What’s Your Favorite Beauty Secret?

January 8, 2010

We each have one — that special something we do because it makes us feel good about ourselves.  In fact, it is often something that comes so naturally to you — something you cannot imagine NOT doing — and so are completely unaware it’s one of your top secret beauty treatments.  Just think about it for a minute.

For me, it’s taking care of my skin.  I have done it every morning and night without fail since I was a teenager.  It never, ever occurs to me to go to bed without doing my routine (and my routine is quick, I promise–I don’t dilly dally).  Okay, well, maybe it occasionally occurs to me to skip it but never very seriously.  Even if it’s an effort I know that I will be so much happier having done it so I just do.

I know some of you are nodding in agreement and others are thinking…yikes, I jump into bed all the time without ever thinking about it and I sleep just fine, thank you very much!  Okay, so what’s your beauty secret?

Do you brush your hair until it shines?  Do you drink lots of water every day?  Perhaps you have regular pedicures or you meditate because it helps that inner beauty shine through.  Whatever it is, feel free to share.  Maybe we’ll each pick up a new beauty tip for the new year!

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