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What clients have to say

What clients have to say


The instructional make-up video was amazing! I finally understand how to do my eyes! Thank you!

Susan Jackson

I feel like a new person in my new colors & clothes. I’m so much more confident and don’t feel like I’m living in this shadow world of wearing black all the time. My work with you really has been profoundly important to my journey in self-care and self-love. What a gift!

Beth Platow

Ginger is simply the best! We flew from Austin, TX to Boston, MA for a color analysis session and it was worth every penny! We were looking for someone who has a more customized, personal approach – who would not just tell us what “season” we were. We tried a virtual company online which turned out to be a cookie cutter experience and basically a disaster. Now definitely on a mission, we expanded our search and found Total Image Consultants in Boston. We called, told Ginger that we were due a trip to Boston, and would love to meet with her. She was just wonderful in all ways – accommodating, knowledgeable, experienced, thorough, gracious, and fun. We are delighted with our new color palettes which make perfect sense. We felt like we were in the presence of an artist and true professional.

Jan and Steve from Texas

Thanks to your help, I now have a good casual/walking capsule wardrobe. I bought quite a few items you suggested. I only need another pair of shorts or skort to have for the hotter weather. It has been a pleasure to get dressed in the morning. I love the simplicity of the limited color palette and how everything works together. It is so nice to not stress about not having anything to wear when taking the dog for a walk. In addition, I look really put together and that increases my self worth and confidence.. :o) I plan to create a capsule wardrobe for more dressy events. The class and shopping help have been amazing.

Jennifer from Massachusetts

I have been following Ginger for the past couple of years and learned a lot about my wardrobe, creating balanced outfits and colors from reading her book and watching her YouTube videos.

Lianna from California

Yesterday, I went to pick up a belt I’d ordered from a local designer and when I came in the door she complimented me on my outfit, claiming she would look forward to seeing me because I would always wear great outfits (her atelier is around the corner from where I live). So, I really have to forward that compliment to you, Ginger! Without first your book and then your courses and Facebook advice I would probably still be where a seminar trainer once “comforted” me by saying “nobody expects IT people to dress well” (which actually started my journey towards style. So maybe I’ll have to thank him as well 😉

Jen from Switzerland

I wore the new black and gray corduroy topper from W.O.W. to and from the video shoot today. Everyone I saw remarked on how great it was! I am so glad we found it! I also got a big wow from the crew for both on-camera outfits. Most of all, I felt comfortable in front of the cameras and had a great time!

Rochelle Seltzer

I spent the day yesterday doing the photos for you. When I finished, I put together an outfit and was shocked when everything came together so quickly and nicely! I put that pink sweater you liked with a scarf, something I would have not done before. Also, I had picked up some silver “button” earrings and looked in the mirror and said “Wow, who knew that would look good? Uh… Ginger!” I smiled, chuckled to myself, and went out the door feeling good (and grateful) in my newly created outfit. What a wonderful experience!

Lori from California

The palette arrived! I LOVE the colors and I was delighted that I am wearing an olive green today that exactly matches one of the swatches … a color I hardly ever wear. No more pastels! I wish I had done this years ago … I can really already see where it brings focus, interchangeability and less expense to a wardrobe. So valuable!

Lisa from Colorado

I am such a fan of Ginger Burr! Not only is she one of the sweetest people around, she sure knows all about style. I’ve taken several of her classes as well as had a private color analysis (which was the best fashion money I’ve ever spent. Seriously). Ginger’s classes are inclusive of all ages, body types, and tastes. Classes and consultations with her are valuable for women who are just beginning to take interest in their style as well as for women who just want to take their already well-honed wardrobes up a notch. Highly recommend!

Maggie Lewis

I love these ‘Front Porch Catwalk’ videos and every one of them teaches me something new!!!

Pamela Pettler