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Here’s How To Look Good While Walking the Dog, Taking the Kids To School, Running Errands…

I have never been a t-shirt and jeans kind of gal.  It’s just not me.  So, you might be wondering, why do I love Glima so much?  That’s easy!  Because they take the comfort and ease of a traditional t-shirt and add personality, flair, and, hey, they even make them flattering!

GlimaFor the past 23 years I have been a fashion stylist who helps women from all walks of life feel good about how they look.  Most of my clients want to look great not only in their professional lives but also in their personal leisure time or simply when running errands.

Too often, however, women feel frustrated (I know, because I felt that way earlier in my life) trying to create a wardrobe that flatters their body, is comfortable and fits into their lifestyle.  Phew!  They don’t know where to begin, and my job is to help them break it down into baby steps to make it manageable.  While ease of dressing is important, understanding how to do that in a way that truly expresses their personality often eludes them.  My role as a stylist is to offer them valuable tips to make it easier and more fun and to introduce them to fabulous resources.  That’s where Glima comes in!

Think about it.  Your typical t-shirt is shapeless, has an unflattering crew neckline, and sleeves that invariably make your body look wider than it is.  What woman wants that!  But, that’s what they often settle for because they don’t know that there are other choices.

What a joy it was to discover Glima shirts where you can get a beautiful scoop or v-neck, a variety of sleeve lengths (none of which is oversized or baggy), pretty colors, and even better, fun designs that are elegant and can express your personality.  Plus, the fabric has enough weight to it that it won’t draw focus to every lump and bump (which is a concern for many women).  Can you tell I like them (which is why I feature them in my personal style home study program “Who Taught You How To Dress?” –

I have had many women tell me that I have a dream job, and I have to agree.  I adore helping women create a wardrobe and personal style they love.  It all begins with understanding who you are at a deep level (I like to refer to it as ‘aligning your inner and outer beauty’) and then we address how to use tools like color, fit, style, details and accessories to fully express your personality through your wardrobe.  As one client put it, “I have to let you know that every day I get so many compliments on how I look. You gave me the tools to put it all together, and I am very grateful.”  Well, I didn’t do it alone.  Glima helps make my job easier by offering women a casual look that really has grace and ease!

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Happy shopping!

Ginger Burr
Total Image Consultants

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  1. Glima carried by Lyn Evans for Potpourri Designs in Hingham, Hanover, Concord, Wellesley, MA

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