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Organize Your Closet with Ease

We had such a long winter and cool spring that it took me until Mother’s Day to change my closet from my winter to spring wardrobe. Each season when I do this I re-evaluate not only my clothes but also my closet organization. My goal, always, is to make my closet as efficient and user-friendly as possible.

This time I consigned or donated a lot of pretty but unused handbags and freed up a shelf.

Aaaahhhh, prime closet real estate.

In the past I would have filled it with more shoes, but this time I was ruthless about clearing out any shoes that were not being worn often enough (or at all) and so this shelf was open and ready for something new.

You are going to laugh, but I decided this shelf was best served by holding my colorful collection of polar fleece since, yes, even in late May I am still wearing them when I cuddle on the couch at night with my kitty. By doing that I opened up space in my dresser drawers so I could see my workout clothes more easily. It was a win-win.

My closet is not the only one I’ve been in recently. In the past couple of weeks when not shopping with my clients I have been helping them in their closets get their spring/summer wardrobes ready and figure out what they need to add (or delete!).

Over the past few weeks I have noticed that many of the same closet issues come up again and again.

Even if at one time your closet was organized can you see how easily it can fall into disarray and make you frenzied each time you want to get dressed?

A few quick reminders about key components of an organized closet bear repeating and can make a big difference in your morning experience of getting dressed.

Keeping it simple is key!

This is a television segment I did last year entitled, ‘Give Your Closet a Makeover.’ You can tell I’m talking fast to fit as much as possible into my allotted 6 minutes (and 6 minutes on TV is actually really long!).

While this video will not answer all of your questions or cover everything there is to know on this topic, it will get you started (or get your re-inspired if you started this process and then let it slide—you know who you are!).

From there you can take it deeper by reading this post and why not jump on the Facebook group page and let’s share more resources and ideas — it has been a happening place lately!

Shoe Closet Tip:

I was in the Container store on Sunday and saw that they have clear shoe boxes available for $1.89 each. When I want to maximize a shoe shelf I can sometimes fit a pair of shoes in a clear box (I recycle the boxes the shoes came in) with another pair sitting on top. I can see both so I remember what I have and will wear them. This allows me to use my closet space to its full potential.

And, one more simple (but gratifying) shoe tip:

Store your shoes heel to toe and you can fit more shoes on the shelf.

Choose one activity to organize your closet and it will inspire you to do more—seeing (and feeling) the results is the best catalyst!


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