Vegan Handbags: Where Style Meets Compassion #fb

August 3, 2009

Most women carry a handbag every day. Let me rephrase that. Most women carry the same handbag every day — often viewing it as purely functional. While it obviously carries their possessions (sometimes to an extreme), it also (knowingly or unknowingly) makes a fashion statement. The question is what statement is it making, and is it the one you want it to make?

Vegan women take this question very seriously. They not only want their handbag to be stylish and project their personality, they also want it to be a statement of compassion and not one of animal suffering. That’s the ultimate message behind vegan fashion. The good news? Style and compassion can co-exist!

With every passing day vegan fashion is gaining in popularity. This is evidenced by the fact that cruelty-free fashions are exploding onto the fashion scene. While non-vegan shoppers might not notice, those of us looking for fashionable vegan options are amazed at the variety of choices now available versus even a year or two ago. In a relatively short amount of time, stylish vegan handbags have gone from virtually non-existent to almost commonplace. It is also true that many non-vegans are carrying vegan handbags simply because they are beautiful (the compassion aspect will come with time). In the meantime, the growth is awe-inspiring and exciting.

With the average woman owning 35 pairs of shoes and 8 handbags, these are obviously accessories we cannot and will not do without. Not all that long ago, many women, who would otherwise seriously have consider going vegan, did not simply because the handbag and shoe choices were so sparse. Those who were just paying lip service to becoming a vegan can no longer use the well-worn excuse of “I’m not carrying an ugly plastic handbag” to continue carrying animal skins—there are just too many beautiful non-leather choices to be had. If, however, you have missed all the beautiful vegan handbag options available, here is your chance to make your fashion statement loud and clear. There is something for everyone.

What’s in Style Now?


Whether you are a vegan fashion maven or just a practical dresser, the truth is that women have a fondness for handbags. This season, handbags are colorful and oversized. Some border on enormous and a few are downright ostentacious. While this look does not work for everyone, it is a style that cannot be ignored, and it can be softened to fit anyone’s style. A perfect example is The Big Buddha Mari Handbag in beige, tan, black or gray.



Evening bags, especially clutches, have become a staple in every woman’s wardrobe. While a black clutch is classic, you will now find clutches in myriad colors, plain and simple or with baubles if you like a little sparkle. Now, is a great time to add to your evening bag collection.

The Cost of Compassion

It used to be that non-leather handbags were viewed with disdain or relegated to low-end stores for those who could not afford “the real thing.” They are now sought after and there are beautiful choices at all price points.

If you are looking for something basic under $50, try the Nine West Wendy E/W Tote.

Want something a bit more extravagant, then try a Matt and Nat handbag ($150-$350):

Want something really over the top? How about a Stella McCartney handbag for $1,395.00!




As you can see, vegan handbags are amazing, and they are everywhere. A quick search brings up thousands of options in every price range. While your cruelty-free handbag might cost you anywhere from $30 to well over $1,000, the cost of compassion is priceless!



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