Bewitched, Bothered & Bewildered Spring 2012 Fashion Update

March 9, 2012

Each season we wait patiently to see what the upcoming trends are.  Will they give us colors we love, styles that flatter and clothes we can’t wait to wear?  That’s always the question on the tip of our tongues and as always I am here to share this season’s styles and will give you my two cents about what’s great and what’s not (in my humble opinion).

Of course, what actually ends up in the stores is another story and sometimes we don’t see everything until nearly summer.  For now, however, here’s a mix of what I’m hearing will be hot and what I’m seeing in the stores.

As always, choose only what makes your heart sing and adds beauty, style & grace to your wardrobe!


The first thing you will notice is that color is not listed in this category.  This is unusual since, in the past, it has always been front and center – always highlighting those colors that are delicious first.  This time, it’s not that there aren’t any colors out there that are good.  It’s more that there’s this weird mish-mash of colors.  There’s lots of orange and the threat of pastels.  And, to complicate (or delight?) everything, prints and patterns reign (unlike past seasons).  So, until I get more into the season (and, even then, it’s bound to change as the weeks pass), I’m withholding my view of colors somewhat until I can really get a grasp on what they are showing.  So, stay tuned!

Color Blocking: That said, color blocking is still hot.  This time, perhaps because it is spring, light and bright color blocking is hot, which means we are seeing blocks of combinations of colors that do not always include black (what a concept!).  Here, for instance, is a dress in blocks of light and deeper blue.  Pretty and springy! (#1 pictured at right) Click here for more information

Fancy Pants: While I wouldn’t suggest filling your closet with fancy, patterned pants, a pair or two can be kind of fun.  Keep in mind that they are less versatile and more memorable but that shouldn’t keep you from enjoying the trend if you like it.  Just one word of caution – can we please not confuse these with the pajama trend I’ll talk about below?  (#2 pictured at right) Click here for more information

Bright pants: Again, this can be a fun trend.  Just be sure to choose your best color and cut of pants or jeans.  The good news is that there are plenty to choose from.  (#3 pictured at right) Click here for more information

Prints Are Everywhere: We haven’t seen much in the way of prints in the past season or so (or should I say prints worth wearing) but they are making up for it this season, for sure!  Prints are everywhere and many are bold or a little wacky now that they sometimes use the computer to manipulate them.  Some have a sci-fi kind of feel to them or a frenzied quality that will be a tough sell.  But then, there are the pretty watercolor prints that are softer and easier to wear and often come in beautiful, flowing colors.  Add to that animal prints, florals, tribal, and large baroque prints and you’ve covered all the bases!  It and be wonderful and refreshing to add prints to your wardrobe.  Just be sure you choose ones that work for your coloring and personality.  Here’s an example of one that’s intriguing if not a little over the top (#4 pictured at right) Click here for more information

Lace: As usual with spring, all things girly seem to be the rage.  Lace is back and you’ll find it in tops, dresses, collars…you name it.  You’ll either love it or leave it!;

Peplums: Yes, I did include this in the bewitched category on purpose!  On the right body, peplums are great fun (on the wrong one they can add pounds and not flatter).  Plus, what’s nice about them is that they run the gamut from obvious peplums (like this one #5 pictured at right) that are harder to wear (but lovely when they do work) to very subtle peplums that almost everyone can do.  This one barely qualifies as a peplum (#6 pictured at right Click here for more information).  If it intrigues you, don’t just dismiss it without exploring the possibilities.  You might be pleasantly surprised!

Metallics: Yay!  This is a trend worth keeping and it seems that others agree because it’s still here.  Metallics, especially in shoes and handbags, are super, duper versatile because they go with almost anything – just be sure to find the right metallic for you that blends with your skin tone.


Crop Tops & Core Cutouts: Oh, dear, haven’t we been here before…and not all that long ago?  Crop tops didn’t really look that good back then and they really only belong on teenagers at best.  The core cutout is about having pieces of fabric cut out at key locations – often around the waist or under the bustline or along the leg (but not limited to those areas).  When done subtly it can be pretty but it can quickly degenerate into unseemly.

Colors: It’s a fact that orange is hot this season – at least so far.  While I happen to love orange personally, I also know it doesn’t look good on a lot of people and some of those people will buy it anyway.  So, if you look good in it grab it now!  Pastels often crop up as a spring color trend and this year they keep saying they are big but so far I haven’t seen a lot of them in stores.  Of course, it’s still early so that could change.  We’ve gone from bright in the past two seasons to neon, and that is cause for concern.  Most neon is over the top and not that easy to wear.  Be wary, and let’s keep our fingers crossed that we see sprinklings of other beautiful colors as the season progresses.

Pleated Skirts: I want to love pleated skirts.  In fact, when they were in back in the 1980’s one of my favorite suits had a beautiful pleated skirt.  The pleats were sewn down to my hips so it didn’t add any width there and then it was pleated to my knees.  It was lovely, feminine, comfortable and very fun to wear.  Yes, I have seen a couple of these (mostly as part of a suit) and then I’ve also seen pleats gone wrong or, to be fair, pleats that only a few, model-like bodies can wear.  Enjoy this trend if you like it, but be careful.


Pajama Tops & Bottoms: Wasn’t it bad enough that we see a lot of pajama bottoms floating around out there in pubic.  Do they really have to add the top as well?  Let this one die a quiet death, please!

Pussy Bow Blouses (a.k.a., secretary blouse): These can be very sweet and pretty but they can also look matronly in a heartbeat.  Have fun with it if you like it but otherwise steer clear.  (And, I’ll be interested to see what they call it the next time this trend rolls around!).

The best news of all is that the warmer weather is here.  Somehow the fashions always work out.  If you don’t like what you see now, just wait a couple of weeks and it will be different.  Never settle for something you don’t love and by the time the truly warm weather rolls around you’ll have a beautiful wardrobe filled with styles you love wearing.  That’s what matters!

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