Unapologetically Matchy-Matchy!

December 18, 2009

Recently, I was browsing in one of my favorite stores, and one of the sales women said to me, “Oh, one of your clients was just in, and she bought that necklace you told her about.”  (I had seen this necklace that was SO her and sent her a picture).  She then said, “I showed her another necklace as well that she loved, but we couldn’t find earrings to match so she didn’t get it.  She told me that she’s ‘matchy-matchy’ like Ginger.”  I laughed.  Yes, there are a few of us left!

No, I do not go so far as to have my handbags and shoes be exact matches, but I do insist they blend and make sense together.  I sometimes watch “What Not To Wear” and, while I think a lot of their advice is valuable, I sometimes look at the outfits they create and think “Really!  It looks like a mish-mash – like they got dressed in the dark!”  It just goes to show you that fashion is not an exact science and personality and personal preference play into it.  Clearly, there’s a stylist for every taste.

So, while I never expect my clients to be matchy-matchy, I do know that most of them rely on me to help them know how far they can push the envelope (if that’s what they want to do).  It’s funny, too.  Twenty years ago, as a new image consultant, I attended a fashion seminar at Henri Bendel’s, and I clearly remember the woman saying with great disdain that matchy-matchy was so “out!”  I briefly questioned my style, but then I took a long look at what she was wearing and thought, if that’s the alternative I’ll stick with what I’m wearing.

I have remained true to my personal style preference and wear it with confidence.  I admire those who are funkier and trendier than I am and who wear the look well (not everyone does!).  I also know that there is no one right way.  If there were we’d all look like clones – what fun would there be in that?

So, matchy-matchy or not, honor your own preferences.  That said, don’t be afraid to step outside your self-imposed box and try new things.  That’s how we keep it fun and fresh.  But if a trend doesn’t work for you, that’s absolutely fine.  Just know (or find out) what does and be true to that!

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