3 Common Beauty Mistakes

June 12, 2015

We all have busy lives and we all want to feel good about how we look. It sounds simple, I know, but sometimes those two things feel mutually exclusive, don’t they? Let me assure, however, that they are not.

Sometimes it is the little things you do that make all the difference in the world, and sometimes we just need a little reminder to get off autopilot and create a new awareness. I get it, we all have busy lives so the more we can streamline the issue of wardrobe and personal style, the easier it is to satisfyingly fit it into our lives in a meaningful way.

For instance, I have done many makeup consultations with women who complain that their lips are chapped and dry so their lipstick or gloss doesn’t look good. One of the things I mention is that they might be licking their lips and that, while momentarily effective, actually causes your lips to dry out more. Nine times out of 10 she will tell me she doesn’t lick her lips…then, proceeds to lick them about 20 times in the next 3 minutes. What a freeing (albeit a tiny bit aggravating, I admit!) moment to find out you have a habit you were unaware of. She always laughs in wonder! But, the good news is that with a little attention to the issue, it is easily resolved.

It is with that intention in mind that I offer to you ‘3 Common Beauty Mistakes.’ If you find one that is true for you, it will create a new opportunity to pay attention and replace it with a new mindset or action that supports your desire to feel good about how you look (and do it as easily and joyfully as possible…yay!).

So here they are:

  1. Buying By Price Alone: I doubt there is a woman around (at least I don’t know one) who hasn’t done this. For example, you see something on sale and you think, hmmmm, it was originally 10 times the price or you’ve always wanted something by this designer, or (remember this one?) you figure you’ll be able to fit into it soon, or you’ll find the piece to complete the outfit later, or maybe…you used to have something like this and loved it…you get the idea.
    If you buy the item, it is based primarily on fantasy and a desire to get a great deal. While there is certainly nothing wrong with fantasy and great deals, sadly, it is not a great deal if you never wear it! Remember, it is price per wear and not the price you paid that is the most important. Keep this front and center in your mind every time you shop.266Saleswoman-Pushy

Before you buy be sure you have something at home that can complete the outfit so you can wear it immediately, buy something (you love!) to go with it to complete the outfit, again so it is ready to wear, OR do not buy it. It’s that simple—not always easy, but simple.

  1. Out of Sight Out of Mind: Have you ever found something in your wardrobe, dresser or clothing trunk that you had totally forgotten about? What delight ensues! It is like shopping in your own closet except you have lost months or maybe years of opportunity to wear the garment because you didn’t know you had it (oh…that part is not so good).
    This is one of the dilemmas of having too many clothes, too little storage space or not storing them efficiently (or all 3!).Here is the key: Keep as many things in plain sight as possible. Don’t tell anyone but I even hang many of my sweaters (unless they are really so heavy or delicate that it will damage them) so I remember I have them. And, most of the ones I do not hang I store on a shelf in my closet – right in plain view.And, one more tip…if you have those tiered hangers for pants or skirts, beware. Unless you only have one so you know all your pants or skirts are in one place, they can be a closet nightmare. Most women do not know what they have on them and keep them only because they don’t take up much space or they don’t want to fiddle with the hanger to remove them. And, they encourage you to have more clothes than you can wear! With rare exceptions they are not doing you any favors.

    Need some help with organizing. Read one of my favorite books: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying. It’s a quick read with valuable information. Get it HERE.

  1. Shopping When You Are Crabby: Have you ever gone grocery shopping when you are SO hungry? What happens? Without fail, you either forget to buy things you needed or you buy things you would not normally purchase because they looked appealing in your famished state?
    Well, clothing shopping is kind of like that only generally your mistakes cost more. I remember once shopping with a woman who I had shopped with before but this time was different. Everything I showed her she didn’t like without it even touching her body, or she would put something on and immediately find a reason to dislike it.We stopped shopping long enough for me to ask her how she was feeling (I knew she had had a harried morning) and she said she had had a really horrible day so far. Everything was going wrong. She was late for every appointment. Her car was acting funny. You name it, she had it going on.So, I had her sit down and just breathe for a minute and then suggested we reschedule. Her mood was going to keep her from making good choices that she loved and/or if she did purchase something it would always have that “bad day” feeling attached to it. Who needs that!

Do not shop when you are crabby. Either take 20 minutes and go have a cup of tea and relax and start over, or go home and do it another day. It is better to waste a few minutes than to waste hours (not to mention money) buying things you do not love.

So, there you have it. Three tried and true beauty mistakes we have all probably experienced at some point or another. The key here is to keep them as past learning experiences and not a continual pattern! Remember, awareness is step #1 and now you can move on to adjusting your habits so you get more joy and mileage out of both your shopping and dressing experiences!

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