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Bewitched, Bothered & Bewildered: Fall 2014 Fashion Update

While I was not ready to see the glorious summer fade away this year, I have to admit I always enjoy witnessing the upcoming trends, especially in yummy fall colors. This season will not disappoint. While some trends are expected, like velvet and turtlenecks, others are a delightful surprise, like tassels and A-line dresses.  Then, of course, there are the ones that leave me feeling bewildered, wondering if the designers are either tired or are simply at a loss for new (flattering) ideas.


Long sheer dresses (sheer from thigh down): These are fun! While they won’t keep you exceptionally warm, they are a fun option for slowly transitioning from summer to fall.


You can also combine trends by choosing a sheer skirt with fringe:

Velvet: Has there been a winter when velvet hasn’t been in? I’m not complaining. I like velvet. It’s sumptuous, warm and beautiful. If you love a traditional velvet blazer, go for it, or here’s a fun take on velvet:

Bold Slashes of Neon: Not only is color blocking still alive and well, but now we have a new take on it. This is actually a good thing, since giant blocks of color can be overpowering. Having slashes of color makes it a more universal trend.

Pastels in Winter: Not everyone looks good in the deeper colors that are prevalent in the fall. So, it’s always nice to see softer colors, too.  Here is a beautiful faux leather biker jacket in a soft pink:

Red: If you watched the Emmy Awards this year you know that red is THE hot color of the season. You will find many shades or red out there, but this one is one of the most popular:So, here it is…the Fall 2014 fashions.  Read on for what to expect, what to relish and what to keep at arms’ length!

And, if you want a touch of red, this dress is fun:

Statement Coats: Here in New England, winters are long and because you’ll be wearing it a lot you want to LOVE your winter coat. I now have four coats from Vaute Couture. Their designs are beautiful, different and warm. My latest acquisition (I just couldn’t resist!) is this one:

Fringe/Tassels: While tassels are certainly in style, you probably don’t want to wear them (or fringe) head to toe! An understated tassel on your handbag is a great way to give a nod to the trend without screaming it! Here’s a great example:


but if you are a bit more adventurous or fringe speaks to your heart, make your statement a bit louder with this fun bag:

And, of course, handbags are not the only way to wear fringe, but they are one of the easiest. Wear a dress with a fringe bottom or a touch of fringe on your scarf is an easy way to incorporate the trend. You can even do it with your jewelry.

Giant Turtlenecks: For many women turtlenecks are a staple during the long, cold winter. Traditional turtlenecks have their place, but the bigger ones are being featured this seasons.  Here’s one example: Get the best of both worlds, as this zipper jacket can become a turtleneck:

Or, go for something a bit funkier with this bubblewrap turtleneck:


I actually like a lot of what I’m seeing so far for the fall and winter fashions. So, this category is unusually small. However, there are two BIG exceptions:

Blanket Coats: These coats are just what they sound like: a coat that looks like a blanket. On most people they will be overwhelming or make you look larger than you are. If you are attracted to this trend, try something like this:

Robe Coats: This is part of the same trend in oversized shapeless coats. It speaks to the cozy feel that is so popular this season. While I’m all for coziness, I also don’t want to drown in my clothes or, worse, look like, as my mother would say, “A sack of potatoes tied in the middle.” That’s exactly what happens on most people when they wear the ‘robe’ coat. My advice…skip it!

Texture Blocking: This is one of the most hideous trends to come along this season. When it comes to animal cruelty, it takes the cake. Texture blocking is another term for patchwork, although in this case it is done with various types of wool, leather and fur – a trifecta of brutality. Not to mention that it is arguably one of the most unattractive trends I’ve ever seen.


Primary Colors: The only reason I am bewildered by this trend is that it has been around too long. Primary colors don’t look that good on that many people and they’ve definitely outstayed their welcome. Thankfully this season we also see beautiful jewel tones which are much more wearable. Maybe the trend is shifting…

Junk Food-Inspired Fashion: This trend is just plain silly. I can’t think of a single person I know over the age of 12 who would sport this look. I had to include it because it is out there…what will they think of next?


Could Go Either Way

Frenetic/Dizzying Prints: If you have a quirky (in a good way, of course) personality or love looks that make a statement, then this could be something you’ll love. I doubt you’d want to wear something like this dress every day—it could get tiresome or be too memorable—but if you are drawn to it, go for it!


Animal Motif: What a fun trend, but it can easily slip into cutesy. This top at Anthropologie, however, is really pretty:

or try something soft like this scarf:

As you can see, there is something for everyone. No need to overhaul your entire wardrobe. Just choose a few trends that make you happy and add them to what you already own. Happy shopping!\

Note: All garments pictured here are vegan-friendly (made from fabrics that did not harm any animals).


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