How to Dress to Hide Your Tummy

June 26, 2015

Without a doubt, the #1 question I get from women seeking advice about their wardrobes is, “My body has shifted and I no longer have a defined waist. How do I dress my new body, hide my tummy and still feel like I look great?”

Sound familiar?

I promise you do not have to feel relegated to baggy tent-like tops or wear massive amounts of shape wear to trim your tummy. There are great styles available to camouflage and still feel comfortable and attractive.

And, as a recent guest on the ‘Mass Appeal’ (daily lifestyle program) TV show I was able to go relatively in-depth (at least for television – they actually allocated 6 minutes which is an amazingly long segment in TV time) for me to address this subject. They must have known it’s a hot topic!

Here’s your chance to discover the 7 tips for dressing to hide your tummy and still feel great about how you look.

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Baggy clothing won’t help hide your tummy. You’ll just look bigger over all & feel frumpy. Get 7 tips here:

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