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What to Wear When You Want to Feel Cozy

Ginger BurrIt’s chilly out. You’re tired. You have errands to run and kids to pick up. The last thing you want to think about is dressing up, but you also don’t want to look like a total mess.

You think about what is in your closet and there seems to be a cavernous gap between nice clothes and hang around, cozy clothes. You opt for the latter because you just need to get on with your errands and feel comfortable.


Comfort is often the number one consideration when getting dressed. And, in case you think I’m going to say comfort is overrated, suck it up and put on whatever you need to look good…Surprise! I’m not. I seek comfort, too!

Depending on where you are going there are degrees of comfort, but there is never a need to be in distress when you get dressed. In today’s fashions comfort can be had at every level of refinement.

Whether you are dressing up or dressing down, comfort can reign, but it is not the only consideration so don’t stop there!

Right now, let’s talk about what happens when you need to run around on a Saturday afternoon or when you get home from work and you are at the park with the kids or going for a walk with your neighbor, getting dinner ready or just being!

Sweatshirts, hoodies, polar fleece…these are what you reach for when the weather gets nippy and you crave cozy and warm. But, most of what is out there (and sometimes most of what is taking up residence in your closet) needs to go.

I am talking about those oversized, shapeless, ugly colored sweatshirts often with logos, sayings or cutesy pictures on them. It is time to move them up and out of your wardrobe. You deserve better!

Here are some ideas (and there are many, many more (at all price points) HERE ):

How about a sweatshirt that has some feminine curves and pretty details in a gorgeous color:

Take the feminine detailing to another level and add a ruffle:

Here is a more dramatic print than we usually see on sweatshirts, but you can have fun with it while still feeling warm and cozy.

Wearing a pretty but more subtle print works, too.

If your taste runs more funky, try a tie dye sweatshirt in a stunning red like this one:

Check out many more options including a futuristic ruffle design, a longer coat sweatshirt and even one with daisies (it’s much prettier than it sounds). See all of these, with styling suggestions and more HERE.

Whether your personal taste runs to soft ruffles, geometric prints or a more traditional hoodie there is something different for every style preference, personality and occasion.

If you really must wear a traditional sweatshirt, here are a few guidelines to help you make it more flattering:

  1. Stay away from the ubiquitous light gray shirt unless you are absolutely positive it’s a great color on you. Otherwise, choose a flattering color. Navy can be a nice alternative to black and forest green looks good on many people as well as a lapis blue, to name a few.
  2. It does not have to be two or three sizes too big to be comfortable. Make sure you can’t fit two or three of you in the sweatshirt. Buy one that fits you in the shoulders and follows your body shape (not clings, just skims).
  3. Add something to make it more interesting. Whether it’s a casual pair of earrings or a pretty scarf, give it some interest with accessories. It doesn’t have to be fussy or uncomfortable to look pretty.

One word of caution: Please do not let these sweatshirt alternatives make up the mainstay of your casual wardrobe. These are for those days when you need some extra TLC. There are many, many other options beyond casual sweatshirts that are equally comfy and play a very important role in developing a well-rounded personal wardrobe—not every day is a sweatshirt day and not every occasion is sweatshirt-appropriate.

Please note: All garments pictured here (and in the catalogue) are vegan-friendly (made from fabrics that did not harm any animals).

Some of the affiliate links may generate commissions for Total Image Consultants which helps support the time spent creating these very specific recommendations.


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