Dress Like Every Day Is a Holiday!

December 8, 2009

Before you think I have lost my mind, I promise I can explain.  Admittedly, dressing up for most people is a rare occurrence, and there are a large number of women who just flat-out dread it – they feel uncomfortable, conspicuous, and unprepared.

Let’s just talk about the concept of dressing up and forget the particulars for now (it’s so easy to find endless articles out there about adding sparkle and glitz to your holiday look – I don’t need to be just one more of those).  Instead, I’d like to tell you a story.

Not too long ago I went shopping with a lovely woman who needed a couple of dressy outfits for some upcoming events.  She wanted to feel great and knew that if she settled for what she had in her closet she would just want to hover in the background and would not be able to enjoy herself fully.

As I perused the various options at the store, I caught a glimpse of a sparkly top in the sale rack.  It was not like anything she had ever worn before but something made me grab it and show it to her.  I asked her to humor me and try it on which she graciously did.  To say she looked stunning was an understatement.  It was as if it were designed with her in mind.  She was amazed.  Of course, when we glanced at the price tag, although it was not outrageous, it was clear someone had stashed a full priced item in amongst those on sale.  Her heart sank.  After much deliberation, however, she decided to take it home and see if it still made an impact when she put it on in the privacy of her own home.

A couple of weeks later she called me to tell me that not only had she kept it but she had already worn it twice and both times she was inundated with compliments about how stunning she looked.  Yay (and no surprise)!  But, that’s not the end (or even the point) of the story.  Her next question was pivotal.  She said, “Can I find things that make me feel that beautiful every day?”  Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!!!  That is always the goal, and it is absolutely achievable.  Here are a few tips for making that happen:

Be willing to pass up good for great, as my good friend, Cheryl Richardson would say.  Don’t settle (no matter how tempting the price or how much pressure you are getting from friends or the sales person) for anything less than wonderful!

  • Believe it and you will see it.  Imagine driving around the block telling yourself you are crazy – that there is never a parking place here at this time of day.  What happens?  Yup, there is no parking place anywhere to be found!  It’s the same when you shop for clothes.  Picture what you want before you go and keep visualizing as you shop.  It works (remember, practice makes perfect).
  • Make it a priority.  Don’t ever shop when you have 15 minutes, are crabby, and have no plan.  Allow yourself time and relax.  (Yes, it can be done.  You just might need to get a bit creative but the payoff is worth it!)

Make every day a holiday in your closet.  You deserve no less!

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