Are You Putting Your Makeup On In The Dark?

March 4, 2011

I have been traveling a bit more lately than usual. One of my pet peeves is hotel bathroom mirrors! There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that these were designed by men who never have to put on makeup in the bathroom.

Invariably, I try getting super close up or several feet back to see if I can get the overhead lighting to be a bit more forgiving. I inevitably give up and go to the mirror over the desk in the bedroom or grab a hand mirror (if it’s daytime) and go to the window.

What’s up with that?

It should not be nearly so complicated to apply a little makeup! I hate leaving the room wondering if I look scary or not!

What I have noticed in talking with my clients is that so many women settle for the equivalent of hotel bathroom mirrors to put on their makeup every day. How they ever see what they are doing is beyond me.

Here’s the culprit: overhead lighting. No, no, no…it will cast shadows giving you dark circles and basically make it nearly impossible to see what you are doing – at least with any degree of confidence.

Overhead lighting is at best utilitarian. Sure, it lights the room but it doesn’t allow you to see your face clearly and without that ability you feel frustrated – or just tired after seeing all those light-enhanced dark circles.

Give yourself a break and a lovely gift. It doesn’t even have to be expensive. Who says you have to tear out all the existing lighting in your bathroom (although that would certainly be ideal) and start over. Nope…you can keep what’s there but just do your makeup elsewhere.

It’s a small investment. Try something like this Conair makeup mirror:

If you’ve been putting on your makeup in the dark you’ll be surprised by the difference when you have better light and can actually see what you are doing. You’ll apply your makeup faster and seemingly effortlessly compared to squinting and doing various facial acrobatics just to put on your makeup! Yay!

If you have a favorite makeup mirror, please share!

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