Are You Stuck in an Online Fashion Rut?

March 11, 2011

How often do you shop for clothes or accessories online?

When you do, do you LOVE what you get?  Hmmm…that’s what I thought…sometimes you do and sometimes you don’t.

When you shop on-line you have the entire world of fashion at your fingertips…or so it seems.  Of course, this can be a blessing or a curse.  It can leave you delighted by all the options or totally paralyzed with indecision.

Chances are good, however, that if you are reading this, you spend most of your online shopping dollars at resources that you have found to be tried and true.  And, chances are good you are feeling somewhat uninspired by your purchases.  Right?

You might know (from a previous blog post) that I have mixed feelings about on-line shopping.  Yes, it can make life so easy (at least up front), but it can also complicate things unmercifully when what you get doesn’t live up to your expectations.  Returns, exchanges, frustration and despair can ensue.  Not to mention that it can get costly and your closet can end up looking like a strange confusion of styles that doesn’t make any sense together or it can feel like a collection of blah “basics” – neither is quite what most women are looking to create.

So, yes, I still advocate finding designers you love and frequenting their on-line stores.  These stores and designers are smart.  They make it easy for you to come back time and time again.  You generally know what size you wear and what to expect from their clothes or accessories.  That’s all good.

If, however, you find yourself longing for something different, for a little extra pizzazz in your wardrobe, maybe a view of what else is available in the world of fashion, or perhaps a shot at finding your favorite designer for less, then I’d like to suggest a few places to explore.

Let me give you an example. I’m a huge fan of Not Your Daughter’s Jeans – I own them in 4 colors!  Recently, on one of these on-line shops they featured NYDJ’s at more than half off the full price.  Wow!  A variety of styles and colors – something for nearly every NYDJ’s fan.

Just a little note: the sites that offer great savings also often sell out pretty fast.  It’s definitely worth taking a quick peek when the announcement comes in so you can see if there is something that interests you and get to it before it’s gone.

Some of these sites offer sought after brands at private sale prices and others offer a vast selection of designer brands (not always at discounted prices) you can’t find other places, so they serve two different purposes.

On-line Shopping Resources

Example of pretty dress at Ideeli – This is a free “member-site” so you do have to sign up (by invitation from a friend) and then you are notified of daily sales on designer brands at up to 80% off.  Amazing deals! – Beyond the Rack is a private shopping club for women and men who want designer brand apparel and accessories at prices up to 70% off retail.  Membership is free, but like Ideeli you must be invited by a friend such as the link above. – Each day at 11 am they introduce new selections of sales (again, big sales of usually around 50%) that will last for 2 days (or until they sell out).  Their notifications are clear, and so it’s easy to see if there’s something you want to take a closer look at.



A beautiful clutch that also empowers women (at Purecitizen) – This is a very special site that works similarly to the others above but with a twist – they feature ethical fashion, organic beauty, fair trade home, independent artists and designers, and more…Each sale lasts 72 hours and products are marked down 30-90%!  And, each sale benefits a non-profit. – Eco-friendly and vegan options are easy to follow on Shop It To Me.  You get to choose the brands you follow and you will be notified as often as you’d like when they go on sale!  Wow! – Swirl is an online sample sale site created in partnership with DailyCandy. What this means for you: clothing and accessories from the world’s best designers, from up-and-coming buzzmakers to our favorite established brands, at up to 80% off.



Stunning Stella McCartney shoes at Bluefly – A longtime online retailer (with a great search option)) — they offer the fashions at 20-75% off and if you sign up for their email alerts you will receive a $10 discount on your first order. – Similar to Bluefly, they have been around for a long time (since 2000) and boast a collection of fashions that are hard to find other places.  Plus, these are not on a time limit like some of the other sites (nor do they offer the significant savings the other sites do).  They do, however, have a great search option so you can refine what you are looking for and are not restricted to just what is on sale that day. tends to be a bit trendy but has tons of fashions to choose from, and they offer free shipping and free returns (that’s big!).

And, as an added bonus, with some of these sites you will receive a credit (usually $10-$25) when you refer a friend to one of these sites (as I am doing), and she makes her first purchase.

Here’s the bottom line: Looking doesn’t cost you anything and, as a result, you just might find a fresh, fabulous resource and take your wardrobe and personal style on a new adventure!  Each site offers new fashions and possibilities that you might not even know exist otherwise.  Sure, most of what you’ll see you’ll pass by, but if you discover that one great “find” that delights your senses and makes you happy to wear it, it’s worth it!

Do you have a favorite, unusual on-line shopping resource?  Please let us know!

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