appeal, Channel 22 — January 21, 2014

How to Start Your Personal Style Journey
TV show — Mass Appeal, Channel 22 — January 21, 2014

How to Create a Look You Love When You Feel Overwhelmed, Lost or On the Run
Radio podcast — Lauran Star Empowering Women Talk Radio Show

Get Dressed With Style
TV show —

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I had such a wonderful time today at the group shopping! You are the best!! I never would have considered ANY of those outfits if I had walked in there by myself. It was such a shock to see clothes that actually looked fabulous on me instead of just OK!! Thank you so much for the eye opener. I have never found anything at Dress Barn before and now it is my FAVORITE store!! I definitely like the group shopping! When I put on an outfit, it takes me awhile to think about it and analyze it. It is easier for me to do this when I know there are others there for you to focus on while I “process”, LOL – it takes the pressure off of me to hurry in order not to waste time or keep you waiting which is what I do and would do if we shopped one-on-one. THANK YOU for a fabulous experience. You truly are a master at this and I am so glad I found you!!

Nancy M.