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My Favorite Covered Perfectly Top! This Covered Perfectly top feels so delicious when you put it on, but that’s not all!

  • It is soft and cozy so you’ll want to wear it every day. 
  • The fit is great—it lightly skims my body. It is great for a curvy body (or someone who wants to add the illusion of curves) and great for someone with hips.
  • The color is great – this shade of teal blue looks amazing on many people. (And it also comes in several other gorgeous colors.)
  • It has a flattering neckline that is also perfect for jewelry.

After all that, imagine my delight when I discovered that this top is also incredibly versatile. As you can see I can dress it up or dress it down and I still feel comfortable and pulled together.

More Covered Perfectly: When I saw that ‘Covered Perfectly’ had the Mandy (one of my personal favorite styles) in olive green I had to have it!

  • The color is one of my best and actually this shade of green is flattering on many people because it isn’t too yellowy.
  • The neckline is great — just low enough and perfect for a necklace so I can change up my look each time I wear the top.
  • The fabric is SO soft, you won’t want to take it off!

Covered Perfectly: If you are looking for great tops to add to your wardrobe, look no further! Their name says it all: ‘Covered Perfectly.’ You know what it’s like trying to find a top that you feel good in? So many are too tight or the sleeves are unflattering or the top is short and you feel exposed. Here I am wearing one of their basic tops (love the length!) in a stunning green color. I love it because I can style it any number of ways (this is just one way!). All of their tops are soft, elegant and come in several colors with new additions all the time. Many styles are designed to camouflage tummies and feel lightweight for fluctuating temperature changes. Plus, they are offering you a 20% discount by using the coupon code TIC20. (This top was provided by Covered Perfectly; all opinions are my own.)

LL Style Studio: Laurel Lund is a professional image consultant serving the Des Moines, Iowa area.



I have had the pleasure of working with several really amazing photographers and you can see their work on this website. The cover photo is by Stephanie Rosseel. The before and after makeover photos are done by Theresa Johnson (Theresa also did some of the header photos on other pages) and Meri Bond. I can highly recommend each of them.

Business Building

Women Owned Business Club The WOBC is dedicated to helping women around the world get the word out about their business via social media. They are continuously educating themselves and their team to bring their members better products and services to help them achieve their dreams and make millions selling their products and services. I am a member and truly enjoy the connection with other business owners and love how they promote each woman’s business individually. Definitely worth checking out!

As an affiliate for some of these companies, I may get a small commission for sales, but there is no extra cost to you.

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