“Ginger! I didn't even finish the whole article before literally running to Nordstrom for the Harlowe shoulder-less T-Shirt you recommended!!! Yes, I bought the coral one not the black. I love it. Your advice, as usual, was spot on!”

— Caryl

“It was by far the most painless case of selecting new eyeglass frames since I became an adult. Your presence and help me gave me soooo much security.”

— Sally C.

“I cannot thank you enough for today. My mother nearly dropped the phone when I told her I spent the day clothes shopping and HAD FUN! Truly, she laughed and laughed and said, 'I never ever thought I’d hear you say that, ever.' Then she laughed and said, 'See, miracles do happen!' So funny. In all seriousness this whole process has been absolutely wonderful. You are indeed VERY good at what you do, and you are INDEED quite a GIFT of a person. I am so grateful to have met you.”

— Judi from Vermont

“I want to thank you again for everything you do. I was driving today and just felt so full of life, alive, happy and authentic/connected with myself – all because of what you do. The beauty words, the Fashion Fit formula, and (most important) how you are able to help people connect with their inner self and bring it out. When I tried on that first blouse I couldn't believe how amazing it looked on me (which was repeated consistently throughout the night) as well as seeing how fantastic the other ladies looked in their selections! What you do is just so wonderful and precious that I wish every woman could experience what I have so far! You are truly an angel of understanding/compassion/color/fashion/people and bright light in a world that can become dark, dull and drab. Thank you so much for your encouragement, support and inspiration -- I really treasure it! ”

— Diane Scribner

“Thank you, thank you, thank you! I feel utterly fantastic in everything I got today. I did a mini fashion show for my son when I got home. His words "Mom, I don't want you to be mad, but you look like you lost at least 20 pounds!". And then my husband said "You look fantastic. And 10 years younger!" BUT, the biggest difference is in the way I feel. Joyous doesn't even begin to cover it! I came home and officially liberated 8 things from my closet that don't bring me joy. Can't wait to make even more space for the new pieces I'm sure to bring home! Again, I appreciate all of your guidance and coaching as I take the steps in bringing my inside out!

— Donna Coe

“Ginger, your services are too precious to put a price tag on. Thank you for helping me with this process of rediscovering myself and being comfortable with who I am instead of wasting time hiding from it. Beauty is much more than just the clothes we wear, I now know the true meaning of this. Thank you so much! ”

— Sue

“Thank you very much for my Fashion Fit Formula. I've spent several very productive hours in my closet adjusting and pinning garments, and I can now see how making subtle changes to the vertical lines of my clothing will make a dramatic improvement to my silhouette. I've also been amazed at how a dress that was "almost right" became fantastic once I taped up the hem to my correct length. I'm thrilled to be revitalizing my wardrobe by ensuring that all my clothing fits and flatters my body lines. ”

— Stefanie J.

“I think every woman in the world should be lucky enough to work with you! ”

— Melissa Fristrom

“My color palette has a lot of soft colors in it so shopping has sometimes been tricky, but it has helped me to slow down and realize this whole self-discovery is a process, not a product and I am enjoying the ride. And, it makes me even THAT much more excited when I find something that I truly love! Having my color palette done at this time in my life has helped me immensely--it makes me feel more confident and younger. This has truly been one of the best things I have ever done and am SO thankful for the opportunity! ”

— Heidi Clement

“When I wear colors that look good on me, I am totally amazed—it feels like I have come out of hiding and I am sparkling.”

— Sue Baust

“You are amazing! I hate to think what I would have gotten and been dissatisfied with without your help. Thank you!”

— Barbara Brown

“I have been thinking for days about the group shopping last week. I just don’t know how to thank you. I have never gone shopping and returned home with so many pieces that I truly love, and in under 3 hours! Just amazing! I still cannot believe it! I love looking at the new clothes in MY closet. With your expert eye and guidance, remembering inner beauty words, and FFF, I think we all left the store with many items we love. Also, I want to mention, the time you saved me from wandering around stores “looking” for something and going home empty handed. Or even worse, waiting until the day of an event to try to find something to wear. I am ready for the Summer! Thank you so very much, Ginger!”

— Margaret Licho

“Once again, this week I was saved from purchasing a clothing item I just wasn’t sure about by the line, 'If you don’t love it, don’t buy it.' Boom, decision process over, sent it back. Thank you!”

— Sharon Teitelbaum

“I had totally given up on shopping until Ginger got me over the hump!”

— Anna from Boston

“I recently attended a high-level meeting and dinner for work. Two years ago, before I met Ginger, I would have thrown on my usual so-so outfit and told myself it's what you have to say and not your looks that matter. But I can attest that, like it or not, my looks really do matter. I can hardly describe what an enormous difference it has made that I can now dress the part of a world-class decision-maker when I need to pull that off. Looking like I have it together means people trust me more. I can tell that other people think I look attractive and it means that they are more interested in talking to me and listening to my ideas. That's not fair, but it happens! What's more, feeling confident that I look good means that I can spend my energy thinking about the topic of the meeting and not worrying about my clothes or style. Ginger has that covered so I can get on with the (to me) 'important stuff'!”

— A Boston University Professor

“Last night, I had a huge Board meeting- with new members and an enormous agenda. It was very important. What was more important, was that I was able to get up, introduce myself (and introduce others, traverse the room whenever needed-- all with enormous confidence and without once--not once worrying about how I looked. Why? Because of you!!! I cannot thank you enough for giving me exactly what I was looking for, and needed...the art of being well "put together," despite my shape & size, and the means to let my soul shine so that my "inner" beauty is what really radiates. You have been my guiding beacon for a while, but last night-- your work was a lighthouse of salvation and relief. You are so wonderful and I am blessed for having met you. --Thank you, Ginger for all of your beautiful gifts: your eye, your talent, your humor, and especially-- your patience!”

— Carole Nathan, The Effusive One

“Still feeling so happy I did sessions with you. Your rules mean that I don’t fall into traps anymore. My wardrobe isn't perfect all the time, but it is soooooo much better than it used to be, AND I save money (and the environment) by not buying clothes that are not right for me. Thank you! ”

— Lynn Wilkinson

“Thanks for the enlightening (inner beauty word) session yesterday. It was so helpful to think about who I am REALLY and how my clothing and style can reflect it! ”

— Lisa

“I received my color palette Friday and the colors were beautiful, so rich and deep. I will be honest when I first saw them I was thinking there is no way I will find these deep colors in the store. I looked in my closet and only saw a few of the colors that you chose so I was feeling a bit overwhelmed at the thought of ever having a wardrobe I would love. I wasn’t sure how this was going to work, but I thought I’ve invested in this, let’s try it out. So I went to the mall just to see what I could find. I went in to Macys and they were having this huge clearance sale. I have to tell you, I do not like the massive types of sales with racks and racks of clothes. I will just bypass this because there is too much to look at. But I thought I will just go try this by only picking clothes in my new wow colors. It was so much easier to look at the racks and I was amazed how many tops I found in these colors. You also have to realize when I do shop I usually take in 10 things to try on and don’t like any of them. So this trip I found so many things to try on and when I did most of them were wonderful! The ones I didn’t care for were eliminated quickly by knowing that I did not love them. It was a very successful shopping experience but more than that my spirit was so high. Thank you so much for your time and the service that you offer, it has been amazing. ”

— Joy from Texas

“As I weed out clothes from my closet I notice that most of what's left are things I love, things I wear most often and things you helped me select. Surprise! Surprise! And, I should add...I usually get compliments on the items you helped me select. Today I have on the red jacket (looks like leather) from The Studio. Compliments galore!”

— Jackie Davis

“My Skype wardrobe consultation with Ginger was so fun and productive! I left our call with many complete outfits - tops, bottoms, shoes, jewelry and a handbag beautifully coordinated. Not only that, but the ideas Ginger shared will allow me to create many other wonderful outfits from what I have in my closet. As a member of Ginger’s “Dress to Impress - Yourself” program, I can also post follow-up questions at no additional charge on the private online member forum. The session was a great investment for me to feel fantastic and make the best impression professionally. Highly recommended!”

— Caryn Ginsberg

“A couple of days before our Lord and Taylor trip, I went to Boomerang in Jamaica Plain. I walked in, zeroed in on my colors, took a bunch of stuff to the fitting rooms, and was astonished. Everything that fit me looked great. Even the things that didn't fit me looked great color-wise (although of course I didn't buy them). I shopped for a grand total of 45 minutes, spent $27, and got a whole bag of clothes including both work and weekend wear. But here's the most amazing thing: as I was checking out, the sales clerk looked at my stuff and said, "This is a really nice color palette." I was AMAZED. No one had ever said anything like that to me in my life. Shopping was easy, quick, non-wasteful, and I actually bought stuff that noticeably cohered. I am a true believer!”


“The biggest difference I see since taking the Totally You workshop is my consciousness while shopping. After recycling nearly half of my wardrobe before the workshop, I had a few items I had paid a lot for or had some sentimental attachment to which I thought I wanted to salvage. Ginger's and the other group participants' honest feedback helped me drop any assumptions I had about how good those clothes actually looked on me. As I endeavor to fill in gaps in my wardrobe, I know I will be saving money overall by buying only items I will make good use of that look great on me based on my evolved inner knowing. I am a master scavenger at thrift and consignment shops and still often shop in those places but with a new consciousness. No more impulsive, unconscious or bargains only based shopping for me which leads to wasted effort. Thanks so much, Ginger for assisting me with your diplomatic, practical, compassionate and expert feedback!”

— Cecilia Bennett

“Your lessons are still working on me every day: I saw a top I loved that had GREAT styling and was so true to my words...except it was in black. I ordered it anyway, thinking I could go for black since I loved the style and cut. In fact, it didn't sing on me like it did on the model and after wearing far more flattering colors recently I found I couldn't stand the morbid black! So back it went.”

— Pam K

“I have been planning my outfits for my vacation in Spain which starts Saturday and it has been a joy! That’s a first for me and I’m sure it’s due to everything you’ve helped me with in terms of building a wardrobe I love and am comfortable with.”

— Jen Sato

“A thousand thank you’s for your guidance! I feel like a huge weight has been lifted. I have not stopped shopping since our outing! I have explored new colors (keeping my tones in mind) and have been trying to follow the fashion fit formula. The difference is astounding to me. Also, I feel more in control when shopping, and that makes it even more fun. Thanks again. You're a lifesaver!

— Melissa Fire

“You are a Fairy Godmother who makes all of us Cinderella’s look spectacular, whether it’s wearing designer, couture or just plain jeans!”

— Marie Sultana Robinson

“I am putting renewed effort into dating, specifically online dating. I feel I have great options now to wear for a date or meet over coffee. And for my dating profile I realized I should include some of my words from the Totally You workshop if I'm trying to convey who I am! So I have included "genuine" and "vibrant." I'm anticipating the "captivating" word can go unsaid and will come across in my photos (more flattering thanks to my style and color improvements) and my words. You might consider encouraging other women to use their inner beauty words for their online dating profile! ”

— Pam K

“Thank you for such a fabulous day at the Totally You workshop. I really enjoyed spending the day exploring more style options and meeting some great women. It is so eye opening to see how small adjustments can make such a big difference to an outfit. And I love how diplomatic you are while delivering news people might now want to hear. I so appreciate that when you are giving feedback, especially when it's not what people want to hear, you are not doing it from you being right and the other wrong but from a genuine desire to have that person access the possibility for their inner self to shine. You say it with such compassion and caring and it’s such a gift to tell people what you see so that they can build the distinctions for themselves. ”

Laura Hackel

“Wow! The Totally You workshop yesterday was an amazing experience, actually so amazing I'm having trouble finding the words to express it in a way that would do it justice! Thank you for your energy, insight, and kindness. Not only did I take away a lot of valuable input for myself, but to my surprise I actually feel that being part of a group enhanced the experience to a great extent. 

I am delighted with my new sense of direction for shopping and dressing, my collage and words, and, once I get all these outfits put away (ha, ha), examining my wardrobe in a new light. 

The ways is which it changed my thinking are enormous, and going out with friends last night was so much easier and fun than before and I felt that I got a very different reaction from others, in a positive way. Thank you! 

— Lisa Adams

“I just got my Fashion Fit Formula results and your new ebook. This will help SO much. Oh my gosh, it's like the missing link as far as altering things. I went through EVERYTHING in my closets and dumped years and years worth of stuff that had been sitting around not doing anybody any good. I generated two Hefty bags worth of stuff to get rid of. One is for a high-end consignment store and the other is for Goodwill. I had a ton of stuff from Coldwater Creek sample sales. Some of them are incredibly beautiful, but don't work with my hair etc. 

There are going to be some happy small women in Sandpoint when they find this stuff at the consignment store. I tried on everything and isolated all the stuff that needs to be altered/fixed. It was so much fun! When I'm done, I'll have a bunch of "new" clothes. ”

— Susan Daffron

“I have been planning my outfits for my vacation in Spain which starts Saturday and it has been a joy! That’s a first for me and I’m sure it’s due to everything you’ve helped me with in terms of building a wardrobe I love and am comfortable with.”

Jen Sato

“I haven't had a chance to tell you that the blue dress was a hit at the company meeting in Arizona. I ended up receiving two recognition awards that I needed to go up on stage and give a speech. I was chosen to say a few words on the company's DVD of the event. The picture of me, with my sales partners was chosen to go on our company newsletter the following week. A quote from our communication director was that I had the "fab" dress of the evening. Thanks again!”

— Dena Cameron

“THANK YOU so much for yesterday's workshop. I'm still absorbing the information. Actually, I think it'll take me a few weeks to absorb it all! I am also very much looking forward to doing my home-study. I had gotten as far as the first activity, and forced myself *not* to read ahead without doing the exercise! 

I think the most amazing part for me about "Totally You" was the feedback that I got from you combined with the feedback from the others! I really had no idea that I come across as 'soft' as I do (as I am!) and with all 3 of you saying it I really do not question it. I learned that I need to add a gentleness a nd luminosity to my wardrobe that is now almost totally lacking. And also subtract some of the brasher elements that I currently have. 

At home we are at the beginning stages of decorating (furniture, paint, curtains), and my words have already clarified a few things I had been having trouble with. 

It is a great pleasure to be with someone as she lives her vocation, and I am grateful to benefit from your talent! I also love reading your blog/newsletters. So... what can I do? Spread the word! You bet I will! ”

Deborah Coffey

“I went out today down in Wrentham for a day of - you guessed it – shopping! It has been quite a week for me you know -- you have possibly created a monster! Anyway I get home around 5:30 and lo and behold - my palette is in the mail. Needless to say, I am incredibly excited - and you’ll be happy to hear that everything I purchased this week appear in my palette. Consider yourself a great teacher!!! 

It's a bit funny as I went out without the palette (because it hadn’t arrived yet) and the whole time I kept thinking and thinking about…is it my color? Does it create an outfit - or multiple outfits? 

I am shopping entirely differently now, and it is awesome. Now to get to work this week and BE blissfully authentic & carefree; radiant, gracious, and soulful. Mucho thanks! ”

— Grace Stevens

“Thank you so much for all your help and the wonderful information you provided me. I had a wonderful time and a fantastic experience. I was cleaning out my closet today (taking out the excessive black pieces), and then I took all my great new pieces out of the bag and just said " Wow, look at these gorgeous colors". I am so happy with all the purchases. I absolutely love every piece and yes, they do reflect who I am. I hope we can shop again. 

— Heidi Higgins

“Ginger is your personal 'What Not to Wear' style guru. Combining charm, wit and keen insight, she brings out your inner beauty for the world to see. As she gets to know you, she helps you choose colors, clothing, and makeup that suit *your* personality, not the latest fad or fashion magazine. The best compliment I receive these days is, "OMG, you look so good! You're glowing." I couldn't have done it without Ginger's help and support.”

“I just wanted to say thank you for your last newsletter. I have been shopping for a dress to wear to a wedding in early June, plus a dress to wear to the rehearsal dinner. I had found one out of two, but really have had some difficulty finding another dress that I love. I've found plenty that I could tolerate, but nothing that made my heart sing. Until ... the peach print jersey dress from Nordstrom that you pictured - I ordered it and voila! It fits, feels and looks great! I think next I might have to try the shoes from Zappos that you also featured. 

I love the fact that so many dresses this year are made to flatter the less than perfect body, and have wider straps at the shoulders or semi-cap sleeves, which are much more flattering to those of us over age 25. And, the dress length is longer than pictured - it falls right at the bottom of the kneecap, so is a good length for many of us. Thanks for your help!”

Edith Meserve

“So, the little red jacket brought me luck. I won the story slam at the Massmouth semi-finals. Finals, here I come! As for the jacket, it was called ‘beautiful’ and ‘the perfect choice.’ Thank you! ”

— Farrah Haidar

“I wanted to tell you that you have taught me so much about shopping that I'm getting good at buying things I love and getting complete outfits. ”

Pam Frederick

“I have always wanted to put on an outfit and feel fabulous in it. I have always wanted to look in my closet and see outfits and clothes that go together. I have always wanted to spend money on clothes I would actually wear over and over. I have always wanted to have the right jewelry for my outfits. 

Today my friend looked at me and commented, You look really beautiful in that outfit. I have always wanted to know how to figure out what colors and designs to purchase. 

Ginger gave all this to me. I have the words I use to decide if I should buy a piece of clothing. I have a color fan to help me choose colors. I have a series of questions to ask myself to be sure this is a good investment. 

Every woman should work with Ginger. The benefits for one’s self-esteem are immeasurable. ”

“I had sooo much fun this weekend, everyone was so sweet and supportive and fun! And I learned so much! I really feel like I’m beginning to be able to do some of this on my own. You do a beautiful job with your work! So loving and inspiring and healthy! You've really honed your soul into a shining crystal and it sends out lots of healing light for all of us to absorb. Thank you for all you do and how you do it. ”

— Amy Martin

“All of this experience to improve my image, and create a wardrobe for me to look competent (and maintain my natural beauty, fun, resourceful, independent self) has by no means gone to waste. I took almost all of my new wardrobe with me to that conference in D.C. last week, and boy does the world treat you differently when you dress for success. 

I also expect to have some publicity when Bob Greene's book 20 Years Younger comes out (I’m a contributing author), so I had a headshot done (see www. dianemckay.com - it's the only thing on my website). Of course, the outfit makes the picture (and makes me feel as competent as I look in it!). 

I have no idea what to expect when this book comes out, but I am ready for it because I know I can look fabulous in a heartbeat. I would love to work with you some more. Thank you!!”

“I've been enjoying your e-newsletters immensely! Your insights and suggestions are the perfect size... not too much information at once, with time in between to think about each one. Plus inspiring and motivating with gentle humor! Thank you.”

— Ginny Beckett

“Your presentation was fantastic -- fun, interactive, and extremely informative. We are very grateful to you for sharing your time and expertise with our clients. Thank you! ”

— Kim Todd, Executive Director, Dress for Success Boston

“I'm starting to see that my attention to learning how to build a solid wardrobe is starting to make a difference to my pocketbook. Yay! Even though I need to buy lots of new clothes, I'm shopping much smarter now. One example, I ordered a top in blue, but when it arrived it turned out to be much, much darker than I thought it would be – it was virtually black. In the past, I would have just kept it, assuming that I would use it some day. With my newly educated color palette, I knew that super-dark navy blue/black was just not a flattering color for me (I could actually see Ginger shaking her head and saying, no, no, no), and so I returned it, saving $88! Thanks, Ginger! ”

— Lynn Wilkinson

“The two-for-one makeup consultation was great fun! Suddenly doing makeup well doesn't seem too hard, and I have more confidence with the right products and colors in my makeup box. 

— Pam

“I had a great time shopping yesterday and learned a LOT! Got a ton of great clothes…I will be set for awhile--til Fall at least! Thank you so much for all of help!”

Jeanne Corey

“I can't begin to tell you how much fun I had yesterday. The shopping, with your keen eye and color sense, was as wonderful as ever, and the photo shoot was a slice of heaven. I quickly fell in love with Annie, Theresa and Josie. I've never done anything even vaguely similar and had more fun than I've had in years. ”

— Sara Schnorr

“Shopping with Ginger gave me the chance to see how to use my words to pick clothes that really work for me! I tried on things I never would have considered previously and saw everything in a new light. Rather than coming home empty handed as usual, I left the store with many pieces that I love and that will work with things I already have.”

Laura Craig-Bray

“The last I saw you was for a makeup consultation, which I have to say has been transformative. I can’t believe what a difference the foundation makesI always hated worrying that what I had was too orange-y, and now I know it’s not. I find doing it all really easy, and I know I am just more pulled together because of it. I also really, really trust you, so that makes a huge difference. Makeup something I don’t think about any more because I feel so utterly confident about it. ”

— Lynn Walker

“I am just beside myself about my new wardrobe, and cannot thank you enough. It started to hit me when I took my clothes in for tailoring. I looked in the mirrors there, and saw the response on my tailor's face, and knew everything we had chosen was a hit. This morning I had another dose of happy when I put on my teal sweater, belted cream tank, and saw the blue in my eyes just pop! My coworker and students commented as well. I really felt competent and capable of anything that was thrown my way today (and, believe me, it was).

— Diane McKay

“I am grateful for Ginger's help in preparing me for a professional photo-shoot to upgrade my brochure. Although I am out-of-state to where she is based, she made it easy for me to work with her over the phone and internet. We sent photos, emails and had phone conversations that met my time frames. 

Ginger began with listening to what I wanted to achieve and what ideas I had so far. She has a lovely way of giving feedback and suggestions in which I felt acknowledged for what I was already doing "right" and supported into more of what I wanted for myself. 

She called my attention to things I was not particularly noticing and made many seemingly subtle suggestions that added up to a very improved look -- genuine and professional -- for my first professionally done brochure. She helped me to make good use of my photographer and end up with professional photos that will serve me for not only my brochure, but for other marketing communications. 

I highly recommend Ginger's instincts and gracious style -- it's clear that she is doing something that she loves!”

— Bonnie Petrovich, M.Ed., CPC, Executive Coach & Career Consultant

“Your free teleclass last month where you talked about what item not to buy (separates) really changed the way I shop for clothes. Thanks for that!”

— Angela Sivers

“I have to share a story! I work with middle school students. It has become a common topic in my classes that I always wear clothes that make my eyes stand out. Kids talk about it all the time! They approve. Who knew kids would be the ones noticing!”

— Agnes Gallant

“Yesterday I got so many compliments I lost count. Totally amazing! But then, today, I wore my standard black pants, and a green jacket, something I have worn countless times, but underneath the jacket I wore the fushia tank top I bought last week (remember it?). Well, what was strange was all day I got lots of compliments on my jacket! Everyone kept saying, "great jacket!". Very funny and interesting, I thought. I have had that jacket over a year now and worn it a lot, and no one ever commented on it before! Thanks!!!!”

Ellie Chatto

“Wow, you are really good on the colors. I bought this scarf before I had my colors in hand - I checked against my color palate and you are completely right there is too much purple for me. Your comments are always on target and so tactful! Very impressive. I will look for something along the lines of your suggestion and promise never to go shopping without my colors in hand.”

— Lynn Wilkinson

“I love Ginger. The first word that comes to mind when I think of her is integrity. She is also smart, funny, generous and really good at what she does -- which is to make women feel great about themselves. Who would not want that? 

I learned that burgundy is a great color for me, that I look better when my clothes are not HUGE, that shimmery and ruffly things actually look good on me (who would have thought)? Ginger taught me how to wear more natural looking make-up, what length/style skirts look good on me and how to tie scarves. 

Whether you are doing a workshop, a weekend or a shopping trip with her you will feel accepted and learn something about yourself. Ginger is wise and gentle. She never shoves her vision down your throat but very gently and lovingly leads you to seeing things. Ginger has a great eye. 

Even if you know what you like and don't want someone telling you what to wear, if you are even a mite curious about what Ginger does I urge you to jump in and try out one of her services; you won't be sorry. She will not dictate anything to you. It all comes from inside and that is the great thing. 

Ginger approaches every client with respect for the individual that he or she is. If you have any clothes in your closet that you don't wear, if you ever wanted to expand your wardrobe, if you want to learn how to wear scarves, make-up, or jewelry…if you ever felt you had "nothing to wear" or envied someone else's style, do yourself a favor and let Ginger into your life. You will be really glad you did.”

— Leora T.

“I rely on the "Who Taught You How To Dress?" on-line forum so much for my growth, and it has been a great experience for me! I like to track and reinforce my growth throughout the WTYHTD? Program. So, looking back I found a really good discussion that I missed (because I got my home study program after May) on "How's your spring wardrobe shaping up?" Some of the topics included suggestions for a "second skin," buying warm scarves to wear from a contact in Lexington, (by the way, are the warm scarves for sale all year round?) and Karen Jones' questions about jackets for the warmer weather and wearing stockings versus bare legs. 

I want others (especially new people coming in) to know how valuable this tool is if they use it and you are the perfect person to let them know that.”

— Michelle G., Watertown

“Thank you so much for a fabulous shopping experience. I had a wonderful time and you were so helpful. I can’t wait until we do this again! It was an entirely new experience to be shopping with a professional. I feel like I was making educated and valuable purchases rather than wasting money on items that I didn’t look good in and that I would never wear again.”

— Lisa Macchi

“The other day, I went to a wake (I know, not exactly a place where one feels good) and a friend of my cousin's whom I hadn't seen in a long time said 'you look great', she said it in such an authentic way, I knew she wasn't just saying it to have something to say. I graciously said thank you to her, but inwardly, I thought 'she's right, I do!' Because I have been spending more time with my hair and make up AND clothes to look great and that helps me feel great! I want to say that because of you I am absolutely moving from feeling frumpy, boring and dull to energetic, fun and beautiful!”

— Kim Raymond

“I have been very blessed by your patient guidance and support. My closet is now full of beautiful, cute and lots of red (!!) clothing and accessories. I am a different woman now, dressing more consciously and living more authentically (impish, vibrant, perspicacious, and generous). Thank you for being there and being part of my journey and empowering your clients with your enthusiasm and infectious confidence, reassurance AND commitment to all things beautiful!”

— Michelle G., Watertown

“I matched my colors that you did for me to pantone shades and gave them to my website designer (pink, green and silver) so I'm not surprised the colors work. :) And I also kept your words for me in mind with the branding. See how you've influenced me personally AND in business?”

“I have been using your mantra of 'more and more I feel...' and it is so empowering. Saying I am beautiful wasn't working for me but the more and more I feel beautiful, powerful, etc. is absolutely working AND happening! Woohoo.”

— Kim Raymond

“If you long to feel deeply satisfied with your personal style, to create a polished image that insures professional success, or to simply feel terrific about the way you look, I can't think of anyone more qualified to support you than Ginger Burr. She's a wealth of knowledge, gracious and sensitive in her approach, and uniquely qualified to help you align your inner and outer beauty – the real secret to success!”

— Cheryl Richardson, New York Times #1 Best-Selling Author

“I want to share with you the wedding dress I chose for myself. Imagine, this was my first bridal store and second dress that I tried on and success! Because of you, clothing decisions are coming easier and easier! Thank you!”

Kim Raymond

“This is the best day EVER! ”

— Lisa Macchi, (about the Totally You workshop)

“Thank you so much for all of your help. Not only do you work magic in helping me choose really awesome clothes, but you are also a wonderfully affirming person. I haven't had that much fun in a long time, and I love my new clothes and shoes!

— Sara Schnorr

“I just wanted to tell you that color analysis one of my favorite things I’ve ever done for myself! I have had so many ‘Aha!’ moments since I got the palette – some pleasant surprises as well as some of my hunches validated. Also, now that I can visualize THIS many different shades and tints of blue-green, I can understand why, in the past, some garments have ‘worked’ and others haven’t, when I perceived them to be the same color. Thank you! ”

— Allyson Miller Fennell

“When you did my color chart and told me purple was one of my best colors, I initially thought you were crazy :). However I followed your advice and bought some tops in purple, now it is one of my favorite colors. I have tops and jewelry that have purple in them and wear them more then anything else. So if anyone asks me about your advice I am certainly one believer in the help you give. Thanks so much.”

— Louise

“I keep thinking about why I love you -- it's because you've taken away the horror of shopping. I hate shopping. I love clothes and looking nice, but once I am in a store, I become completely overwhelmed. Colors, textures, styles -- it is all too much. You make the process so easy. Thank you!”

“I just wanted to thank you and tell you how much I appreciate your talent and what fun it is shopping with you. I am so excited about the new path I'm on. I LOVE the things we bought yesterday and can't wait to wear them. All items are starting to work together, and it's really exciting. (The pretty blue sweater with sort of little bows all down the front with the brown button goes beautifully over the top I bought at Infinity/Snake Skins.) It's such fun and educational doing this with you, and I look forward to much more in the future.”

— Roxanne Volpe

“I’ve been meaning to write to you and let you know that every day I get so many compliments on how I look. You gave me the tools to put it all together, and I am very grateful. This season I purchased many new clothes and before I had a closet filled with clothes of "nothing to wear" now I have a closet filled with clothes, but I can't decide what to wear because I have so many favorites. ”

— Celeste Steele

“Ginger is a business woman's secret weapon! I feel terrific about the way I look, and she helped me save money, precious time and avoid lots of aggravation!”

— Cheryl Richardson, 
New York Times #1 Best-Selling Author

“I listened to your "Art of Joyful Living" radio interview and got inspired to get your home study program. I feel that you do an incredible job at your work and provide information that goes way beyond the superficial aspects of dressing. You address the real issues, are very motivating and always have new information to share.”

— Carol Takvorian

“I just wanted to say how much I am enjoying the calls. This month's with Ginger was particularly right for me. I had an Ah-ha! moment when she was talking about the power of childhood messages. I always remembered the messages (two in particular, both from my Dad) but I have never, until now, connected them with how I dress and wear my hair. It really brought me up short. I have much to think about now and a pretty frock to buy; oh and my hair to grow.”

— Susan from UK

“I really enjoyed the teleclass with Ginger today. After speaking with you both on the line, I went and quickly changed into my orange t-shirt with the nice v-neck and enjoyed the rest of the class sitting up a little taller. I have felt better all day. The session was filled with good reminders for me to apply to my life during this transition time. It helped me to remember that although I may not know what I will do next, I can identify a number of intentions that will make my daily life happier and help me to trust that I am uncovering my new purpose in right-time.”

— Katie C. Vincent

“Thanks for everything. In only five sessions I have gained so much useful information, not to mention so many great clothes! But even if I hadn't purchased one item, it is really the education you offer that is priceless. Looking back I think the "curriculum" we put together was perfect: sorting out my colors, establishing my "fit formula," going custom, detailed wardrobe consultation, and finishing up with a more typical shopping session. I'm sure everyone is different, but this was perfect for me. Such a small investment for information that I will use for the rest of my life!”

— S.S.

“I really enjoy reading your Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered article. It's so helpful to have an idea of what is in and out so I can pick from my closet and at least nod in the general direction of popular trends. Your tips for how to make it work are wonderful and thanks to your creation of my color palette, when the fall clothes came out this year I knew instantly that the deep reds, purples, olives, and browns were all mine! It was very encouraging.”

“Working with you is like an addiction! It’s such fun and I just love all the things I learn. By the way, in searching for new wardrobe pieces, along with my color swatches, I think ‘what would Ginger say’ and it helps me make a decision!”

— Roxanne Volpe

“I had a great time at the Totally You workshop. The whole exercise was fun and quite the eye-opener for me...I just never realized how much we communicate of ourselves to perfect strangers both explicitly and subconsciously through how we dress and how dressing in harmony with your personality makes you look good. It’s such a simple yet powerful concept. I always thought body shape and size determine what kind of styles/clothes look good on people and I never understood why some clothes look so wrong on me. Now it makes so much sense!”

— Sheba Alexander

“Working with Ginger is nothing short of amazing. I wanted to change my wardrobe so I would feel fabulous and comfortable, express my own authentic style, and 'dress to impress' in support of my professional ambitions. The results I've achieved with Ginger wildly surpassed my expectations and I am quite confident I could not have done it without her. First, we pared my wardrobe down to clothes that were truly flattering, comfortable, and in-line with my personality and intentions. Ginger was incredibly astute at recognizing my unique style and what would work for me. I felt very empowered by her feedback and vision. We developed a shopping list and shopped together to fill out my wardrobe with clothing that makes me feel empowered, attractive, comfortable, and "me". Ginger is amazing to shop with. Her knowledge, experience, and relationships made navigating the stores a breeze; she was constructive, supportive, and encouraging; and she offered clear guidance and opinions to make sure we made the best selections. She was also just a pleasure to spend time with and treated everyone we encountered with the utmost professonal courtesy and respect. I feel like a whole new person. Or, rather, I feel like I am finally dressing as I have always wanted to, and feel fabulous in my own skin and in the world.”

— Lily

“Me and my color palette hit the road yesterday! It was an amazing experience. No matter what I tried on…everything looked phenomenal. And, I was wearing the orange lip color you recommended. It went with everything, no matter what the color! As I tried on each item and looked in the dressing room mirror, all I could say was 'OH, my-god!'”

— Gerri Travali

“I need to let you know what an incredible impact you had on my developing a new business of my own. You may remember that I got rid of multiple bags of clothing, and we then went shopping for an hour at Burlington Mall. I have repeated my experience many, many times to friends and business associates. It was clear to me that I could hear what you were saying--an "outside professional was giving me advice about what to keep and what to toss and it felt sooooo liberating. It inspired me to treat all of my possessions with the same objectivity – do I need it, do I use it, I can only purchase something to replace something – and the old goes out.”

“In addition to helping me find fabulous things, you have enabled me actually to shop by myself and not get turned off. I tried it in a small session on Monday and felt much better about it and had some idea what to look for. You even made a hit with my daughters. They loved everything. Thanks so much! You were terrific!”

— Pam Berman

“Thank you for your encouragement, and for your professional wisdom yesterday. It feels great to have a couple of pieces in mind to complete some outfits, and to get your "take" on what I have. I can get to about 80% of where I want to be, wardrobe-wise, but it takes you to get me to 100%. I think it's well worth your fee every so often! I like to look forward to getting dressed, and feeling confident all day in how I appear. I also am pleased that right now you know my wardrobe, body, and life, so your suggestions are very specific and realistic.”

— N.K.

“I love my new look, as does my husband. Can’t say that I do the entire program daily but overall, what a lift! I also want to tell you, too, how very impressed I am with who you are as a person – for your acceptance of others including but clearly not limited to your clients, for your laidback approach to sales, and for your easygoing nature in terms of meeting me where I am and what I need to make it all work for me. You're a gem!”

— Julie

“You have a remarkable gift for making this whole process feel manageable and even (uh-oh, now I really must mean it, since I'm putting in writing) FUN!”

“The workshop was fascinating! I can see why you love what you do. The insight gained by each person is almost magical!”

— Nancy Mirtle

“I had such a fun time shopping with you yesterday. You have such wonderful taste, provide great advice and make the process so easy. I look forward to more shopping trips with you!”

— Kristen Grossman

“I wore the skirt recently to a Mount Holyoke function (I think you are an MHC alum, if I remember correctly) and I received loads of compliments at every turn. Thank you again for your time, and for being so easy to work with. Purchasing clothing can be trying for everyone, I’m sure, but you made it fun and your suggestions made me feel like I had "power and choice in dressing. Normally I feel like generic manufacturers were dressing me and I had to fit to their standards, but I think my experience with you helped widen my horizons. Thank you!”

— Elisabeth Holmes

“Prior to my experiences with Ginger, I thought 'image consulting' would mean a loss of identity. Nothing can be further from the truth. In fact, I now have more identity within my corporate world because I choose to look my best. I am thrilled with the results of her consultations and encourage all my business associates to seek out her services. We even hired Ginger for our entire Corporate Real Estate group to define 'business casual.' Thank you, Ginger!”

— Jennifer W. Oliver, Sr. Director of Corporate Real Estate Planning, Fidelity Investments

“What a wonderful event! We cannot thank you enough for your time and sharing your tips and expertise with our 130 guests. The feedback has been great with many inquiring when the next event will be! It was truly a pleasure to work with you.”

Nicole Fernandez, Assistant Director, Office of Alumni Relations, Bentley College

“Excellent program at Andover Bank. As the Sales Officer, I always like to make a presence at training sessions so that I hear the information first hand. Your class had just the right amount of information as well as comfort level with all the members of the group. Your suggestions were terrific, and the before and after excerpts were full of impact. In my travels throughout the bank branches, I hear individuals remarking on how great it was.”

Brenda Tecce, Sales Officer, Andover Bank

“I had the awesome opportunity to spend a full day and a half with the owner of Total Image Consultants, Ginger Burr. I work with Ginger because I so value Ginger's inner and outer approach to developing your own unique style. Ginger never directs you to what you "should" be wearing but she has an entire process she has created that supports you in discovering your "inner words" and they then become beacons of energy to guide you in not only finding clothing that looks good, but is a true expression of who you are. I highly recommend that everyone check out her services (especially an extremely affordable workshop she has coming up soon). ”

— Heather Dominick – www.energyrichcoach.com

“Our front line tellers and customer service representatives participated in a 2 hour workshop that highlighted the importance of professional attire, color, and hairstyle. Ginger's presentation was very interactive and she really made our employees feel comfortable asking questions. She also was wonderful at addressing the concerns of our younger employees. In particular, 'How to dress business-like without selecting clothes that make younger employees feel as if they are dressed like 'middle aged' women.' When Ginger finished her presentation, our employees had a much better understanding of what to shop for, where to shop, and how to determine what looks good on them. Our employees who attended Ginger's session have definitely polished their appearance.”

Sandy Saltamartini, Assistant Vice President/Manager of Training & Development, Andover Bank

“As a woman in the workplace, I found your seminar to be invaluable. In a surprisingly short amount of time, you provided me with rules and recommendations that helped me tremendously. Now, with the lessons you shared, clothing not only looks better on me, but I have a wardrobe and accessories that give me a feeling of confidence and security. Best of all, your tips inspired me to experiment on my own. The lessons truly enhanced the way I look at myself - and my new-found confidence has allowed others to see me differently, too! I truly feel and look my absolute best. Thank you!”

— Nicole Palombo, CPS/CAP, Certification Chair, IAAP Greater Boston Chapter

“I am 100% further along in creating my wardrobe now than I was before I started working with Ginger.”

— Tammy Gooler-Loeb

“I knew I would get something out of working with you - I didn't expect to gain as much as I am though. I never realized how much it would help my internal state of mind. That has been the biggest surprise. I am more comfortable approaching people....because I *know* I look good, and appropriate, and elegant and classy. I still don't feel 100% confident, but the change I have seen in just these few months is pretty significant. And I love the way the my inner beauty words work....I didn't really understand that in the beginning, but now that I really get it I see how important they are. When I am wearing things we picked out I carry myself better and radiate more confidence. I want to pull that energy through everything and every occasion. Thank you! ”

— Stacey Williams

“Thank you again for the shopping sessions. I never would have done such a good job myself, even if I went shopping 10 weeks in a row! ”

— Carol Takvorian

“I am so thrilled with everything we got on Saturday! I went home and completely cleaned out my closet and even though it is much more bare, I know that everything in it works for me and that is such a huge burden lifted. When I got home, I tried all my new clothes on for Matt and he was blown away (he especially liked the tone-on-tone combinations) and kept telling me how elegant I looked. I also continued the shopping spree at Zappos (need to get some good wedges and nude heels) and Nordstroms (more NYDJ in white) so the mailman is going to get quite a workout this week.

Thank you so MUCH. I can't tell you how much more confident I feel and excited I am to get dressed in the morning. Saturday was our first, but certainly not our last shopping trip together!

— Robyn Bolton

“The group shopping trip to The Studio with you was fantastic and has helped me to gain more confidence to put outfits together. I look forward to joining another one of your shopping trips in the future.

Thanks for all that you do. I'm grateful to you for giving me the knowledge, support and confidence to build a wardrobe that is authentic to me.

Last Sunday, I put outfits together for the week. So, when I woke each day - I did not have to think about what to wear and what would look good together. It was a relief and fun. My boss (who is a woman) noticed my new outfits. She said you have been looking good and today you are looking hot. It's due to the fact that I am wearing clothes that are more fitted and not my usual baggy clothes. Thanks again - Haven't had this much fun with clothes since my early teens.

— Jenn Croke

“From the first moments of our first conversation I knew that I would work with you. At the time, I was completely disconnected from any sense of personal style. After years of practically living in yoga and workout clothes, I didn't know what my style was anymore and didn't know where to begin. You heard me, you understood my state of confusion and you honored my values. I knew that I was in excellent hands.

What I didn't expect was that your process would go so deep in helping me discover how I want to show up in the world; who I want to tell the world I am. Gaining that clarity, combined with the practicals of colors and proportion, shifted my confidence, my energy and my attitude about my personal image. I think what is perhaps the most fun for me is that now, when I'm packing for a business trip, I only have difficulty deciding what to bring because I love my clothes so much I want to bring them all! Thank you, Ginger, for reawakening my expressive self! ”

— AnnMarie Roth, NTS, www.nourishyourpurpose.com

“When you begin to dress like yourself you can’t live any part of your life NOT like yourself. Working with your inner beauty words is very powerful and contributes to many positive changes beyond your wardrobe.”

— Jennifer, Germany

“I think most women are so frustrated getting dressed up that they go into denial and say that it doesn't matter, but it does. Your system with the words and colors really works. I just can't believe how it's transformed my entire wardrobe and experience dressing. It really is a pleasure to get dressed now. I'm getting compliments on my everyday outfits as well as my exercise outfits. It feels good to "win" at the dressing up successfully game. ”

— Carol Takvorian

“I have several friends who are considering going vegan and have turned to me for advice (as a 30-year vegetarian leaning towards vegan), and I always point them to your website, radio show, etc. for guidance. They LOVE you. Your most recent newsletter about vegan fashion was perfectly timed as well, as several people had just asked me about it. Thank you for everything you do! ”

— Devra Weiss

“Ginger, I just want to thank you again. The tips I learned on our shopping trip combined with my ideal color palette has enabled me to really shop with confidence!”

— Billie Daskowski

“I recently went shopping and I remembered your tips. I used the color palette you created and came out with a couple of nice outfits that I wouldn't have originally bought before. The after effects of the workshop I took with you are still going and I am much more confident when making a purchase. ”

— Lisa Macchi

“Thanks for giving me the skills to put together a great weekend outfit this morning including the amazing earrings I just got from Karen at Jewelry by Karel. Too much fun!!”

— Diane McKay

“You helped me so much when you reminded me of my 4 inner beauty words that describe me and the kind of clothes I want to wear. I did check out Lorraine's and Lord and Taylor and then went back to the dress I bought at Nordstrom and tried it on again to see if it matched my words and it did, so I wore and was so comfortable and elated with how I looked for my wedding. Thanks again.”

— Lisa Jacobs

“Ginger, I wanted to share some news that results from the investment I made when I first started working with you: I have a new job--one that I wouldn't have gotten without the personal growth that came from thinking about clothes, and identity, and how I wanted to put myself out in the world. By making the investment in good clothes for myself, I was really sending an internal message that I was valued, and that in turn shaped how I set a professional path to work with a remarkable group of women.

For my first interview I wore a dress and shrug from Max Mara (bought on sale and where I was smart enough to buy the matching sweater on the spot, even though it wasn't). I've gotten so much value out of that one dress! Dare I say, it was sagacious and poetic. This summer, in the casual realm, I also found myself in a deep blue top and turquoise shorts, and green shorts and a blue shirt—the shorts were actually a steal from, of all places, Kohls. (Who knew?).

The big change for me in this new job is that I'm going to have to be dressed for work 5 days a week, rather than just 2 or 3, but I'm already thinking of what I'll invest in and how to build on what I have.

I remember you said more than once that this would be a slow process, and sometimes that frustrated me, but it's really unfolded just the right way, and I have stronger shopping skills and a better sense of myself to make me more comfortable in my new realm.

Thank you!

— L.V., higher ed in Cambridge

“Yesterday we had friends over. I looked fantastic and felt so beautiful! I am really excited about our work together.”

— Jennifer Emerson, Germany

“After my shopping trip with Ginger, I was telling my husband that Ginger is so good at what she does. She is so naturally non-judgmental. It’s incredible because in an area where so many women (including myself) are so judgmental about ourselves, to have that energy of complete support and non-judgment is priceless to bring that into shopping.”

— Heather Dominick www.energyrichcoach.com

“I LOVE my Fashion Fit Formula. Shortly after my appointment with you, I pulled two tops out of my Goodwill bag, got them properly tailored and now they are back in active rotation. One of them had originally been long-sleeved, but the sleeves had shrunk in the wash to an awkward length. The other was a peasant-style blouse in a gorgeous color and print that I never wore because it made me look dumpy. I had the sleeves for both blouses altered to the correct 3/4 length and I am so happy with the results! I think every woman has a few items in her closet that she really wants to love but can't figure out why they just don't work for her. The right tailoring makes all the difference in the world! ”

— Karla Lang

“Seriously, I wouldn't have noticed the dress I just bought or known to buy it before my color palette and wardrobe sessions with you.”

— Jill Cote

“Ginger has shown me, not only how to dress in the best ways for me, but also how to be truer to myself. She has an extraordinary ability to see deeply into her clients and--gently--show each of us how to let our own, unique qualities shine forth.”

— Amanda Sobel

“Thank you for the trip to Infinity Boutique and your wonderful guidance. Not only am I enjoying the outfits, but I’m basking in a feeling of ‘put-together-ness.’ My inner radiance is starting to re-surface. Thank you again for your encouragement and support. You are a blessing. ”

— Robin O’Brien

“I am spending less time and money on things that are wrong, and more time just learning how to consider better possibilities, and am taking the time to try things on at the store. I then try them on again at home and have become a Ruthless Returner. If it’s not perfect, it’s clutter and it’s out the door before it gets hanger space. This feels fresh and light. I really really like it. ”

— Karen Katzen Pandolfi

“Last night I attended a going away party in downtown Boston. During the course of the evening, I was called upon to make an impromptu speech. The fact that I was able to casually walk to the front of the room, get up on the platform, take the microphone, and comfortably talk and get people laughing and clapping is due in no small part to the work I've done with you. Thank you. ”

— Bobbi

“Thank you, Ginger, for expanding you offerings to fit our needs, and thank you for the reminders about cruelty-free clothing.... at least I'm aware of what I'm doing now, and in ways I wasn't before.”

— L.C.

“This process has been wonderful so far... from the first phone contact up to the present! I feel such an expanded awareness about the details of my appearance... and it feels very authentic. I am loving it! On my way to my parent's home tonight, I stopped at Macy's and returned the white skirt, and I feel a renewed sense of excitement to continue my closet purging with our exercises today confirming some of my gut feelings about particular items of clothing not quite working for me. I am very excited about our upcoming shopping trip and receiving my personal palette. Thank you for your enthusiastic expertise and your genuine personality. ”

— Stephanie S.

“I'm so glad I decided to sign up for your program. I could not have gotten the results I am getting on my own. Today I have on the St. John white jacket we got at the consignment shop. And I feel professional, successful, and pretty. Thanks so much, Ginger. ”

— Stacey Williams

“Here are the Top 5 Things I loved about being a part of Ginger's group shopping trip:
1. Spending time with Ginger - she rocks, and is so supportive
2. Picked up some great fashion tips & ideas regarding color and style
3. Felt pretty in the dressing room (can't remember the last time that happened)
4. Left the store, with a complete new wardrobe for my new job - Stress Free!
5. I now look forward to getting dressed in the morning, and smile as I head out the door to the office :-)

— Kelley Biederman

“Getting my color palette and my 4 inner beauty words has made clothes shopping an entirely different experience. It's no longer an open-ended, overwhelming, frustrating, hit or miss experience each time I go to the store. I'm understanding that the colors, the 4 words and my specific needs are the parameters for each shopping experience, and these allow me to be focused. ”

— Carol Takvorian

“I want to share that over Thanksgiving I bought a new winter jacket, and used my color palette to select the one in the turquoise range. At least a half dozen people have commented what a great color it is on me, including some people I hardly know. Making casual human connections is so important, and to make them over color underscores some of the positive ripple effects of your work. The palette has made shopping SO much easier, which is exactly what I'd hoped for. Thank you for being so good at what you do! ”

— Melissa W.

“Working with you was some of the best money I’ve ever spent!”

— Lorena Prime, www.clearlyorganizedlife.com

“I was recently invited to the White House to see the holiday decorations. It was such a delight to know that I had the perfect outfit already in my closet as a result of our shopping together. There was no stressing. I just went and had a fabulous time!”

— Tammy Gooler-Loeb, http://www.tammygoolerloeb.com/

“Ginger, I had to share this story with you after our shopping day…

I went and picked up the magenta dress from Bloomingdale’s, and even though it probably needs a little tightening in the back I decided it was good enough to go for the moment, and I love it, so I wore it on a date tonight.

I had on full makeup, smokey eyes (which I rarely do), the “Ginger” necklace, the green dress and my LV bag. Inside I felt gorgeous and like 'one of the rich and beautiful'.

I step off the elevator and there were two ~20ish year old boys sitting on a couch. One was playing a game on his phone and the other was just sitting looking lost in space. As I walk by I see him glance up at me and his jaw literally drops.....he whispers 'Holy Sh*t' and starts elbowing his friend to look at me! LOL! It felt great.

Then I walk into the hotel bar where I am supposed to meet my date, and an incredibly striking man (one I'd consider out of my league) is walking out from the bar into the lobby....he stops - just briefly but he did - looks at me and gives a big smile. It caught me so off-guard (he was that handsome) that my reflexes to acknowledge him with even a weak smile were slow. If I hadn't been heading to a date I would have surely had a chance to talk to him.

My actual date was a very nice man. I am not sure he is for me, but I AM sure that dress is. I am so excited for you to help me feel like that everyday!!!! ”

— Stacey Williams

“The ‘colors/words/affirmations/buy outfits’ stuff that you talk about and teach really does work. When your clothes reflect your values and inner self I think you radiate a more authentic and consistent impression (maybe I want to use the word image or message, not sure) to the world, and people find this very charismatic. I used to enjoy dressing up, but made many blooper purchases, and then stopped loving my clothes. Now, because of my work with you, I love what I have. Thank you.”

— Carol Takvorian

“You deserve to know the great impact that your advice has had on me. In a nutshell, I've followed up on pretty much all of your advice from when we met last (if I haven't, it's only because I haven't been able to find something specific, but continue to look, and haven't brought things to the tailor because I haven't been able to go yet) and the results have been awesome, as always. I continue to be very grateful that you provide such an amazing service which has been worth every penny.”

— Lisa Adams

“I am learning to only go shopping when I feel patient enough to only buy the right colors. I am a believer now....every time I travel I get compliments from random strangers in the airport.”

— Carla Brecht

“I had a blast shopping with you, and I do not usually describe shopping trips in that fashion! I love having my palette and I so appreciate all the tools you are teaching me. I DID wear my new skirt last night, along with black sandals and the teal print V-neck that I had on yesterday morning. I felt comfortable, stylish, grounded with a sense of openness, and naturally beautiful! I am inspired to apply my previously-sleeping creativity to my appearance-- I am becoming my own work of art and I love both the thought and feeling of that! Bravo! With much gratitude.”

— Stephanie S.

“I wanted to let you know that I am up for a promotion at work (the position is mine if the price is right :-) ! I really think my improved image had A LOT to do with being recognized - so many, many thanks!! ”

— Diane McKay

“I love everything I got and continue to feel very, very appreciative of your guidance. As for the aqua jacket…thank you for the tips! It is a case of stepping outside the box, as I would never, ever have picked it, but I love it and am keeping an open mind and trust your judgment. I have taken it to the tailor for the alterations that we discussed, and can’t wait to wear it. ”

— Lisa Adams

“Thank you for your "10 Steps to Looking Great with Style & Grace” seminar. I can't look at my clothes now without thinking about my style, colors…so much of what I do is just habit or by default. Just listening to you talk about colors and styles really changed my perspective! ”

— Angela Ippolito

“Since we worked together I've had all of that tailoring done that we discussed and have given a lot of clothes away to Salvation Army. My closet looks very different, in a good way. I often refer to the pictures that we took during the wardrobe consultation to help me plan outfits. There's still room for improvement, but I've learned SO MUCH so far! So, thank you again! ”

— Lisa Adams

“I can't tell you how much you've helped me. When I shop I keep thinking, the color and the style must work for me, and I need to love it. This is what I've always wanted to happen with my clothes.

It's interesting how when you buy clothes in your colors that suddenly you can start mixing items you bought on separate occasions together. It’s incredible! Thank you. ”

— Carol Takvorian

“I rushed home from work today because a friend was coming over for dinner. I took off my suit, and threw on a pair of jeans and one of these tops (oh, and some of my new earrings!). I felt so much more pulled together than I ever have when dressed this casually before, and the best part was that it was no harder than wearing any of the dull, ill fitting, unflattering t-shirts that I used to own! Thank you!”

— Kate Terry

“I am now more grounded and confident in how to put things together, and I also know better what questions to ask when I don't know. Your guidance has helped me tremendously!”

— Tammy Gooler-Loeb, http://www.tammygoolerloeb.com/

“Finally – my outward appearance matches my Piquant appeal! Thank you Ginger for all you guidance- while I had style coming in – it did not match my personality. Now there is no question and I look Fabo! You are AMAZING!”

— Lauran Star – www.lauranstar.com

“I'm pleased I've made some major progress with your help. I didn't realize it til I reviewed some old emails and old purchases, and I can see the huge improvements. Also, I feel like I know what works for me and what reflects who I am, so the shopping experience is at a totally different and high end level -- one where I feel I am in control and enjoying the process now. Before working with you, I was floundering and suffering from the same uncertainties and defocused thoughts every time I went shopping. Not the case now -- though plenty of room for continuing improvement.

It takes a lot of focused work and a great teacher to get good at anything. Before, when I went shopping I was looking for things, but I didn't have an objective, so it was always unsatisfying other than the immediate gratification of the moment of purchase. Most items were a disappointment after a few days. When I review my purchases with you, I enjoy them more every time I wear them -- the total opposite of my former modus operandi. Thank you!

— Carol Takvorian

“We just got back on Friday from our trip and it was such a good experience for me clothes-wise, thanks to you and the work we did together. Even though I only brought 4 cardigan sweaters, I felt that I had a new outfit every day between the scarves and the jewelry changing everything up. I’ve never received so many compliments - I’m still getting compliments every day on my jewelry! And I just picked up my new glasses today from the optician, and I love them. Thanks for giving me the confidence and the knowledge to make such a significant change in my lifestyle.”

— Sharon Palmer

“Oh Ginger, I just think this is magical, and the best thing I ever did was read your book, which led me to the ‘Who Taught You How to Dress?’ programme. ”

— Hilary from the UK

“I was telling Ginger how amazing it is to me (and how pleased I am!) by the fact that I actually enjoy shopping now—even when I don’t find anything.  It was always such a struggle before—liking things on the rack, but not liking them on and not really knowing what it was that made them not work.  Having a little more know-how is a really powerful thing and having the ‘Who Taught You How to Dress?” online forum where I can get feedback has, I think, accelerated my progress ten-fold over what it would have been otherwise.”

— Nicole Paull

“You made shopping very comfortable for me...Truth be told, it was really hard for me to confront my body in a 3-way mirror after hiding for decades. It makes me want to renew a commitment to fitness, but instead of coming away from our shopping time discouraged, I feel really good about wearing new things that look so nice (and are -- amazingly -- just as comfortable as the leggings!.I think the ‘Who Taught You How to Dress?’ program also helped me have more compassion for myself. It's all sinking in! Thank YOU! ”

— Ann

“I cannot thank you enough for today. My mother nearly dropped the phone when I told her I spent the day clothes shopping and HAD FUN! Truly, she laughed and laughed and said, “I never ever thought I’d hear you say that, ever.”  Then she laughed and said, “See, miracles do happen!” So funny. In all seriousness this whole process has been absolutely wonderful. You are indeed VERY good at what you do, and you are INDEED quite a GIFT of a person. I am so grateful to have met you.” ”

— Judi, Vermont

“Remember how nervous I was?? Remember how I got into your car that morning close to tears with anxiety?  But you have an incredible way about you that made me feel I could trust you. You are worth every penny. Thank you, Ginger. ”

— Elizabeth from Maryland

“It was by far the most painless case of selecting new eyeglass frames since I became an adult. Your presence and help me gave me soooo much security. ”

— Sally C., Lexington, MA

“Fantastic advice in your article ‘How to Dress to Hide Your Tummy.’ Thank you. I also read your book “That’s So You” and LOVE IT‼! I feel so empowered when I look at catalogues and emails that have dresses/shirts, especially now that I have my color palette. Again, thank you so much.  You have improved my life significantly. ”

— Diane Covino

“Thank you for helping me plan what to wear to the movie premier. Before getting advice from you, I felt uncomfortable about going. Never having been to one, I had no idea what people wore. Thanks to your help, I felt amazing. I could just focus on enjoying the event and not waste time looking around, comparing myself to others and regretting that I hadn’t worn something different. I just wanted you to have an idea of how much your help is appreciated! ”

— Lisa Adams

“I love it when an experience is better than expected! I'm excited to get my color palette and start putting it to work. ”

— Maureen Gonzaga

“Thank you for like the most exquisite shopping day last Saturday. Words cannot describe just how powerful it was for me. Your expertise is truly helping me embody my inner joy. I never dreamed I could feel so much better in clothes meant... just for me. This is such a far cry from a woman whose mother shopped for her in high school, and twin sister thereafter...then taking to wearing my teenage sons clothes! I seriously cannot wait to get dressed today. I cannot imagine not having worked with you!! Thank YOU! ”

— Leah Jacobson


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