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Bewitched, Bothered & Bewildered – Spring 2015 Fashion Trend Update

With record-breaking snowfall totals in the Boston area this winter, it feels hard to believe (although such a huge relief) that spring is nearly here. Of course, with many feet of snow still on the ground and piles so high it is hard to see around corners, the thought of wearing spring clothing is still a bit hard to imagine, but I am sure as the snow melts we will ease into it. Soon this winter will be a distant memory—or at least that’s my plan!

As always the spring brings lighter, brighter colors and more delicate fabrics. There are the usual suspects when it comes to the trends and a few surprises. I am happy to share my bewitched, bothered and bewildered spring trend update and am happy to report that many of the trends hold promise.

Let’s see what is worth exploring and what to resist.


Color – I will never understand why they think we all want to wear light bright Easter egg colors when the temperatures get warmer. Not everyone looks good in them and especially mostly cool tones! This season’s winners are a beautiful shade of aqua (they call it Scuba Blue) and a lovely shade of pink (Strawberry ice). The Pantone color of the season is marsala (a red brown)—although I haven’t seen a lot of it in the stores yet. Tangerine is about the only official warm tone (even their seasonal yellow is not that warm), but I’m sure (or at least hopeful!) that we will see more warm tones in the stores as the season progresses.

Fringe – The fringe/tassel/fraying trend continues. It’s a fun one especially for someone who has a bohemian or funky side to her personality. The fringe ranges from long to short so it can be as obvious or quiet as you want it to be.

Here is one garment that combines the crop top trend with very long fringe. Definitely not a look for someone who loves classic designs, but for the right person, it’s a show-stopper!

On the other hand, this top, can be worn by pretty much anyone and still gives a nod to this particular trend:

Floral – There is nothing surprisingly about florals being hot for spring. It happens every year like clockwork. But this year’s take on florals is what makes it feel different. We are seeing a lot of big, bold floral prints like the one below:

If you like florals but like something more subtle, you will certainly be able to find those, too…don’t worry. Hey, it’s spring after all! Go here to see many more pretty spring floral styles.

Asymmetrical Hems – Once again, these have been popular for a while, but I like how different this one is with a bit of an architectural feel:

Bold Stripes – Another spring favorite—stripes—are in. This year, however, there is nothing dainty or understated about them. They are big and bold (do you see a recurring theme with big and bold!). If you are not sure you want to wear head to toe bold stripes but want to give a nod to the trend, why not try something like this dress that keeps the stripes on the bottom:

Or, maybe a fun summer hat like this so you don’t have to wear the trend all day if you don’t want to:

Kimono – Kimonos are so elegant and beautiful and are a lovely addition to this spring’s seasonal trends. They can add a hippie feel or be elegant and sophisticated. Try a dress like this one below:

Or, check out the catalogue of season trends I created here for my absolute favorite kimono-style robe.

Sheer – I was torn about where to put this because I see so many people wearing sheer clothing in an inelegant way. But, I didn’t want to discourage you from wearing it when it’s a fun, pretty, cool trend.

In this photo, the sheer patches are strategically placed so you don’t have to wear anything under it for modesty.

And, this top is delicately sheer and adding a white fitted cotton cami under it will be soft and elegant.

Click here to see more.

Pendants – Pendants have just recently been coming back into favor. They are extremely versatile and can be worn even after their popularity has waned. So they are a great timeless investment. This pendant is fun and brings in some of the pretty soft green that is popular this spring.

Polka Dots – If you tend to be a happy, optimist person, I bet polka dots are a favorite of yours. How can you not smile when you see them! The twist on polka dots this season (like stripes and florals) is that they are big and bold. Here is a very fun skirt to add to your summer wardrobe:

There are so many other trends that are fun and popular this season that I don’t have room to mention them all here: like crocheted items, everything denim, shoulder baring tops, flats and sneakers worn more for every day, round handbags, statement earrings and extreme hats!

Take a look at the Spring Trend Catalogue I created for more ideas and pictures of a few more of these exciting styles.


Color – I have already talked a bit about color, but I have to put in my regular plea for less black. Black in the spring! Really? Can’t we do better than black when it’s warm and beautiful outside? Yes, I know…black and white is hot, but enough already! It’s time to bring in some color.

High necklines – High necklines can be elegant, but they can also be hot! Perhaps for spring, but in the summer I can’t imagine wearing one. Plus, since my neck and jawline have softened a bit the last thing I want to do is draw more focus there. If the trend appeals to you, however, check out this gorgeous maxi dress:

Sheer white skirts – Theoretically, a sheer white skirt could work if there is a shorter opaque skirt underneath and the overlay is sheer and longer, but when it comes to a sheer white skirt with matching white panties…ewww! This trend isn’t a total loss, however, since it would look great as a bathing suit cover up. Otherwise, leave this to the 5 year olds.

Bermuda shorts – While I don’t wear shorts at all (I wish I had the legs to feel good wearing them) and I am not maligning Bermuda shorts, this seasons take on them is not flattering. They are touting ‘baggy’ Bermuda shorts as a popular trend. Don’t do it! You will end up looking frumpy and shapeless.

Nail Polish – I do not usually comment on nail trends, but this one is just horrible. It is purposefully applied ‘chipped-looking’ nail polish. They say that it is a combination of color and your natural nail color, but the end result is polish that looks chipped before you leave the salon. Yuck!


Culottes – Culottes are short, full, knee-length pants. They are meant to look like a skirt, but most of them just make you look heavier and frumpy. I found one that looks pretty:

Cropped Tops – This look seems to be here to stay. I don’t dislike it, but it is mostly created for very young, taut bodies. If you like the idea of it, but don’t want to expose too much skin, this dress is perfect:

Or check out how to get the effect of a crop top without baring anything.

Gingham – I don’t really have anything against gingham. It’s sweet and summery. But, after all their proclamations that it will be big this season I couldn’t find a lot in the stores. Maybe it’s just too early given that we still have many feet of snow on the ground or maybe they are keeping it to primarily traditional button-down shirts and mostly in black.

That said, here is a pretty pair of gingham cropped pants and check out the special catalogue for the most fun bathing suit:

Patchwork – There is SO much potential for patchwork to be dreadful (remember the patchwork animal print from two years ago!) and this season is no exception. But, since the 1970’s have also made a come back, there is a hippie theme going on that is perfect for patchwork. Check out these fun styles and more in the catalogue:

Gladiator sandals – I have nothing against gladiator sandals worn with pants (especially a bootcut or straight leg trouser), but when worn with a dress you’d better have the longest, leanest legs to make these work. Especially this season when they have gladiator sandals with straps up the leg. I know they are staying very far from my closet!

All in all this season has potential. It’s still early and the truth is in the shopping. So, we’ll see what actually makes it to the stores and eventually to your closet. As I have mentioned several times, there are more suggestions and links here on the special catalogue I created for you and feel free to leave comments on my blog about your favorite spring acquisitions!

Happy Spring and Happy Shopping!

Please note: All garments pictured here (and in the catalogue) are vegan-friendly (made from fabrics that did not harm any animals).

Some of the affiliate links may generate commissions for Total Image Consultants which helps support the time spent creating these very specific recommendations.


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