The Top 10 Spring Fashions…

March 9, 2010

Bewitched, Bothered & Bewildered
The Top 10 Spring Fashions…
What to Celebrate & Avoid

As spring fashions flood into the stores, it gives us hope that warmer weather is on its way.  While those of us in the colder climates are still a little way off from actually wearing the styles, it is fun to look and dream, and even while the snow is on the ground, shopping is in full swing.  What’s great and what isn’t?  Let’s find out:


Color:  The colors of the season promise to be more inviting than what we saw last year.  Instead of a sea of black, gray and yellow (although they are still lurking), they are promising that black is out (well, as out as it will ever be – which means it is still around but not featured as strongly as some seasons), and lighter brighter colors are in.  Turquoise and teal are big (yay!) as is coral.  Neutral tones (beige, champagne and cream) are everywhere.  When it comes to neutrals you must be absolutely sure you find the one that works best for you, or you will completely disappear or look slightly ill.   Think pastels are passé?  Wishful thinking!  They are just calling them “ice cream” shades instead of pastels.  Whatever you call them, be careful.  They do not look good on everyone.  Above all, beware of khaki!

Patterns:  What would spring be without floral patterns?  I find that people either love them or hate them and this year they will be hard to avoid.  You can choose soft, romantic florals or big, bold and bright flowers.  If florals are not your cup of tea, then animal prints is the other perennial favorite (leopard and zebra reign — often in unnatural colors).  Want to be on the cutting edge?  Try this season’s “digital” print.  Designers are now using their computers to digitally alter and add energy to their designs which gives them a futuristic feel.  When it domes to prints and patterns, there is something for everyone – as it should be!




Ruffles: Ruffles are still hot and are on everything.  Placement is what is key to keep them fresh and, yes, even edgy.  Of course you will find them along the neckline and hem but a new addition is on your shoulders.  Positioned properly and assuming they are a stiff ruffle, they add strength and structure to a sloped or narrow shoulder.  Those of you with strong, square shoulders will probably want to avoid this look – for the rest of us, they are fabulous.  And, adventurous fashionistas can wear them on their shoes…gorgeous!

Dresses.  All hail the dress!  I remember, not too long ago, when there was a 15-year drought during which you could  not find a day dress to save your life, so please let the designers know that this trend is a keeper!  What’s not to like about a dress?  They take so much less work than trying to create a winning skirt and top combination, and you can toss one on with a great pair of shoes and your favorite jewelry and you’re done.  Plus there are so many different styles, fabrics and colors out there that you would be hard pressed not to find at least one that works for you.


Draping and Ruching.  Smooth, lightweight fabrics that are so prevalent in the warmer weather are notorious for drawing attention to every lump and bump.  Yay – draping and ruching to the rescue!  Strategically placed drapes of fabric and ruching (gathers of fabric) can magically camouflage those areas and make this a non-issue.  This trend is a girl’s best friend!

Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize!  Accessories have always been a wardrobe’s secret weapon and this season they are hotter than ever!  Everything is big, bright, and there’s lots of it.  Wear necklaces, bangle bracelets, earrings, scarves, and belts.  Whether your overall theme is warrior princess, tribal, gothic theme, or simply bold and chunky (suited to the scale of your features, of course) the important part is that it makes a huge statement and expresses your personality.


Socks with Sandals:  Yes, believe it or not, this is a new trend.  A bad one, that’s for sure (it’s on my top ten of fashion don’ts!) or else someone is playing a mean trick on us.  Maybe it’s all just a bad dream…

Ripped and Torn Jeans: They call it cutting edge but unless you’re under 25 (and even then it’s questionable) save it for around the house.  I will never understand the appeal in looking so sloppy?

Tapered Pants:  Do we have to bring back everything from the 80’s?  Want to make your hips (and feet) look gigantic?  Wear pleated tapered pants.  Done!  Better yet, how about wearing red, pleated tapered pants.  Picture that…on second thought… don’t!


Underwear as Outwear: Unless you really know how to make this trend look elegant, skip it.  It can very easily (and most often) look trashy.

Shoes: This is a mixed bag which is why it is showing up in the bewildered category.  While there is every imaginable style to choose from (that’s good!), there are a few looks that are not my favorite.  Those cage heels or gladiators heels as some call them just won’t go away.  While they are still as unflattering as ever when worn with a dress, the good news is that they are making many of them in lighter neutrals so you can find one to match your skintone.  This helps to keep the shoe from making your legs look stubby and in some cases even elongates your legs (but don’t push it!!).   They are great fun with pants – where you just get a hint of sexy shoes peeking out.

That said, I do love that light neutral ankle boots are in for the spring.  I love boots and would wear them all year round if it didn’t get too hot (but it does).  While I wouldn’t wear them with a skirt they will allow me to wear boots with pants during the transitional months.  Yay!

High heeled clogs are in.  They aren’t awful but again, not my favorite – they are just so clunky.  It is also obvious that someone definitely has a desire to make women’s legs and ankles look thick and chunky.  This is evidenced by the current trend of flat sandals with thick (or multiple) straps around your ankles.  Dangerous! Unless you are absolutely sure you look good in them (i.e., you have long, thin legs and ankles), run right by this trend.

I have an idea…how about if someone wears all the bothered and bewildered styles together – picture that!  Ripped (tapered) jeans worn with a sheer top so you can see your bra and socks with gladiator sandals.  This would give anyone nightmares!

This season’s (bewitching) trends have potential.  Remember to shop between now and the very beginning of June.  After that (even if it hasn’t really gotten warm where you live) everything goes on sale and Fall inventory starts to trickle in.  I don’t know about you but I’m looking forward to a delicious spring and summer!

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