Can You Pick Up Style Secrets from the British?

October 28, 2015

We hear so much about dressing like French women and how flawless their look is—as if they are the only ones with style. Yes, they are known for a chic, uncomplicated look that most of us envy, but they are not the only ones from whom we can pick up new wardrobe ideas.

Kate Middleton has put Britain back on the style map and has been raising the fashion stakes for a while with the likes of InStyle and Good Housekeeping Magazines, and many others, sharing her secrets and saluting her seemingly effortless beauty, style and grace.

In a recent article in Glamour magazine, “The 7 Style Rules That Fashionable British Women Swear By,” we learn about what drives the women of Britain to look and feel great. Not unexpectedly, it is different from the French, but perhaps not as much as one might think.

Photo Credit: Glamour magazine

#2 is my absolute favorite. In fact, the American obsession with this this type of dressing really needs to go away!

#6 will give some of you a sense of belonging and permission to stop trying so hard to fit in (I know it does that for me).

As with any style advice, you do not have to adopt every suggestion embraced by our sisters across the pond, but instead pick and choose what speaks to you. Let it inspire you and see where it leads!

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