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A Clean Start for the New Year

Cleaning up our act is what prompts us to set new year resolutions.  In our enthusiasm, however, we often set resolutions that involve a long-term commitment.  We begin with gusto, and sadly, 80% of our well intentioned resolutions fizzle within a month.  After a while we think, why bother and may even stop making them altogether.

Now you can make and complete a few resolutions in a matter of minutes!  They will give you satisfaction, keep your skin healthier, and get your new year off to a clean start!

  1. Wash Your Makeup Sponges And Brushes. You use them day in and day out and yet most people rarely think about all the bacteria they harbor…and they do.  You know that powder compact you use every day?  The same sponge has been in there since you bought it, right?  Give it a wash.  Use a little shampoo, facial cleanser, or liquid hand soap.  It probably will not ever be white again but at least it will be rid of all the built up gunk.  One word of caution: if you’ve used it a really long time already, it might fall apart.  It is best to wash your sponge every 2 or 3 weeks (at least).  Once they get to be too dirty they won’t hold up to the washing.  If you fear yours is too old, go to the drugstore and find a replacement before you attempt to wash the old one…just in case.The same goes for your makeup brushes.  Chances are you invested a little bit in them and if they are good quality they will last.  But, not if you don’t wash them.  Built up makeup, oils from your skin, and dirt will eventually break down the bristles, and you’ll have to replace the brush sooner than you would if you simply washed it periodically.  Rinse the brush under warm water.  Put a bit of shampoo or facial cleanser in the palm of your hand and swirl the brush in it.  Rinse it well until all the residue is gone.  Squeeze the bristles gently in a paper towel and allow the brush to air dry.  You’ll breathe new life into your brushes, and they’ll be so much healthier for your skin.
  2. Replace Your Mascara.  9 out of 10 women haven’t a clue as to when they bought their current mascara.  This is the one makeup product you don’t want to fool around with.  The dark, damp packaging is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria.  Replacing it every 3-6 months is important.  If you buy a new one first thing in the new year you’ll easily remember the date and know when it’s time to get your next one!
  3. Throw Stuff Out! Take a look in your cosmetic bag.  What’s in there?  Do you use it all?  Is anything more than 3 years old?  Does anything smell funny or have a weird consistency?  Do yourself a favor and throw out at least 3 things (they are in there, I’m sure!).  Get rid of those weird lipstick colors you got as a sample or the light violet blush you got because it was “in” last spring.  Unload those eyeshadow compacts where you’ve used up the one color you really liked. Admit it, it’s true…you’ll never use the other colors.  Dump that moisturizer you bought on a whim when someone told you it would take 20 years off your face but it felt too goopy to use it long enough to find out.  You’ll never miss these things and your load will be lightened as you head into a new year.

Cleaning your sponge and your brushes can be done while you’re brushing your teeth.  Buy a new mascara the next time you’re in the drugstore or favorite department store or call me, and I’ll send you one (that’s even quicker!).  And throw out 3 things from your cosmetic bag the next time you’re putting on your makeup.  What could be easier and more freeing!

Happy New Year!




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    1. Ideally you want to wash your makeup brushes after every time you use them but that’s totally unrealistic.u00a0 Every 2 weeks is fine and once is month is better than most people 🙂

    1. Ideally you want to wash your makeup brushes after every time you use them but that’s totally unrealistic.  Every 2 weeks is fine and once is month is better than most people 🙂

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