Do You Know How To Relax In Style?

December 22, 2010

As you get together during the holidays to visit with friends and family, let me ask you this…what are you going to wear?

I know, we wave it off as sounding petty and superficial, but it often affects us more than we think (or takes up more space in our heads than it needs to!).

Year after year, women come to me and say, “I was relaxing during the holidays and wanted to be comfortable but I realized that my comfortable clothes are (fill in the blank…worn, shapeless, boring, downright embarrassing!).”

So, the eternal question is…”How can I be comfortable and still like the way I look?”  If this strikes home for you, no worries.  First of all, you are in good company, believe me!  Secondly, there are options out there.  Comfortable does not have to be synonymous with oversized and frumpy.  Stylish and comfortable CAN co-exist!

Here are a few tips to make your holidays (and the rest of this long winter) cozy and pretty!

Skip the black?

So many women opt for black (for a million reasons) but it is not the only choice out there, and more often than not (yup, you’re reading this right) it is not the best option.  Let’s add a bit of color!  Here are two suggestions:

A simple cardigan with a feminine twist:

Here’s a really pretty take on the traditional cable knit sweater (with a more flattering neckline and in pretty colors…yay!):

Make Your Outdoor-wear Sparkle

If you look at crowds of people braving the cold for outdoor activities or simply going from one place to the other, you will most often see a sea of black or gray.  Dull!  Here is your opportunity to add a bit of color to your outerwear.  It will definitely brighten your (and others’) spirits:

These gloves are just way too adorable:

And, these are for the woman who might want to add a hint of drama:

Classy and Warm

What is more delicious than velvet (well, maybe polar fleece but, hey, most fashionable looks are not made in polar fleece…yet).

This is the cutest jacket and in the most scrumptious color (and amazing price!):

Or, perhaps you like something a bit less structured:

How about a warm, cozy and, yes, pretty dress.  Hey, it even has sleeves!

Don’t wear dresses?  Try a fun pair of stretch velvet jeans:


Keep Your Head Warm

I’m as guilty of this as anyone!  I generally don’t wear hats (although I own about 4 of them!) because I can’t stand “hat hair.”  But, this year, with my hair longer and straighter it won’t really matter.  So I just got myself a new hat (I’m wearing it in the picture to the right).  Don’t settle for something ho-hum.  Check these out:

This fleece hat is amazing (and it’s just one of many designs):

And, for those of you who can wear something simple like this, go for it:


Treat Your Feet

What do you wear on your feet when you’re at home?  I don’t know about you but I have a terrible time finding pretty, warm slippers (and, of course, I refuse to wear anything that is made of fur, suede, or shearling that involved animal suffering).

These are cute, come in fun colors, and you can’t beat the price!

Want something a little less traditional?  These are absolutely adorable:

So, now you are ready to meet friends, host cozy fireside parties and head out for fireworks on New Year’s Eve.  Wherever your holiday takes you, may it be beautiful, peaceful, fun, stylish & absolutely toasty warm!

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