Favorite Styles for Spring

May 20, 2011

I have been shopping with clients nearly every day this week and that has been true most of the spring!  I have become a permanent fixture at my favorite stores, especially Lord & Taylor.  Wow!  You wouldn’t believe the beautiful things my clients have gotten.

I thought it would be fun to share a few of items that I could also find on-line so you can get a glimpse of what women are wearing.  While every woman is different and special (and we address that very closely each time we shop), there are certain garments that seem to pop up over and over.  So, here are a few…

This dress is not exactly the one that some of my clients have purchased but it’s similar and the closest I could find on-line.   It has a lovely shape that is flattering on many women and straps wide enough to cover bra straps.  I have found that most of these dresses also fall at the very bottom of the kneecap (unlike the picture here) which looks lovely and elegant.

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This is one of my all-time favorites.  The picture doesn’t do it justice but perhaps you can see that it is beautifully fitted with elegant lines and the stitching is a soft beige (actually, that is only true in the plus size version.  The misses’ version has white stitching and so some of the detail is lost).  The sleeves are a little long but that’s an easy adjustment.


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I liked this jacket so much that I got it for myself — so a couple of my clients and I are twins!  It is a fun, elegant twist on the cargo jacket so although it is casual the outfit looks beautifully finished.  To be honest, it looks much better in real life than it does here – and the color is a bit deeper.  (And, I paid full price, so grab this now while you can!)

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Anyone who has spent any time around me at all knows that I am a huge fan of Joseph Ribkoff designs (as evidenced by the amount of his clothing I own and wear).  I don’t think there are any dresses more comfortable than his, and his prints are beautiful.  I do not have this dress (wish I had seen it earlier!) but I do have a top with a similar print (I’m wearing it in the picture above, and a woman stopped me in the bank the other day to comment on it!) and a fabulous jacket that I have already worn a lot.  If you are not familiar with his styles, check them out on-line or find a store near you that carries his line (he carries plus sizes, too!).

Lately, on the “How to Dress” on-line forum, there has been a big discussion about finding comfortable shoes.  While that’s an article all on its own, I wanted to share a pair of sandals I have gotten that are super comfortable (I walked many blocks in New York City in them the first time I wore them).  They also come in a pewter/gray color, so there is something for everyone.


Click to see on Zappos

This has been (and it isn’t over yet!) a very good spring shopping season.  Sure, there has been a lot of orange and I wish they had more fun, casual tops out there as well as deeper colors for those who don’t look good in the light or bright colors, but all in all, it’s been great!

These are just a few highlights of what I’ve been seeing.  If you haven’t started your spring/summer shopping yet, do not wait.  The stores are constantly getting new things in still, but, yes, I have already seen the first sales racks in sight so, believe it or not, the season is beginning to wind down (it’s nutty, I know (it’s only been 49 degrees here this week so it’s hard to think about a hot summer!), but it’s the way it is).

Please also know that everything I have shown you here is animal-friendly (vegan).

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