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What clients have to say

What clients have to say


Thank you for like the most exquisite shopping day last Saturday. Words cannot describe just how powerful it was for me. Your expertise is truly helping me embody my inner joy. I never dreamed I could feel so much better in clothes meant… just for me. This is such a far cry from a woman whose mother shopped for her in high school, and twin sister thereafter…then taking to wearing my teenage sons clothes! I seriously cannot wait to get dressed today. I cannot imagine not having worked with you!! Thank YOU!

Leah Jacobson

I love it when an experience is better than expected! I’m excited to get my color palette and start putting it to work.

Maureen Gonzaga

Thank you for helping me plan what to wear to the movie premier. Before getting advice from you, I felt uncomfortable about going. Never having been to one, I had no idea what people wore. Thanks to your help, I felt amazing. I could just focus on enjoying the event and not waste time looking around, comparing myself to others and regretting that I hadn’t worn something different. I just wanted you to have an idea of how much your help is appreciated!

Lisa Adams

Fantastic advice in your article ‘How to Dress to Hide Your Tummy.’ Thank you. I also read your book “That’s So You” and LOVE IT‼! I feel so empowered when I look at catalogues and emails that have dresses/shirts, especially now that I have my color palette. Again, thank you so much.  You have improved my life significantly.

Diane Covino

It was by far the most painless case of selecting new eyeglass frames since I became an adult. Your presence and help me gave me soooo much security.

Sally C., Lexington, MA

Remember how nervous I was?? Remember how I got into your car that morning close to tears with anxiety?  But you have an incredible way about you that made me feel I could trust you. You are worth every penny. Thank you, Ginger.

Elizabeth from Maryland

I cannot thank you enough for today. My mother nearly dropped the phone when I told her I spent the day clothes shopping and HAD FUN! Truly, she laughed and laughed and said, “I never ever thought I’d hear you say that, ever.”  Then she laughed and said, “See, miracles do happen!” So funny. In all seriousness this whole process has been absolutely wonderful. You are indeed VERY good at what you do, and you are INDEED quite a GIFT of a person. I am so grateful to have met you.”

Judi, Vermont

You made shopping very comfortable for me…Truth be told, it was really hard for me to confront my body in a 3-way mirror after hiding for decades. It makes me want to renew a commitment to fitness, but instead of coming away from our shopping time discouraged, I feel really good about wearing new things that look so nice (and are — amazingly — just as comfortable as the leggings!.I think the ‘Who Taught You How to Dress?’ program also helped me have more compassion for myself. It’s all sinking in! Thank YOU!


I was telling Ginger how amazing it is to me (and how pleased I am!) by the fact that I actually enjoy shopping now—even when I don’t find anything.  It was always such a struggle before—liking things on the rack, but not liking them on and not really knowing what it was that made them not work.  Having a little more know-how is a really powerful thing and having the ‘Who Taught You How to Dress?” online forum where I can get feedback has, I think, accelerated my progress ten-fold over what it would have been otherwise.

Nicole Paull

Oh Ginger, I just think this is magical, and the best thing I ever did was read your book, which led me to the ‘Who Taught You How to Dress?’ programme.

Hilary from the UK

We just got back on Friday from our trip and it was such a good experience for me clothes-wise, thanks to you and the work we did together. Even though I only brought 4 cardigan sweaters, I felt that I had a new outfit every day between the scarves and the jewelry changing everything up. I’ve never received so many compliments – I’m still getting compliments every day on my jewelry! And I just picked up my new glasses today from the optician, and I love them. Thanks for giving me the confidence and the knowledge to make such a significant change in my lifestyle.

Sharon Palmer

I’m pleased I’ve made some major progress with your help. I didn’t realize it til I reviewed some old emails and old purchases, and I can see the huge improvements. Also, I feel like I know what works for me and what reflects who I am, so the shopping experience is at a totally different and high end level — one where I feel I am in control and enjoying the process now. Before working with you, I was floundering and suffering from the same uncertainties and defocused thoughts every time I went shopping. Not the case now — though plenty of room for continuing improvement. It takes a lot of focused work and a great teacher to get good at anything. Before, when I went shopping I was looking for things, but I didn’t have an objective, so it was always unsatisfying other than the immediate gratification of the moment of purchase. Most items were a disappointment after a few days. When I review my purchases with you, I enjoy them more every time I wear them — the total opposite of my former modus operandi. Thank you!

Carol Takvorian

Finally – my outward appearance matches my Piquant appeal! Thank you Ginger for all you guidance- while I had style coming in – it did not match my personality. Now there is no question and I look Fabo! You are AMAZING!

Lauran Star –

I am now more grounded and confident in how to put things together, and I also know better what questions to ask when I don’t know. Your guidance has helped me tremendously!

Tammy Gooler-Loeb,

I rushed home from work today because a friend was coming over for dinner. I took off my suit, and threw on a pair of jeans and one of these tops (oh, and some of my new earrings!). I felt so much more pulled together than I ever have when dressed this casually before, and the best part was that it was no harder than wearing any of the dull, ill fitting, unflattering t-shirts that I used to own! Thank you!

Kate Terry