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Take Your Holiday Style From Bah Humbug to Cozy Glam

It’s that time of year again…the holidays!  Whether you love them or wish you could sleep through the next 6 weeks doesn’t change the fact that they are fast approaching.

Forget the parties, forget the dress up, fancy stuff – there’s already a lot of talk out there about that.  I’d like to talk about how to dress for a cozy gathering of family or friends that is holiday-driven but still casual and fun.  How do you find your holiday glam when your spirit says bah-humbug?

Finding that sweet spot where you look like yourself, feel comfortable and also make it feel special is part of what celebrating is all about.  So many times I hear from women that they get their children all gussied up or they put their heart and soul into the delicious food they’ll prepare but when the time comes to peek in their closets and get dressed, they sigh a long deep sigh of resignation…there’s nothing there that makes them feel as special as they want to.  Then, in a last ditch effort to feel the holiday spirit they grab the same old red sweater with jeans (or the equivalent) and run out the door.

Does that sound even a teensy weensy bit familiar?

I’ve been speaking with a lot of women this past week about their wardrobes and the common theme is “ease.”  Ahhhh, doesn’t the idea of a personal style that allows for ease and grace just make you feel so good? Okay…okay, I know, reality then sets in as you slam your closet door on a wardrobe that seems to contain very little that resembles ease.

I don’t know about you, but that sure sounds good to me – a little more ease and flow is good for everyone.  And, bringing that concept into your wardrobe is just one way to make the holidays a bit more joyful and fun, don’t you think?

What would that look like…for you?

Sure, creating a full wardrobe that makes your heart sing is a fabulous concept and one that is definitely worth focusing on.  But right here and now when the holidays are right around the corner and you just want to feel good now, let’s look at some possibilities.

Here are 3 different options for a lovely, relaxed holiday gathering.  Of course, it’s important to put your own signature on whatever you wear but maybe this will inspire you.

1. Want cozy and feminine? How about a beautiful sweater dress.  And (here’s a great idea), how about if it is in a color other than black!  Try this Cowl Neck Dress (#1 pictured at the right): Click here for more informatiom. Although I absolutely do not recommend those shoes with the dress – even on her long, thin legs they look heavy and clunky!  If you really want to feel cozy, how about black tights and sleek knee high boots?  Add a touch of glam with some fun, sparkly earrings like these Amethyst Purple earrings (#2 pictured at the right): Click here for more information.

2. How about comfy and chic? Yes, it took me a while to embrace (again!) the whole concept of leggings but I have and I love it.  I wear ones that resemble very skinny, stretchy pants so they have a little more body to them than regular leggings and don’t feel so thin and exposed.  And, I always wear something long enough.  Try your favorite pair of leggings with fabulous boots and this sweater over a long sleeve top (that comes down at least crotch length).  Belt the underneath top with one of these fabulous belts (there are some really fun options for belts out there so choose one that speaks to your personality) and let the vest hang loosely (#3 pictured at the right). Click here for more information.


The first belt is SO different and totally fun (obviously not for everyone but it’s sparkly and festive) (#4 pictured at the right): Click here for more information.

Stretchy belts are super comfortable and this one, although it has sparkle, is actually somewhat understated.  This adds some glam without being over the top (#5 pictured at the right):  Click here for more information.

This belt is much more casual and is different from the typical belt style we see out there (#6 pictured at the right): Click here for more information.

Don’t like belts?  Try letting the top flow loosely under the vest and wear a long necklace like this one (#7 pictured at the right): Click here for more information.

3.  Cozy, Casual Comfort. If jeans are your thing, step it up by wearing a dark wash jean that fits you beautifully (stretch is the key component) accompanied by your favorite sweater and add a fun faux fur scarf in a delicious color like black currant (#7 pictured at the right): Click here for more information or this fabulous red scrunchy scarf (#8 pictured at the right): Click here for more information. Talk about cozy and festive!

Need help tying a scarf?  Watch my scarf tying video to learn to tie it in a fun new way:

Whatever your look, be sure you choose it with intention and are not scrambling at the last minute to find something “acceptable” to wear.  This is a great opportunity to be you in a comfortable setting with people you love – so with a little advanced planning you can relax, enjoy, have fun and look great!


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  1. I’m with you on those shoes paired with the purple dress. It just goes to show that you can’t trust fashion trends to always be flattering.

  2. Hi Ginger – thanks for reminding me that THIS is the time to take those old evening dresses/cocktail dresses, etc. to the Ritzy Ragz Consignment Shop for recycling! Now I can go shopping for this year’s cozy event clothes and have a place to hang them too! nnI love your work – someday we’ll meet. Best for the holidays,nLila

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