Bewitched, Bothered & Bewildered: Ginger’s Guide to Fall 2009 Fashions #fb

October 6, 2009

Fall is generally my favorite season.  Colors are yummy, fabrics are soft and cozy (and less revealing) and layering is easier and fun!  Of course, every season has its ups and downs, and this season is no different.  Here then is my upfront, no holds barred interpretation of the season’s fashions – the good, the bad and the ugly (or as I call it – the Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered Fall Fashion Update).  Use this as a guide in your Fall shopping experience and have a blast!


Color: Brown has made a resurgence (hallelujah!) amidst the sea of black (although gray, having usurped brown’s stronghold last season, is still highly visible).  Beyond that purple, orange and a few deep reds are in the stores.

Ruffles: Not being personally drawn to a typically sweet, ruffled look, I have to admit that I have been entranced by the ruffles of the past two seasons.  Who knew ruffles could be so much fun and be so wearable even by non-ruffly girls like me.  Check it out – wear a little or a lot.  It can be a very fun (and surprisingly understated) addition to your wardrobe.  Hey, even your shoes can have ruffles on them (Satin Ruffle Trim Peep Toe Heel)!

Scarves:  They’re back, and it’s about time!  Scarves are pretty, transformative, and, of course, functional.  What’s not to like about them?  I know that even those of you who are not self-described “scarf people” admire them on others.   The nice thing now is that they are more wearable than ever.  Not sure what to do with your scarf collection or how to wear them so they enhance your outfit?  Come to my first ever “Tie One On” Scarf Workshop in November and find out first hand.

Bold Shoulders: If you were born with “bold shoulders” then skip this trend (and this section).  If not, and like me you have narrow (i.e., narrower than your hips) and/or sloped shoulders, this is a trend to jump on wholeheartedly.  Not as extreme as the 1980’s look, they give structure to those of us who weren’t born with it, and there are fun ways (beyond typical shoulder pads (although don’t rule them out!) to get the look.  For example, try ruffles, draped fabric or an extended cowl neckline () as a shoulder detail.  Nothing balances a small top with a larger bottom better than structured shoulders.  Nothing!


Vampire Style: Yes, you heard me right.  Although I fail to see the appeal, vampires are all the rage right now (as evidenced by two recent hits: “True Blood” and “The Vampire Diaries”), and, as a result, it has inspired a new look (don’t ask me why!).  Think leather and lace and blood red lipstick…or not!

Ripped Jeans and Tights: Who thinks up these styles?  I know it’s not the over 40 crowd and hopefully they are not the ones wearing them either.  Not only are ripped jeans “in” (newly termed “neo-grunge”), but it has gone a step further to ripped (a.k.a., “laddered”) tights.  And, I thought visible bra straps were bad!

Harem Pants: I recently heard these referred to as “droopy crotch” pants which is perfect!  Just what every fashionable woman needs in her wardrobe, right?  Oh, please…no!


Peep-toe Booties: Under no circumstances do these look good with a dress.  I even question them (in most situations) with pants but there are occasions when they can be fun and, dare I say, flirty.  No matter what, you MUST have the attitude to go with them.  These are not for the shy and retiring sort.  Because they are peep-toe they are meant to be worn without stockings or with tights (no sheer stockings unless they are fishnets and then you might just have too much trend going on in one place).

Lingerie-Inspired Dresses: These are either embarrassingly sheer or they look like a slinky belted bathroom – creepy!

Thigh-high Boots: Because they come up to your mid-thigh, they are designed to be worn with a mini skirt.  Obviously (I hope), this is a trend for the very young (and even then it’s questionable) or, better yet, save them for the bedroom.

Get All Your Trends in One!

Not sure this is one to own but it amused me since it has so many of this season’s trends in one…it’s a purple, platform, ruffled, bootie!

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