Bewitched, Bothered & Bewildered “Spring is in the Air” 2011 Fashion Update

March 18, 2011

What do you want to add to your seasonal spring wardrobe?  That’s a question we each want to ask ourselves before we head out to see what’s out there.  Otherwise, it can bring on a very severe case of fashion overload, and you run the risk of buying something you’ll never wear or walking out empty handed. I’d like to help you have fun shopping and find styles that make your heart sing (and avoid those that could be costly mistakes). So, without further ado…here is this season’s “Bewitched, Bothered & Bewildered” fashion update!


Color: I always like to begin with color since it’s one of the most critical aspects of your wardrobe.  As with the past few springs, the color trend goes in two diametrically opposed directions, i.e., from super bright (even citrus neon!) colors–lots of them and even worn together to white and shades of skin tone.  They are threatening us with a lot of yellow and orange but hopefully they will balance that out with plenty of coral rose (a.k.a., honeysuckle) and teal blue – both very wearable colors.  And, yes, if you are drawn to it, you can wear a skin tone shade as long as it is your skin tone and not your next door neighbor’s or your best friend’s.  Clashing neutrals is not a flattering look. Dresses: Yay for dresses!  They continue to be hot and the selection just keeps growing.  This is all good!  Trench dresses (we knew them as coat dresses in the 1980’s) are in and can be a perfect business look.  Lace dresses are also hot and are generally vintage-inspired with a very romantic feel.  This one is lovely and is shown in one of the soft neutrals ( Dress Lengths: This is a category all its own this season.  The ladylike knee length dress is still in (thankfully) and the young women will still wear the mini’s but we’ve had two additions to our choices of dress or skirt lengths.  The midi-skirt which is basically right below the widest part of the calf and floor-sweeping skirts.  Both are tricky.  If you have short legs, wide ankles or are not willing to wear a high heel, skip the midi-skirt or you’ll undoubtedly look frumpy.  The floor sweeping skirt is all about the drama.  The taller you are the better (especially if you plan to wear it with flat sandals) to pull this look off and part of it is attitude.  I don’t think we’ll see everyone standing in line to add these to their wardrobes but on the right woman they can be lovely. Horizontal Stripes: Every spring, or so it seems, the nautical theme is touted as a new trend.  This year, it actually does have a new twist.  We are not just talking about your traditional navy blue and white horizontal stripes.  We are talking about stripes in bold color combinations or paired with black to add new drama.  And, a mix of different stripes worn in the same outfit (don’t try this at home…unless you are sure you can pull it off).  This look will appeal to some and others…not so much! And, if you want to test the waters but don’t want to wear head-to-toe stripes, you can wear your stripes on your feet in the form of strappy, multi-colored sandals. Prints: There was a dearth of patterns this past winter and they are obviously making up for it this season.  Florals of all kinds are here as are stripes and animal prints (although mostly in subtle shades).  Another form of print or design is color-blocking dresses.  ( 70’s High-Waisted Bell-Bottom Jeans: Yes, you heard that right.  They are back!  And, to be honest with you, they can be pretty flattering.  I know we’ve gotten into this lower rise thing but, although some women find it very comfortable, it isn’t always the most flattering look.  That said, the high-waisted jeans are not quite as high as they used to be.  Instead, they come to just below the belly button.  They are great for balancing larger hips.  One word of caution: they must be worn very long…almost touching the ground.  Any shorter and it throws off the proportions. The Best Jewelry: Jewelry right now is fun…fun…fun! Long chain necklaces are still in as well as color stretchy bangles, cuffs and tribal influences ( Kitten Heel Shoes: For a while women have been complaining that they have to choose either super high platform heels, wedges or flats.  That is all changing (and I have even seen it in the stores with my own eyes), kitten heels are back.  So, you can get that feminine look and feel without the pain of sky high heels. Fun Touches For Everyone:Want to add a touch of fun and flair?  You choose…tassels, fringe, cat eye sunglasses, and studs.  This spring will be anything but boring!


Sheer Maxi-Dress: The maxi dress idea is fun and feminine.  The shear part…well, whose dopey idea was that? Belly Bags (a.k.a., Belt Purse): Basically, they are reintroducing the fanny pack but now they are sticking in on our bellies.  A cross body bag works as well and does not look like some weird growth on your body! The Pajama Game:So, we’ve gone from the dreadful pajama bottoms masquerading as daytime wear to the equivalent of nightgowns worn in public.  Yuck!  What’s with that trend?


Tail-Hem Dresses: This style has never been my favorite (I think it is often unflattering and can even look messy) but you’ll see it this season – although I doubt it will a huge hit (except among the young (maybe in a prom dress?) who can probably make it look adorable?).  I have seen it on some of the trendy super young celebrities and the front of the skirt is worn very short and the bad really looks like a wide tail.  Cute on them…everyone else, stay clear! Flatform Shoes: No, that is not a typo.  The platform is everywhere and this season it has even taken over the flat shoe scene.  (The good news is that even though they are telling us these shoes are trendy, we are not seeing many anywhere in the stores or on-line…yet!) The one thing you can say about fashion is it is never boring and this spring is a perfect example of that.  As always, I caution you against buying too much and especially too much of something that could be a fleeting trend. Have fun, buy what delights your heart and wear it so much that by September it is worn out!  I encourage you even more than usual towards that trend this season since who knows how long color blocking, flatform shoes and bell-bottoms will hang around.  Have fun while they are here.  Choose the styles that you adore and have a bright, cheerful and warm (yay!) spring!


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