Summer Fashion? The Jury’s Out #fb

August 6, 2009

Jury duty…it’s rarely anyone’s favorite pastime, although most of us recognize that it is important.  I just had it, and it reminded me that one of the main reasons people find it inconvenient is that it is boring…boring…boring.  If you don’t come prepared you’re in for a long day!

We sat captive for four hours before they dismissed us (I was on a week long trial 3 years ago so I have definitely fulfilled my civic duty, and I have to admit that it was an extremely interesting process.).

That said, what is there to do while you’re sitting for that long (besides listen to 3 teleclasses which I did – thank you  Why, people watch, of course!

Now, I have to admit there were not that many people to watch since there were only 13 jurors in all, and somehow, people in handcuffs and shackles have far worse problems than any fashion faux pas they might commit.

In case you are wondering, I am happy to report that there were no glaring crimes against fashion committed in our jury pool.  In fact, one woman was wearing a deep orange-red top that looked fabulous on her and another woman wore a gorgeous black and white Grecian top with a jeweled neckline.  Everyone else (4 men and 7 women) just kind of blended in.  The question that always comes up for me (just out of a sense of curiosity not judgment) when I’m in a group is what motivates people to wear what they wear each day?  I call it your fashion MO.

For some people the driving force is comfort.  For others, it’s hiding or blending in.  Still others want to stand out and many others want to find their fashion statement but their current MO is compelled by a lack of time, a sense of overwhelm, or perhaps uncertainty about what looks good on them.  Everyone’s goal, although sometimes suppressed, is to create a Fashion MO that is inspired by an inner sense of knowing who you are and an understanding of how to translate that into a look you love.  Unfortunately, many people never reach this goal, because they don’t know how and just give up.

Most people in the jury kept to themselves, but I did have the opportunity to chat briefly with one woman.  Through her frustration at being trapped there, she gave the sense of being whimsical, sincere and gentle.  Her clothing gave no indication of this at all.  She wore a navy t-shirt (which she kept pulling down over her hips) and jeans.  Her haircut and color were lovely and were the only things that gave a hint of her personality.

I had this incredible desire to take a poll to find out, on a scale of 1 to 10, how satisfied each person was with his or her appearance that day.  Of course, this was neither the time nor the place – although given the number and frequency of sighs I heard throughout the morning, it might have been a welcome diversion.  Instead, I’m just left musing about the experience.

Do you know what your Fashion MO is, and is it working for you?


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