Are You a Scarf Person?

January 23, 2015

Are you intrigued by scarves, but don’t wear them because they feel fussy, messy and bulky? Do you wonder if scarves are worth the trouble and investment (no matter how small), or are they a trend you should ignore?

You are not alone. At least half of all the women I talk to are equally bewildered by scarves!


Sure, we all wish we had French blood and could effortlessly toss on a scarf and feel chic, but the truth is many times we don’t. In fact, it feels anything but effortless. You constantly have to adjust it and you mostly feel like you are playing dress up! So instead you shake your head and wonder what all the fuss is about!

Maybe you just aren’t a scarf person.

Maybe. But maybe you simply need a little more information before you dismiss them completely.

Scarves have a lot to recommend them. They are, at once, versatile, pretty and allow for quick temperature control. If you know how to wear them they can have a place of honor in your wardrobe. Otherwise, they take up valuable real estate in your closet.

Let’s explore this once and for all!

In these two very short videos, I will share two of my favorite scarf ties that will change the way you experience scarves forever and (hurray!) answer several pressing questions:

  • How do you take the bulk out of a scarf so you don’t feel overwhelmed by it?
  • How long should a scarf be in order to make it truly versatile?
  • What is the best shape scarf to buy?
  • How do you wear a scarf so you stay cool but still enjoy the benefit and beauty of the scarf?
  • Are you a scarf person?

Whether you like big bold patterned scarves or prefer something more demure…whether you are looking to scarves to add personality or to keep you warm, watch these two quick videos and see how to make scarves a fun part of your personal style.


and this one…


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