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3 Popular Skin Myths

1.  Drinking water alone will hydrate your skin. Well, maybe a little. If you’re still in your formative years, you’re fine. Of course, you also have to take into consideration the climate (humidity), level of activity (how much you’re perspiring), and how you eat and what you drink (some drinks actually dehydrate you). Without going into great detail, let me just say that as we age, the parts of our skin that held the moisture in when we were younger are no longer able to do the job effectively. Thus, moisture evaporates quickly. To ensure good hydration you must supplement your drinking habit with topical products that provide the extra moisture needed.

2.  More is better. Nope, generally not. When it comes to your skin, it’s important to know what your skin needs (it doesn’t need everything that’s out there – at least not all at once!) and to be gentle with it. Here are three areas in particular where more is definitely not better:

Acne (or regular breakouts): Over cleansing the skin actually does more harm than good by stripping the natural oils and causing the skin to produce even more.
Exfoliating: This is very common. Over-exfoliating your skin can be harmful. Either by way of using products that are too harsh, being too rough with your skin, or by using too many exfoliating products at one time. Of course, some exfoliating is critical to creating healthy skin.
Age Management: If one wrinkle cream, line diffuser, or firming lotion is good then all of them together triple your results, right? No. Using too many products at one time is unnecessary and expensive at best and counterproductive and downright harmful at worst. Reassessing your product use every 9-12 months is a good idea. But be careful about doing too much at one time. Some of the overdone results are irreparable.

3.  Acne is for teenagers only. Don’t we wish! You can pretty much bet that if you had oily skin as a teenager, you’ll have oily skin as you age. Although sebum (oil) production slows down as you get older (especially after menopause), you still have hormones, stress, and most importantly, pores that can get clogged. Add to this the growing numbers of people with rosacea (which is most often accompanied by acne) and adult acne is not as uncommon as you’d think (or as we’d like it to be). Keeping your skin well exfoliated (gently, remember!) and using products that don’t clog your pores will help.


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