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Products and services that I truly believe in

Products and services that I truly believe in

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For as long as I can remember, NIC+ZOE has been one of my favorite clothing lines. Their clothes are pretty, comfortable, versatile and travel well. I have been known to take a client to their store and find her everything she needs for the season…kind of like magic…and they have some excellent go-to pieces that many women appreciate!

Because I am such a fan I have struck up a wonderful connection with the women from NIC+ZOE including the fabulous Courtney and Loriana from the corporate office (pictured below)

Since NIC+ZOE is so popular with my clients we decided I should do events at two of their stores. In each case I pulled my favorite pieces and showed the audience how to mix and match and create an amazing, beautiful wardrobe using NIC+ZOE clothes and accessories. And, of course, I was wearing NIC+ZOE head to toe! Below you can see a few highlights from my talks.

One of the most fabulous things about NIC+ZOE is that they anticipate that women will want pieces that blend well. If you’ve ever hunted high and low for a cardigan to go over a particular dress or a tank that looks great with the rest of an outfit you’ve created then you know what a treat it is to find it easily. Here are just a couple of examples – a dress with a matching cardigan AND colors that coordinate to create a lovely monochromatic look if that delights you. And, of course, all of those pieces mix and match with other NIC+ZOE items to create a very versatile wardrobe:

Both before and after the presentations I helped women shop and make great choices – it was SO MUCH FUN!

And, there was a terrific raffle that included a copy of my book, ‘That’s So You!’

Did the women who attended enjoy it? Absolutely! Here’s what Laura has to say!

“When I saw that Ginger was going to be hosting style sessions at NIC+ZOE, I knew I wanted to go. The date I could make was in Hingham, 50 minutes away on a good day. I put it in my calendar and was so excited! The day arrived and it was rainy and blustery and it took me just over 2 hours with traffic to get there and it was WORTH THE DRIVE. Ginger had a miracle rack of fashions out and was walking through fall trends. I love NIC+ZOE and it loves me too as I had over a dozen items to try on and I took 8 of them home! They have become my go to favorites. The icing on the cake is Ginger’s tactful and honest assessment about whether a piece reflects my inner beauty words “magically free spirited, powerfully centered, spiritual and effervescent). Everything I got is comfy and stylish. If you haven’t checked out NIC+ZOE, go now!” – Laura Hackel

Photo credits: Keith Patankar