3 Makeup Secrets Mother Never Taught You

February 10, 2012

I have been wearing makeup since I was 13. So, okay, in the beginning I only wore mascara (because I have blonde eyelashes and really wanted dark ones like my friend. Joanne), but it changed my world. The three days I wore lipstick in junior high school don’t count – they were too traumatic! It then took me another 15 years before I learned how to apply makeup properly.

The most important thing I learned is that it’s always important to know what you’re doing when you apply makeup, and that is doubly true when you are a super fair skinned redhead. Even the slightest goof with color or technique, and it’s easy to look like Bozo the Clown! So, believe me, these tips are tried and true!

I also know that women want their makeup routine to be simple and quick. Primping is not high on most womens’ schedules these days (myself included) so knowing what works and what doesn’t let’s us cut to the chase and not futz around with techniques that don’t work or don’t get you the results you want.

For me, part of what was so fun about makeup (and fashion) was that as I learned things that made a difference for me I was able to share these techniques with my clients and give them that same ah-ha experience!

These 3 makeup tips are things I do every single day (and have for years), and I teach them to my makeup clients all the time. Perhaps you are already doing them but if not, enjoy!

Apply your concealer to your eyelids.

As we age (although I’ve seen this with plenty of younger women, too), the skin on our eyelids often takes on another color – blue, purple, brown or red. This color can detract from our eyes and make you look tired, but there’s an easy fix.

Apply a light coat of concealer or foundation to your eyelids. Not just the part under your brow bone (which I already see a lot of women do), but on your lids. This will brighten your eye area and allow more focus to go to the color of your eyes. Use a light color eyeshadow or a dusting of translucent powder over the concealer/foundation, and it will last well!

Make Your Eye Color Pop with One Simple Tip

Have you ever seen a makeup application in a magazine and thought, “Ooooh, I’d love to do my makeup like that.” So, you follow their explicit instructions and when you look in the mirror something seems to be missing. You re-read the directions but, nope, you can’t figure out what you did wrong.

Don’t worry. It’s not you. For some reason they often forget to tell us one very important step that they do that makes a huge difference in how your eyeliner looks. Here it is: More often than not they are applying eyeliner to the upper inside ledge of the eye (and lower inside ledge if they are doing a smoky eye), but somehow they often forget to mention that. It’s a very easy technique although it takes a bit of practice if you are not used to putting something that close to your eyes (contact lens wearers will find this super easy). I’ve been doing it for 25 years, and people always tell me how natural my makeup looks. Using a black, charcoal or dark navy pencil will look great on most people. (Hint: You have to lift up the upper lid a bit to see that ledge I’m talking about.)

Create Your Own Customized Lipstick Color

How many times have you gone to the cosmetic counter to find the perfect lipstick only to leave frustrated. You see other women wearing beautiful colors but somehow you never seem to find exactly what you want.

The simple truth is that many times a beautiful, seemingly perfect, lipstick color is actually more than one color layered. Yes, it can really make a difference and what does it take to create this look? All of about 10 seconds. You apply one color and then another…zip, zip, zip and it’s all done. And, reverse the way you layer them and you will find it will look subtly different from the first way. Or, try applying a lip gloss to your lips first and then your deeper evening lipstick color over that and voila, the deeper color is slightly diffused by the gloss and now feels more like a daytime color.

It’s fun. It’s easy and it expands your lipstick options without buying a new tube!

These 3 tips, while not earth-shattering, are fun, easy and can have a profound impact on how your makeup looks. Play with them and see what you think. I suspect you’ll be pleasantly surprised and be sporting a new look right away!


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