Does Your Makeup Routine Need a Boost?

January 14, 2011

What happens when you open your makeup bag every morning?  Do you think to yourself, “Yay, this is fun!” or do you think, “Why can’t I get it to look like the pictures in the magazine?”

One other thing…have you ever noticed that 99% of the makeup directions out there are given on women under 25 years old.  What’s that about?

Makeup does not look the same on mature skin and so many of those tips are useless.

While there is not a one-size-fits-all makeup application, there are a few techniques that can make a big difference when it comes to creating a finished look you like.

And, please, be kind to yourself.  If you are 40, 50 or 60, and especially if you have not had any cosmetic surgery, do not compare yourself to someone 20. It’s a whole different ballgame but that’s not to say you can’t look equally as amazing!

Here are three steps that make a difference:

  1. Concealer is Your Friend. As we age the center of the face (inner part of the eyes (near the bridge of your nose), under your eyes, along the nostrils and the lines down to the mouth) can begin to get a tad dark and shadowy.  If you lighten up that part of your face, you feel instantly lighter, brighter and more youthful.  Use a good concealer in that area before applying your foundation.

    Apply a tiny bit of translucent powder over the concealer to set it.
  2. Maintain Your Eyebrows.Our eyebrows are one part of our face that we tend to neglect or just plain ignore.  As we get older they often become a bit more sparse or short.  Using a powder or pencil (I’m a fan of powder because it tends to look very natural and is easy to apply) in a tone that complements your hair and skintone will make a huge difference.Unless you are super handy with the tweezers, have your brows professionally shaped.  The difference will surprise and delight you!

    If, up until now, you have done very little to your brows, allow a little time for adjustment.  Changing them can be a bit disconcerting but commit to stick with the change for at least a week.  By then, it will most likely feel just right.

  3. Line & Define. Want to draw focus to your eyes?  You can skip the eyeshadow but always apply eyeliner.  And, here’s the clincher…I know it’s harder to do, but you must apply it to the top lid.  Lining the bottom lashline is optional (and it often depends on factors like under eye circles, the size of your eye, how comfortable you are with a little extra makeup, etc.).  Never, I repeat, never, line only the bottom lash line.  With rare exceptions, this will just make your eyes look bottom heavy rather than give a lift to your face and draw focus to the beauty of your eye color (which is the ultimate goal of eyeliner, of course).

    Powder liner is generally the most natural looking (and easiest to learn to apply) but if you are handy with an eyeliner pencil (natural colors only, please) then go for it.  And, liquid liner often looks hard and overpowering, so I recommend avoiding it!
Lastly, your makeup can only look as good as the skin you’re putting it on, so be sure you are taking very, very good care of your face before you pick up a makeup brush.  Forget the excuses, a good skin care routine does not have to take more than 3 minutes…tops…and when done diligently (yes, that means every day!), will make the world of difference.

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