How To Survive Letting Your Hair Grow!

March 1, 2010

I am letting my hair grow…again!  Anyone who has known me any length of time is rolling her eyes and saying, so what else is new!  It’s true.  I change my hairstyle often and always have.  My biggest issue with it is (no surprise) why letting my hair grow has to take so long?  I don’t want extensions…I just want my hair to be longer now!  Tell me you haven’t experienced this, too!

Then I thought, okay I’m now in my 50’s…it’s time to stop whining about it.  So, I decided that while the end result of having it longer will be great, enjoying it during the growing out phase is important.  Whoa, what a breakthrough.  I no longer have to spend months of my life finding my hair disagreeable.  Then, I realized I had to figure out how to make this feel good or else I was just paying lip service to this new epiphany.

The other day when I was having my hair colored I mentioned to Ed, my colorist, that at the length my hair is now I sometimes feel like an aging version of the Little Dutch Boy of paint can fame.  He laughed (notice he didn’t disagree) and said, “Well, you have to put it behind your ears or play with it a bit until you get past this look.”   So, since my ears are not my favorite feature (I go through phases of feeling comfortable wearing my hair behind my ears) and since it is winter and that makes my ears cold anyway, I opted for taking a different tactic – big earrings.

Big earrings are “in” even more this season than they have been, and I have my fair share of good-sized earrings.  What a difference.  They hang right below my hair (I have a long neck which helps), and they look great (and take a little focus away from my hair).  So, until my hair grows another inch and you can’t see the earrings anymore, I have found a solution that feels good.  I’d love to hear what you have done to get you through that growing out phase (short of cutting it again, that is!).

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