What’s Your Weekend Fashion Statement? #fb

October 26, 2009

Every Sunday morning my partner and I go for an early breakfast at the little café two doors down from our house. It’s a lovely quiet time that I always look forward to, and it couldn’t get more convenient!

Of course, we have gotten to know the owners very well and, since we arrive right as they are opening, often one of them is sitting on the steps outside relaxing for a few minutes before the breakfast crowd arrives. More than once one of them has said to me, “How do you look so nice at such an early hour?” I smile and say, “It takes no more effort (and maybe less) to put this on than it does something I don’t like.” It’s not that what I am wearing is glamorous or dressy, it’s more that I wear things that look good on me. Often, I’m in a pair of brown jeans, a top in a pretty color or print, a sweater or scarf if I need a little extra warmth and a pair of earrings. Let me also state that everything I wear is comfortable or I wouldn’t put it on (as I get older this becomes more and more important, and I refuse to let style suffer just to be comfortable – and, thankfully, it is not necessary)

The other morning, I purposefully looked around to see what other women were wearing. Most were in jeans, sweats or (please, no!) pajama bottoms and a sweatshirt or colorless sweater. I had this great longing to interview each woman to find out if that’s really what brings her great joy to wear (if so, terrific!). I suspect, however, that in many cases, it is more a case of wanting to be comfortable, not knowing what else to put on, and/or dressing on autopilot. (There are many other motivating factors but those are three of the ones I hear the most.)

Clearly, this is a much bigger issue than there is room to explore here. What is your Fashion MO (motivating factor when you get dressed each morning)? Do you love everything in your wardrobe and dress in a way that brings you joy every day? If not, do you know why you don’t?

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