Are You Wearing These Fashion No-No’s?

January 27, 2011

I’ll be the first to admit that there is an exception to every fashion rule.  And, for sure I am a huge proponent of creating a look that expresses your own spectacular personal style AND (this part is critical) that feels like you.

Fashion no-no’s, however, fall into a league all their own.  These are looks that are almost (I’ll speak more to the “almost” part of that equation in a minute) universally unflattering.  I, for one, know of no woman who wakes up each morning thinking, “Why don’t I put something on today that looks dreadful.”

Think about it.  Is that ever your desired goal when you get dressed?

So, what happens?  Why are there so many fashion no-no’s floating around out there?  And, think very carefully…have you experienced one yourself?

There are lots of reasons why these no-no’s are so pervasive.  Let me briefly share three of them (you can also learn more about them in greater detail and how to prevent or overcome them in my body image, self-esteem and style home study program, Who Taught You How To Dress?:

  1. Unconscious Dressing: For myriad reasons, so many women have given up trying to create a wardrobe and personal style they love.  They resort to what is comfortable and easy and “not horrible” – a phrase I hear often.  As a result, they have given up on their beauty (some have no idea they even have any natural beauty) and just want to blend in and cover their body.
  2. Trying to Hide Your Body: Women are given messages all the time about what the “perfect” body should look like, and when they don’t feel like the body measures up, they just try to hide as much of it as possible.  This is way over-simplified, but body image issues are rampant in our society.  Just ask any woman how she feels about her body and 9 times out of 10 you’ll hear a barrage of self-critical comments about parts of her body she’s unhappy with rather than loving, glowing comments that bring a smile to her (and your) face.
  3. Comfort at All Costs: Our lives are crazy and if you add the fact that as we get older we tend to get less tolerant of clothing that doesn’t feel good (…this is a good thing — no one should feel uncomfortable in what they wear) personal style often goes out the window in lieu of endlessly cozy options.  The problem is that we become very narrow minded about what is comfortable (polar fleece and yoga clothes top the list!) when, in fact, there are surprisingly fashionable comfortable clothes out there – but that’s for another article on another day!


And, sometimes the fashion no-no’s are the result of just being unaware that the style doesn’t work.

Please don’t berate yourself if you fall into any of these categories.  And, let me assure you that I am all for self-expression and honestly believe everyone should create a look she loves without anyone else’s interference (including mine) unless requested.

I know, however, that most of these (and other) fashion no-no’s are not being worn with pluck and intention but rather by default (often for one of the reasons listed above).

That’s why I’m here…to help you learn more about yourself and style and help you make choices that bring you delight.

So, without further ado…here are…

5 Fashion No-No’s


  1. Leggings Worn With Tops That Don’t Cover Your Butt: Leggings are, by their very nature, worn very tight and, as a result, are pretty revealing.  Some leggings are even relatively lightweight like tights, and those are the biggest offenders.  Either way, be 100% sure your top absolutely, completely covers your butt.  Exception: If you are 8 years old!
  2. Oversized T-shirts: There is absolutely nothing flattering about a typical T-shirt.  It is shapeless, devoid of any interesting styling or detail, the neckline is universally unflattering and the sleeves usually hit a unbalanced place on the arm and usually stick out so it makes you look bigger than you are.  So, what’s to like about that?  Usually women who wear these are just hiding their body.  Throw them away immediately.  They will always make you look 2-3 times your size and completely out of proportion with the rest of your body.  Exception: Sleep in one if you must (although there are much prettier pajamas and nightgowns available).
  3. Pajama Bottoms Worn in Public: I don’t know where this trend started but it’s definitely not my favorite!  It takes all of 5 seconds to pull on a pair of jeans or pants when you want to go out.  Please leave this trend at home.  Exception: Anyone under 12, although I understand the attraction for college students while they are on campus.  I’ll just have to leave it at that.
  4. UGGs: All I have to say is Uggh!  These boots are ugly on many levels.  From a style standpoint, it’s obvious, but as a vegan it’s truly upsetting. People often ask me, “Why don’t you wear wool, the sheep are not killed.”  Actually, there’s a lot that goes into that answer that I won’t get into right now but guess what…UGG’s are made out of sheep skin so, yes, sheep are killed for fashion.  It’s just that no one wants to talk about it.  Basically, wearing UGG’s is like wearing a fur coat only the fur is on the inside.  Exception: Sheep should get to keep their skin.
  5. Pants Worn Too Short: I see this everywhere.  Pants should generally hit the top of your shoe and be about an inch from the floor in the back.  No pants should end at the ankle bone – ever!  Exception: If you are at the beach and you took off your shoes and rolled up your pants to walk in the water.  That’s about it!


Remember, fashion is a form of self-expression.  This is your opportunity…every day…to give people clues as to who you are – to let your inner beauty and radiance shine through.

So, the next time you get dressed, take a quick peek to see if you spot any of these fashion no-no’s in your outfit.  If so, yay…this is your chance to change into something that more fully and delightfully reflects who you are.  And, keep in mind that it doesn’t have to be expensive or fancy, it just has to be you!

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