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3 Key Steps to Creating Visual Interest in an Outfit

Boring!  Blah!  Unexciting!  Same old same old!

This is how so many women describe their wardrobes to me.  They are stuck in a rut and can’t see beyond the black pants, white tank top and basic cardigan or blazer (or the equivalent).  Nothing feels inspiring or special.

This doesn’t mean that you have to wear the latest trend(s), crazy color combinations, or humongous jewelry…unless, of course, that suits your personality and lifestyle.  It’s more about stepping out, testing the waters a bit, being a little adventurous and above all being absolutely true to who you are (figuring that part out is part of a much bigger discussion so let’s assume for now that you know who you are deep down inside or at least can guess a bit!).

Now that you have that picture of the super duper basic outfit in mind, let’s talk about how to take a baby step and add some personality and a touch of pizzazz.  While there are countless ways to do that, there are a few key components to consider that will be helpful.

Evaluate your outfit for these elements and choose at least one to amp up the pizzazz factor on an existing “boring” outfit:


When you pair smooth with smooth with smooth, there is nothing to catch the eye (and this is especially true when it’s all in neutral colors).  Here’s an idea:

This season crocheted tops (with a tank underneath) are hot and can be very pretty if it’s something that appeals to you.  It immediately adds visual interest because of the fun texture and when worn in a great color for you is simple and fun! Click here for more information.


If you love prints and have been waiting for beautiful ones to grace the stores, you are in for a delicious surprise.  This season is one of the best I’ve ever seen for prints.  Not only because there are lots of them but also because there are lots of different kinds of prints so there’s something for everyone – florals, watercolors, techy digital prints, animal print, geometrics, stripes, tribal and much more.  While I often discourage women from wearing a print head to toe (it can often be too overwhelming!), a little bit of a print can be just the antidote for a dull wardrobe.;

Here’s an example of a pretty watercolor print:

I could have shown you ten or twenty different beautiful prints in tops, dresses and even pants.  See something you like, don’t wait!  Grab it while you can! Click here for more information.


This is the place where many women get overwhelmed.  How do you know what works?  What texture, size, color and how many pieces do you wear at once?  No wonder they skip this step.  But, if this sounds familiar, you are missing out!  One client (and she’s certainly not alone) recently said to me that she had no idea how much she needed jewelry to complete her outfits.  Once you venture out with success you’ll never go back to being unadorned!  It’s such a fun way to add personal expression in to your wardrobe.

Let me be very clear that this does not mean that you have to wear lots of jewelry or really large pieces.  That is all very personal and also dictated (to some extent) by the outfit you are wearing and the occasion.  But, you won’t know what works for you or makes your heart sing until you try.

Hint: The next time you go shopping wear the outfit you want to accessorize and play.  See what you like.  Experiment with what looks good and take off what you don’t like.

For instance, this is a very nice sweater on its own, but it definitely needs a little something to make it special (click here for more information):

What happens when you add this necklace? (click here for more information):

Every time you change your jewelry (even when you are wearing the same basic outfit) you change the mood and create an entirely new feel to the outfit.

Start slow.  If this is new, play with one concept at a time and add it to your basic wardrobe.  You’ll be amazed at how it can inspire you each morning as you get dressed and, as with any new habit, the more you do it the more it will feel familiar and natural.

Most of all, have fun!


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