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What clients have to say

What clients have to say


I’m so glad I decided to sign up for your program. I could not have gotten the results I am getting on my own. Today I have on the St. John white jacket we got at the consignment shop. And I feel professional, successful, and pretty. Thanks so much, Ginger.

Stacey Williams

This process has been wonderful so far… from the first phone contact up to the present! I feel such an expanded awareness about the details of my appearance… and it feels very authentic. I am loving it! On my way to my parent’s home tonight, I stopped at Macy’s and returned the white skirt, and I feel a renewed sense of excitement to continue my closet purging with our exercises today confirming some of my gut feelings about particular items of clothing not quite working for me. I am very excited about our upcoming shopping trip and receiving my personal palette. Thank you for your enthusiastic expertise and your genuine personality.

Stephanie S.

Thank you, Ginger, for expanding you offerings to fit our needs, and thank you for the reminders about cruelty-free clothing…. at least I’m aware of what I’m doing now, and in ways I wasn’t before.


Last night I attended a going away party in downtown Boston. During the course of the evening, I was called upon to make an impromptu speech. The fact that I was able to casually walk to the front of the room, get up on the platform, take the microphone, and comfortably talk and get people laughing and clapping is due in no small part to the work I’ve done with you. Thank you.


I am spending less time and money on things that are wrong, and more time just learning how to consider better possibilities, and am taking the time to try things on at the store. I then try them on again at home and have become a Ruthless Returner. If it’s not perfect, it’s clutter and it’s out the door before it gets hanger space. This feels fresh and light. I really really like it.

Karen Katzen Pandolfi

Thank you for the trip to Infinity Boutique and your wonderful guidance. Not only am I enjoying the outfits, but I’m basking in a feeling of ‘put-together-ness.’ My inner radiance is starting to re-surface. Thank you again for your encouragement and support. You are a blessing.

Robin O’Brien

Ginger has shown me, not only how to dress in the best ways for me, but also how to be truer to myself. She has an extraordinary ability to see deeply into her clients and–gently–show each of us how to let our own, unique qualities shine forth.

Amanda Sobel

Seriously, I wouldn’t have noticed the dress I just bought or known to buy it before my color palette and wardrobe sessions with you.

Jill Cote

I LOVE my Fashion Fit Formula. Shortly after my appointment with you, I pulled two tops out of my Goodwill bag, got them properly tailored and now they are back in active rotation. One of them had originally been long-sleeved, but the sleeves had shrunk in the wash to an awkward length. The other was a peasant-style blouse in a gorgeous color and print that I never wore because it made me look dumpy. I had the sleeves for both blouses altered to the correct 3/4 length and I am so happy with the results! I think every woman has a few items in her closet that she really wants to love but can’t figure out why they just don’t work for her. The right tailoring makes all the difference in the world!

Karla Lang

After my shopping trip with Ginger, I was telling my husband that Ginger is so good at what she does. She is so naturally non-judgmental. It’s incredible because in an area where so many women (including myself) are so judgmental about ourselves, to have that energy of complete support and non-judgment is priceless to bring that into shopping.

Heather Dominick

Yesterday we had friends over. I looked fantastic and felt so beautiful! I am really excited about our work together.

Jennifer Emerson, Germany

Ginger, I wanted to share some news that results from the investment I made when I first started working with you: I have a new job–one that I wouldn’t have gotten without the personal growth that came from thinking about clothes, and identity, and how I wanted to put myself out in the world. By making the investment in good clothes for myself, I was really sending an internal message that I was valued, and that in turn shaped how I set a professional path to work with a remarkable group of women. For my first interview I wore a dress and shrug from Max Mara (bought on sale and where I was smart enough to buy the matching sweater on the spot, even though it wasn’t). I’ve gotten so much value out of that one dress! Dare I say, it was sagacious and poetic. This summer, in the casual realm, I also found myself in a deep blue top and turquoise shorts, and green shorts and a blue shirt—the shorts were actually a steal from, of all places, Kohls. (Who knew?). The big change for me in this new job is that I’m going to have to be dressed for work 5 days a week, rather than just 2 or 3, but I’m already thinking of what I’ll invest in and how to build on what I have. I remember you said more than once that this would be a slow process, and sometimes that frustrated me, but it’s really unfolded just the right way, and I have stronger shopping skills and a better sense of myself to make me more comfortable in my new realm. Thank you!

L.V., higher ed in Cambridge

You helped me so much when you reminded me of my 4 inner beauty words that describe me and the kind of clothes I want to wear. I did check out Lorraine’s and Lord and Taylor and then went back to the dress I bought at Nordstrom and tried it on again to see if it matched my words and it did, so I wore and was so comfortable and elated with how I looked for my wedding. Thanks again.

Lisa Jacobs

Thanks for giving me the skills to put together a great weekend outfit this morning including the amazing earrings I just got from Karen at Jewelry by Karel. Too much fun!!

Diane McKay

I recently went shopping and I remembered your tips. I used the color palette you created and came out with a couple of nice outfits that I wouldn’t have originally bought before. The after effects of the workshop I took with you are still going and I am much more confident when making a purchase.

Lisa Macchi