Musings From the Beauty Salon

November 13, 2009

The other day I was at the salon getting my hair colored (yes, I am a natural redhead…no, it’s not natural anymore!) and it struck me…Does anyone else hate staring into a mirror while your hair is all gucky with color or wet and looking like a mess while it is being cut or blown dry?  I find that every appointment is a huge test of the strength of my self-esteem!  Is it just me?

As I get older, lighting matters hugely as well.  If the lighting is harsh and comes exclusively from overhead instead of being soft and flattering (my personal preference!), every line and droop is magnified about a thousand fold (or so it seems).  I try to wait until I get home to take more than a quick peek at my hair, but it’s hard to ignore mirrors on every wall as I sit there for a couple of hours.  I am always so happy to leave!

I know the stylists need the mirrors to work their magic, but there has to be a better way!  Or, maybe I could just wear a blindfold.  Just my beauty musings for today.

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