What You Can Learn from Three Top Fashion Icons over 40

October 31, 2014

Hollywood is definitely youth-obsessed and so it is not surprising that we hear more about young Hollywood actresses like Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Stone than the three super stars below (although Oprah is certainly in a class all her own!). The younger stars are fresh and new, but more seasoned stars have a wealth of knowledge and life experiences to share and they offer wonderful reflections of what women over 40 can be… fashionable and fierce!

Jamie Lee Curtis
Three aspects of fashion can be learned from this former horror movie star: Evolve your look, be true to yourself and stay fierce. Despite straight, uncolored hair for instance, she spikes it giving it a hint of the same knockout look for which she has always been famous. She believes fully in accepting your body, thighs, tummy and all the areas she’s sensitive about and even went so far as to have her picture highlighted in More Magazine (http://www.more.com/news/womens-issues/jamie-lee-curtis-true-thighs) as she posed, without airbrushing, in her underwear. In fact, it was the only way she would agree to the interview. As she said in the article, “Glam Jamie will pose only if Real Jamie gets equal time.”

Photo Credit: s_bukley / Shutterstock.com

Jamie Lee Curtis doesn’t keep up a façade of having the body of a teenager and is not afraid to let her image evolve as she gets older. Above all she is real. She maintains her fierceness with her spikey naturally gray hair and simple elegance (often dressing monochromatically) as well as in her role as mother, actress, children’s book author and activist.

Sarah Jessica Parker
Instead of staying stuck in the 90’s with her icon character Carrie Bradshaw that catapulted her to fame, Sarah Jessica Parker has embraced aging gracefully. Much like Carrie, she has never shied away from the fairy tale flowing dress but her day to day living is much more natural and comfortable—her stilettos giving way to more flat shoes while always maintaining a sense of elegance and fun.


In a very telling interview with Katie Couric for the February 2014 issue of In Style magazine, Sarah Jessica Parker shared that “she chooses clothes because she responds to them, not in the hopes of landing on some best-dressed list (though she often does). ‘So I think pulling it off or not puling it off, that almost doesn’t exist for me because, really, I’m looking for experiences, not some report card.’” So well said!

Oprah is not a shrinking violet and never has been. Like Jamie Lee Curtis, Oprah has a fierceness and is not afraid to show her passionate, intense side through her clothes or her new eyeglasses.

I am writing this as I am about to head out to shop for eyeglasses with three of my clients. It is fun to see that Oprah, in true Oprah form, is not shying away from the fact that she wears glasses. She is embracing them front and center on her face. Forget a rimless, unobtrusive pair. Hers are right on trend (eyeglass frames are getting bigger) and make a statement—very fitting to her big personality. From distinctive tortoiseshell frames to a black and gold pair that says pay attention: http://blog.ditto.com/2014/08/spotted-oprah-winfrey.html even her sunglasses are bold! She doesn’t care if anyone else likes it. She dresses for herself.

Photo Credit: s_bukley / Shutterstock.com

Each of these icons has a signature style. Whether it’s Jamie Lee Curtis’ minimalist approach to fashion, Sarah Jessica Parker’s quiet elegance with a hint of whimsy and fun or Oprah strong presence and bold statements, each of them has one thing in common:

They are each true to who they are. They aren’t trying to be someone else or fit into a mold. This becomes more and more critical as we get older. Being ‘real’ and true to yourself is what it’s all about.

Do you risk making a ‘mistake’ that way or disappointing other people? Sure! Do you also get to enjoy expressing what makes you special? Yes, again!

In fact, all of this becomes more critical the older you get. Allow your style to evolve, be open to new possibilities, tweak your accessories to stay current and comfortable and never change who you are to please anyone else…even if the fashion magazines (or anyone else) tell you to.

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