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November 4, 2009

Every time I poll groups of women to find out who likes to shop and who doesn’t, somewhere between one third and one half admit they hate it.  If you add to that the number of women who like to shop but don’t have time to, the percentage soars to almost two-thirds!  I have also found that love it or hate it many women are often frustrated by their shopping experience and rarely find shopping to be as efficient and productive as they’d like.

If any of this sounds familiar, check out these five common shopping mistakes to see if they ring a familiar bell.  Print this out and take it with you on your next shopping trip.  It can save you time, aggravation, and money!  Cleaning up your shopping act can make all the difference in the world.  Try it for yourself and see.

1. Avoid Shopping “Daze” – If you love to shop (and have the time!) then skip to #2 since this will not be an issue for you at all.  This is mostly a concern for women whose eyes glaze over when they walk into a clothing store (as mine do in Home Depot!).  Solution: Go with a list – a short list and stick to it so you can focus only on what you came into the store for.  Sounds simple, but, as you know, it is easy to get distracted so write it down!

2. Play Dress Up…Adult Style – If I had a nickel for every time a woman told me that she can only find a dressy dress when she doesn’t need one, but when she goes shopping specifically for a dress (too often at the last minute!), it becomes an elusive purchase, I could retire (not that I want to, of course)!  When it comes to dressy clothes (especially if you do not have any) buy something when you see it.  It takes much longer for them to go out of style, and you’ll be thrilled the next time you are invited to an event and actually have something delicious to wear.  As a bonus, the universe has been known to reward you with fun invitations just because you have a beautiful outfit ready and waiting.

3. Put an End to Your Shopping S.O.S. (Same Old Stuff) – I have seen things that look downright hideous on the hanger look spectacular on a body and things that you’d think would be a sure thing on the hanger look dreadful when you try it on.  Go figure!  If it calls to you and intrigues you, try it on!  You can always (and must!) put it back on the rack if it doesn’t work, and you have spent nothing other than a couple of minutes of your time.  If it does work, you will have something exciting and new to spice up your wardrobe.

4. Once More With Feeling – Have you ever gone shopping and left with bags of clothes but also with a nagging sense that something is missing…say, excitement/delight/joy over your new purchases?  In this case, turn right around and return it all!  You must love everything you buy and wear – no excuses, no arguments!

5. No If’s, And’s, or But(t)’s

  • “If I just lose 5 pounds/do more ab and butt exercises/hold my breath it will fit perfectly!”
  • “If I just wear a little more blush and a different lipstick this beige blouse won’t make me look so washed out.”
  • “But it’s so cute/such a good price/feels so comfy – I’m sure I can find something to wear with it.”

No, no, and no!  Buy it and wear it only if it is wearable now.

Keep these solutions in mind (writing them down is even better) the next time you shop.  Your wardrobe, psyche, and wallet will thank you.

Does one of these resonate with you?  Has it kept you stuck?  If more than one strikes a familiar chord, just choose one to focus on so you don’t get overwhelmed.  I’d love to hear your successes, questions, and aha moments if you’d like to share them.

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